Yay! A Marella fanfic! I honestly don't know how long this is going to be, but i'll try to keep it brief. I will be posting pretty irregularly, but expect me to post at least once a week. This takes place well after the end of KotLC. Some of the characters are my imagination, but most of them are Shannon Messenger's. I should stop with this introduction, and get on with the story. Thanks for reading! (P.S. If you have constructive criticism or if I got an aspect of Shannon's characters wrong please tell me. I want this to be as accurate as possible.)


Marella could never be forgiven. But she didn't want to be. She was tired of playing by the rules. Tired of every hour spent hiding. She could not anymore. She would break down the wall of secrecy. She would dive into nothingness. Until she could be persuaded to come back, she would be gone.

Chapter one : Rayden

He was the dream of all girls. Except in the morning. Of course no one ever saw him in the morning, so his reputation would never fade away. Rayden Josnass was, simply put, perfection. Better than mallowmelt and sweeter than prattles. While his mind was on the subject of prattles, Rayden's eyes traveled to his prattles wall. He had 576 pins. Yes, he counted them every weekend. He could hear his mother's voice from downstairs. "Raaayden! Come downstairs this instant! You're gonna be late!" Rayden jumped as if he had been poked by a shamkniv. How could he have forgotten? His matchmaking packet would come today! Conjuring his clothes with a flick of his hand, he hastily dressed, and ran downstairs. In his home, Cryssaline, everything was perfect. Rayden was the most perfect off all. Scarfing down a fruit that he didn't even have time to look at, he slipped on his boots. Rushing down the twisting corridor to the leapmaster 10, 000, he called goodbye to his mother, Lady Danya, and met his father, Lord Myrik, at the leapmaster. This was it. His time had come.

Chapter two: Marella

She twirled her hair and tried to look as pretty as possible. Marella was applying for matchmaking today. She made a fire swan swim gracefully around the room; her last bit of pyrokinetics before she had to hide it away. The most unfortunate thing about it was that her mother couldn't come with her. Marella could hear Caprise's screams and tears coming from her room. The tears made Marella want to burst with fire. She controlled her impulse. This time her mother wouldn't be able to cover for her flames. Durand Redek, her father entered her room, and the screaming began to subside. "I just gave your mother some slumberberry tea. That should calm her down." Marella blinked back the tears that came up every time her mother had a bad day. "Let's go dad", she said already heading to the door. Her father made a sad face, and said, blinking back his own tears, "My little girl is growing up. Now let's go. Do you have your cape?""Yes", replied Marella. Together they headed for the leapmaster 1,000. By this time Marella was shaking. It was time to figure out her destiny.

Chapter three: Rayden

Rayden sat in the matchmaker's office carefully listening to every word he said. While Rayden was popular, he was still a great student and a teacher's pet. When the matchmaker gave him his packet, he immediately opened it. The first name was Liyra Vosage. He smiled. She was Rayden's biggest fangirl, and he might have had a crush on her. There was no need for a winnowing gala in his occasion; he already knew who he wanted. It was incredibly predictable to tell the truth. They were made for each other. Rayden must have been staring into space because his father gave a loud cough. "We should go Rayden", he said. "We don't want to take up space" Rayden agreed, opened the door, and promptly banged into a girl outside. "Oh wow.", he mumbled, but no one heard him. His father was apologizing profusely to the girl's father. He looked into the girl's ice blue eyes. "Oh wow", he said again. She was hot.

Chapter four: Marella

Marella absentmindedly twirled her hair. This boy was the cutest person she had ever laid eyes on. With navy eyes and dark skin, he looked like one of those human models that Sophie had shown her once. Except he was an elf. A gorgeous elf. "h-hi", she managed to stutter. "You're Marella, right?", the boy asked. Marella's cheeks blazed. The cute boy knew her name! "Yeah", she said this time a little more confidently."I suppose you know who I am?", he asked. Marella bit her lip. "No", she said feeling embarrassed. "Oh. I'm Rayden", said the boy. "What level are you at Foxfire?", asked Marella. She wished she could come up with something interesting to say. "Level 6", he said. Marella was in that level! How had she not noticed him before? "Well, I'll see you around Marella", said Rayden. And he pranced out of the room. Marella tried to look as though she wasn't at all still thinking about Rayden; as though he was no one but a boy she met and would never dwell on again. However privately she felt that her cheeks would be stained permanently red. The matchmaker ushered her into the room. Lord Durand stayed behind. Marella sat down feeling unsure of weather this was a good idea. "Name?" "Marella Adene Redek" "Parent's name?" "Caprise Redek and Durand Redek" "Ok", the matchmaker typed something on her pad. "Talent?" "Oh, um talentless", said Marella, tugging on her braid. No one but the council, Fintan, and the Black Swan knew she was a pyrokinetic. The matchmaker bid her farewell and sighing, Marella walked from the room.

Chapter 5: Rayden

All the way home Rayden could not stop thinking about Marella. She seemed to not care who he was, and Rayden couldn't have that. All through their awkward conversation he hadn't really been paying attention. He was noticing her subtle shyness, and beautiful hair. She wasn't like any other girl he had ever met. She didn't seem to care about her appearance, but that just made her more likeable. Rayden only knew her because Marella's mother was crazy Caprise Redek. Rayden trooped up the stairs to his room. On his way he met Sarana, his sister, and her fiance Gredory. "Sarana!", he exclaimed, shocked. "Your back from the elite levels!" Sarana ruffled his hair. "It's great to be back at Cryssaline. I hear you applied for matchmaking and got your list! Who's at the top? Do I know them?" As usual Sarana was peppering him with questions. "Oh, um I think you know Liyra right?", mumbled Rayden. He really just wanted to go to his room. Suddenly, something struck him. "Wait...", he looked at Sarana and Gredory. "Why are you home, I mean, I don't want to be rude, but...", he trailed off. Only his sister could intimidate him. "You haven't heard?", Sarana didn't look as though she thought Rayden was being rude. Quite the contrary, in truth, she was beaming. "Gredory and I are going to get married next month, and we came here to start preparing it!" Rayden's eyes widened. "That's right", said Gredory. "You're going to have a big brother soon!" Rayden smiled. He loved Gredory! "Congratulations! I can't wait." Rayden swept past them gracefully and into his room. He shut the door, and his thoughts again turned to Marella. She was so pretty. He gasped. Rayden had just got a brilliant idea. He would put a picture of Marella in his room! And then, he would give Marella a picture of... um... something romantic. Her family? Regardless of the picture she would want, there was only one artist he could trust to do the job. Keefe Sencen.

Chapter 6: Keefe

Keefe wasn't having a particularly amazing day. Ok, it was going horribly. First, he had almost died when Ro swang her axe accidentally at his head while she was sleeping. Then, he had spent all morning cooped up in his room doing memory exercises, but he got nothing out of it. And of course, Lord Cassius insisted he eat lunch with him. Now they were doing empathy exercises, which quickly turned into a shouting match. "YOU ARE PATHETIC!", roared Lord Cassius. "CAN"T YOU AT LEAST TRY?" Keefe was just as loud. "NO!", he roared back. "YOU ARE MY SON!", Screamed his father. "YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!" Keefe was shaking with fury. "Bully for me then", he replied, trying to sound calm. "DON'T YOU GO ALL CALM ON ME!" shoot. "I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU AMOUNT TO SOMETHING!" Keefe was used to this, but that didn't make it hurt any less. He ran from the room. "COME BACK! KEEFE! I AM YOUR FATHER!" Keefe turned on his heel and faced his father, his face contorted with fury. "You", he said shakily "are no father of mine." And he ran into his room and slammed the door. Ro turned to him. "Had a fight with daddy dearest? I could hear it from here." She spoke calmly. "And, I should remind you that you tell Lord Cassius he's not your father everyday, and it has never amounted to anything." Keefe looked at Ro. And then he punched her full on in the face. It wasn't very hard, but all the same Ro yelled. "HEY!" "I'm not having another shouting match with you, so close your mouth and leave me alone." "ooh Keefe's feeling salty. Why don't you tell Auntie Ro what's wrong?" Keefe didn't even bother to respond. Instead, he flung himself on his bed. Suddenly all the tears he was well trained to keep from his friends and his father came out. Every bad memory with them. "sorry, we forgot you." "Your legacy..." "FAILURE!" "Who would you save?" "Stay safe" "Are you... together now?" "MY SON!" "I have plans for you Keefe" "You'll never understand." "Keefe, please..." "Come back Keefe!" "The caches are fake." "This is a tracker." "They never really trusted you." "A sparring match..." "Don't worry Keefe, the washers will be here soon." All his failures came crashing down on him like a violent waterfall. Ro didn't say anything. She just stood. "Enhance me" "It was me." "221B Baker street!" "Kenric never survived." "Fintan?" "Keefe..." "Base quest?" "I win!" "You owe me a dare" "Alvar taught you?" "You can stay here... and..." "Tam might kill you." "I trust them" "Can't you try?" "KEEFE!" "We don't trust you." "I bet it's that" "Everything I try goes wrong." "I'll cover you with flesh eating bacteria!" "A week of bed rest..." Everything was rushing through his head. "Ability restricting circlet" "They're dead" "Sophie Foster and Dex Dizznee..." "If my mom's involved, I want to help." Everything was pouring down on him. Every flaw. Every imperfection. Everything. He would have stayed there forever; he was planning to. But his imparter rang with a message. Keefe let out a string of ogre curse words. Ro looked at him in disgust, and muttered something that sounded nastilly like "Just like Cadfael..." He rubbed his eyes and looked in his mirror. More rubbing. And more. Finally he actually looked as though he'd be able to say he wasn't just now crying. He picked up his imparter and was shocked by who he saw. It was someone he hadn't seen in a long time. Rayden Jossnass. Rayden had been friends with him and Fitz when they were younger. "Rayden?", he said. "Long time no see." Rayden smiled, but he looked hurried. "Listen Keefe? I need a favor. You know Marella Redek right?" Keefe nodded, and wondered where this was going. "I know this sounds weird, but... could you paint me a picture of her? And her family?" He spoke quickly, and breathily, as though this was a wonderful spontaneous thought of his. Only Keefe knew exactly what that tone meant. It was the tone Sophie Foster couldn't place. But now was not the time to ponder on his love life. Now was the time to ponder on Rayden's love life. Keefe was glad to have something to distract him from his daddy issues. "Sure thing!", he replied perhaps a little too cheerilly. But Rayden didn't seem to notice. He said a hasty goodbye, and left Keefe to his work. Ro grinned at him. "Ray-Ray's got a crush on Marebear!" "Marebear?", Keefe said, incredulous. "Marebear.", Ro replied. Keefe rolled his eyes, but said nothing. He really wasn't in the mood to argue. He pulled out some paper and got to work.

Chapter 7: Marella

Marella could not, and would not stop thinking about Rayden. She was so embarrassed that she didn't know him. She was even more embarrassed that she hadn't really had a conversation with him. It had mainly consisted of her saying "Oh...yeah" As she leapt away, Marella could almost feel herself fading. Only she didn't. Rayden had inhabited such a large portion of her mind that she did not have a lot of room for anything else.

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