Group chat created with: Linh, Tam, Dex, Keefe, Sophie, Marella, Maruca, Stina, Biana, And Banana.

Banana: Hi guys!

Tam: who are you and can I take a shadow reading

Linh: Tam! Chill!

Banana: Its ok he can do one I'm a shade too

Keefe: Hi guys.

Dex: Hi

Sophie: Why is Stina in this chat but Fitz isn't?

Banana: first off, He's with the chandelier. SECOND, Stina and dex, and Maruca and Marella are unappreciated.

Stina: How do you know our names? Also are you talentless I can't associate myself with talentless

Banana: No, I'm a shade so you better watch out

Tam: FINALLY Some appreciation for shades!

Banana so, Sophie, Keefe, is sokeefe official yet?

Sophie: *somehow blushes through the chat*

Keefe: oOOOOoOOO we’re playing make foster blush?

Banana: no, but Keefe you haven't answered my question.

Keefe: No. fitzphie is tho :(

Sophie: …

Sophie: Keefe why are you sad?

Keefe: Gimme a sec

                        Keefe added Ro to the chat

Ro: ok WOW. Sophie, still adorably oblivious

Sophie: ??????

Marella: Oh Banana! Thanks for adding the underappreciated characters

Maruca: Yea!

Banana: Np

Sophie: Ok that's it I'm adding Fitz

All: Noooooooooooooo

                                  Sophie Added Fitz to the chat

Banana: Biana your quiet are u ok?

Biana: Oh I'm just enjoying watching you guys bash my brother

Fitz: hey!

Biana: oops

Fitz: Also, Banana what makes you think I was with Chandy-i mean the chandelier?

Banana: Were you?

Fitz: Blushes

Sophie: ANYWAYS…

Keefe: Wait gimme a sec

                                    Sophie Was renamed to Foster

                                    Dex Was renamed to Techie

                                    Tam was renamed to Bangs Boy

                                    Fitz Was renamed to wonderboy

                                    Biana was renamed to sparkle queen

                                    Linh was renamed to Girl of the water

                                    Maruca was renamed to FF girl

                                    Keefe Was renamed to Lord Hunkyhair

                                    Ro was renamed to Auntie Ro

                                    Stina was removed from the chat

                                     Banana was renamed shady

Lord Hunkyhair: ok done

Foster: Keeeeeeefeeee!!!

Wonderboy: What is a FF girl 

FF girl: Yea?

Shady: Oh it means ForceField girl. WAIT WHO NAMED ME SHADY

                                   Lord Hunkyhair left the chat         

Shady: Ok bye I have to go kill Keefe. Byeeeeeeee


Shady: ok I'm back

                                  All names were reverted to original

Banana: ok so Fitz, Sophie, you need to break up

Fitz: oh we broke up a while ago so I could be with Chandy

Sophie: Fitz!!!!!!

Banana: Good

Biana: Sophie and Keefe you are now together

Banana: That was my line

Biana: *shrugs*

Banana: Don't make me come to Everglen and go shade glory on you

Tam: LOL

Biana And linh: Did Tam just laugh???!!!!!

Linh: yes he's on his bedroom floor laughing maniacally I just checked


Dex: Tam ru ok?

Marella: I think we should take him to Elwin...

                  Elwin Was added to the chat

Elwin: WOW Banana, where is Keefe and is he injured

Banana: No. Well, Yes. His Ego is injured

Elwin: Banana, what did you do??!!

Banana: I ummmmmm icutoffhishair

Tam: yay!!!!!! Lollipops and no Keefe's hair!! *giggles*

Linh: WAIT tam why are there 7 empty mallowmelt containers on the counter

Tam: I don't know

Linh: are you sure?

Banana: Hey where did Sophie go?

Biana: She probably went to comfort Keefe or buy him a wig

Banana: MUAHAHAHAHA                      

The end 

(By the way Banana is not my real name obviously it is a codename to protect my identity)

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