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Keeper of the Lost Cities

"Woah - back the T. Rex up!" - Keefe Sencen

"I'd rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life." - Sophie Foster

”There`s no reason to worry” - Alden Vacker

"You must be lost." - Keefe Sencen

"Is this you?" - Fitz

"Is that my dress?" - Biana

"Potential is nothing if it's never lived up to" -Councillor Terik


"We could all use a little more weird in their lives," - Fitz Vacker


"I just... I'm tired of being left out. I know it’s partially my fault, because I’ve been a jerk to you a few times. But I’ll never do that again. And I have a special ability now. And I really want to help with whatever you and Keefe are working on." - Biana Vacker 

"Any openings in the Nobility for a professional troublemaker?" - Keefe Sencen

"Fix me Foster, you´re my only hope." -Keefe Sencen


"I could be your hero any day" - Keefe Sencen

"The only ones to refuse readings are those with darkness to hide." -Tam Song



"Thankyou for being braves enough to find me one last time"-Keefe Sencen

"I'm ninty nine point nine percent sure I'm dying"-Keefe Sence


"Is a day any less worth living simply because you're not going to remember it? - Councillor Bronte

"Dont worry, you´re worth it" -Keefe Sencen

"I lika a challenge" -Keefe Sencen

"Anyone see my stomach back there"-Keefe Sencen


"Why do clothes never have enough pockets?" -Sophie Foster

”I want it to be you.” - Fitz Vacker

The Whole Series

"No reason to worry." - Alden Vacker

"You kids..." - Mr Forkle

What Characters May Say

"My father cried the day I was born because he knew he'd never be as beautiful as me." - Keefe Sencen, probably (Credits to incorrect-kotlc-quotes on Tumblr.)

"Out of all of my body parts,my eyes are in the best shape.I do about 667 eyerolls a day." - Tam Song, probably (Credits to incorrect-kotlc-quotes on Tumblr.)

”Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - Alvar Vacker, probably (Created by Luna di Angelo, quote from musical ‘In The Heights’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda)

"People love my eyes. Little do they know I wear colored contacts" -Fitz Vacker, probably (created by Betsyfrancisdamesmer)

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