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Lady Belva's Detention By: SuldreenSong, taken over by Happy Shadow Thoughts

This did not happen. I do not own any of the characters, or any of the places. All credit to Shannon Messenger.

“You should really listen to my advice more often,” Keefe said, stopping Fitz on his way to lunch, “Then you would get more detentions with Foster and myself.”

Maybe detention would be alright, like Keefe had said. After all, Keefe—and Sophie were never at lunch anymore, and even if the rest of the gang was there, it felt kind of lonely.

“I’ll think about it” Fitz replied. “Even though I’m not sure I want to tarnish my perfect record.”

“Of course, you don’t, Fitz. Maybe I’ll just frame you for something to get you in trouble” Keefe voice trailed off leaving the hallway in silence. “See you tomorrow at detention, then.” Keefe winked.

Throughout lunch, Fitz noticed how silent it seemed without Sophie or Keefe. Even though Biana was rapid fire talking about makeovers, and Dex was talking about impossible to understand techy stuff. It seemed liked there was not a single conversation going. Tam and Linh were preoccupied trying different types of flavored air, and didn’t even try to squeeze a word into the other’s rants.

With that all-in mind, Fitz transmitted, Alright... I’m in.


The following day Fitz wasn’t blamed for anything, but rather walked into the Universe class with his homework smelling like muskog gas. Sir Conley, who had a surprisingly sensitive nose, ran to other side of the room, sneezing like a maniac. Of course, Sir Conley, was not hesitant to dish out a week’s worth of detention for causing him such a fright.

“So, Fitzy,” Keefe said with a grin after meeting Fitz outside of the Universe class. “How much detention did you get?”

“A week’s worth” Fitz replied.

“ONLY A WEEK’S WORTH!!!” Keefe yelled. “Let me guess…The gulons didn’t enter when you were there, or did your mentor not drink the balding solution?”

“Neither. I would have been surprised in actually got the gulons to enter at the right time. I’m pretty sure that’s a once in a lifetime occurance.”

"Soooooo...Ready for detention?"


"You don't even know where detention is, Fitz." Keefe commented, "You look like a hyperactive verminion."

"Hey! I'm just excited," Fitz replied. "It's in Sir Conley's room, right?"

"You're excited for detention......Righttttttttt...... Also having detention once doesn't make you a master about it. You see, it switches everyday. Today we have Lady Belva's form of torture. My favorite and Foster's least favorite: Ballroom dancing......"

"Wait...WHAT!?!" Fitz responded, just as they walked through Lady Belva's doors. The room had thousand of star maps strung up all around, and had bottled starlight functioning as lamps. Although there were also shoes, and random paper clippings on the open floor. To be honest, the whole is environment felt as if Lady Belva just slapped on new decorations in attempt to hide her mess.

"Oh...look! Foster's already here" Keefe said gleefully, as Sophie walked over.



"I call Foster!" Keefe yelled. Sophie's face turned the color of a tomato.

"Actually Mr. Sencen, I think you'll be dancing with me today." Lady Belva stated. Keefe groaned. Fitz laughed. Sophie was a mix between relieved and sad.

"Miss Foster, you will be paired with Mr. Vacker, and Mr. Babblos will be paired with Miss Adele." She said.

"ooh...." Keefe said, "This is gonna be interesting."

He could say that again.

Happy Shadow Thoughts will be taking over this fanfiction. I will write a new chapter as soon as I have time.



Fitz slowly walked toward Sophie. "So... how long is this again?"

Sophie laughed. "Don't worry... we still have a while."

Fitz groaned. "How often do you have to do this?"

"It's on a rotating schedule, and there are a lot of Mentors on the schedule. We probably won't get Lady Belva again for a month or two," Suddenly Sophie realized the room had gone quiet. Everyone was looking at them. Keefe was snickering.

"Maybe you will just have me for detention again tomorrow. Or the rest of the week," Lady Belva said. There was a hint of smugness in her voice. Keefe's smile dropped.

"Let's warm up," Lady Belva announced. "Mr. Babblos, Miss Adele, show us a waltz. Perfect form, Miss Adele. Everyone follow their example," Sophie immediately tripped and fell onto Keefe, who was standing in back of her.

"Not a word," Sophie scowled.

"Me?! Never!"

The dance droned on, seeming never-ending.

I'm sorry, Fitz.

For what?

You know what, Fitz.

No I don't.

The detention. Lady Belva is one of the worse, and now you have her for a week!

Eh. Could be worse. You know what would make you feel better?

Having no detention?

Pranking Keefe.

"Well, you guys are staring into each others eyes again, so either you're plotting something, or are having an epic Fitzphie moment," Keefe interrupted.

"You'll find out soon," Fitz smirked.

"Hmm... could be either. Just so you know, I'm going to assume it was Fitzphie,"

Fitz looked at Sophie. We better make this big. Meet me in Atlantis at 5.


Just as Sophie was ready to head to Atlantis, Fitz turned up at Havenfield.

"I have a plan. I want to change Keefe's hair color. But that's not enough. We need to change it to look the same as Ro's hair, and give Ro Keefe's hair," he said.

Ro stepped out from behind him. "How long is this going to take?" she whined.

"And more importantly, who's with Keefe?" Sandor asked.

"Don't worry, I've got it covered. Grizel will be Keefe's bodyguard for the rest of the day, and Ro will be mine! Now back to-"

"Hold on!" Sophie exclaimed,"What are you telling Keefe? He's going to be suspicious about the bodyguard change."

"Pretty much everyone except Keefe is looped in. The Collective is coming up with something," Fitz replied. "Now let's go to Mysterium!"

When they arrived, they heard a loud crash, and Dex screaming IT WAS THE TRIPLETS!

Sophie cautiously peeked her head inside. "Everything okay in there?"

"Sophie! I forgot you were coming!" Dex exclaimed, wiping his hands on an apron embroidered with the Dizznee family crest, "Here are the elixirs you need. I made an instruction manual because there are so many."

"What about my hair?" Ro asked.

"Yeah, about that. You're going to need a haircut." Dex said, looking down.


"WHAT?" Ro screamed.

"Wait, wait hold on! I'll give you something that will regrow it right after! Once the prank is done we'll switch your hair back!" Dex said, trying to calm Ro down, "We'll cut it to the length of Keefe's hair, and then dye it blonde. It'll be like that for a day, and then you'll come back here to change it back."

Fitz added, "You'll change his hair tonight when he's asleep and cut and dye yours. When he wakes up, the prank will begin! That night you'll cut Keefe's hair and put in an elxir that Dex will give you to remove the dye. When Keefe wakes up, act like nothing happened."

"Oh yeah. Just one more thing," Sophie warned. "Keep your emotions in check. Don't be happy or excited. Try to feel confused and worried. But I know you can't really control your emotions, so just don't give any sign that this is a prank."


The next day, Sophie was so excited she could barely breathe! Everyone was doing a surprisingly good job of hiding their excitement. Keefe turned up late to school that day. Sophie raised her eyebrows at him.

"Not a word. Ro pranked me." he grumbled. Sophie almost gave it away right then and there. He thought it was Ro.

That day, everyone laughed at Keefe in the halls.

When he walked into detention, Lady Belva said "Got what you deserved, didn't you, Hunkyhair?" Sophie and Fitz shared a look. The whole class was laughing at Keefe.

Did this beat the Great Gulon Incident?

Not even close. But we did good.


When Sophie and Fitz got back to Havenfield, they burst out laughing. Then they leaped over to the Shores of Solace.

They snuck up behind Keefe and yelled, "It was us!" in his ear. By the time he turned around, Sophie and Fitz were long gone.

It's been hectic, so I didn't have time to actually write, and I won't have time for a while, but I added a little!

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