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On this page, you can share what a character would say, or a quote from the series. Keep everything appropriate and suitable for everyone. If you did not create it, please give credit to the rightful owner. Have fun!

Remember, please say who said the quote if it is from a character! You can post pictures or writings on this page!

Most Remembered

“Foster!” - Keefe Sencen

“Sparkles make everything better!” - Biana Vacker

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be" - Sophie Foster

"Woah - back the T. Rex up!" - Keefe Sencen

"Keefe!" - Sophie Foster

"I'd rather be punished for making the right decision than live with the guilt of making the wrong one for the rest of my life." - Sophie Foster

”There‘s no reason to worry” - Alden Vacker

"You must be lost." - Keefe Sencen

"Is this you?" - Fitz Vacker

"Is that my dress?" - Biana Vacker

"Potential is nothing if it's never lived up to" - Councillor Terik

"It’s ok Sophie, we are here to help. We’ve been looking for you for twelve years.”- Fitz Vacker

"Fitz, what kind of a name is Fitz?”- Sophie Foster

"Seriously, if Linh and Keefe ever get together, I'm going to be really sorry for their kid" Marella Redek

"You kids..." - Mr. Forkle

"The ballad of Bo and Ro!" - Keefe Sencen

"Happy shadow thoughts!" - Linh Song

"Family doesn't decide who we are, we do." -Keefe Sencen

"Fix me Foster, you're my only hope." -Keefe Sencen

”Anytime, Sophie, anytime.”-Fitz Vacker

“I’m ready. Bring it on.”-Sophie Foster

“And I’ll be here. Probably throwing Prattles at his head, but hey... may wake him up.”- Fitz Vacker

"No reason to worry" Alden Vacker

"Ode to Keefe Sencen. That brave lovable nut, he may not have teal eyes but he has a really cute-" Keefe Sencen.

"But we're cognates!" - Fitz Vacker

“I go where you go.” - Sandor

“Secrets hinder my ability to protect you” - Sandor


"We could all use a little more weird in our lives," - Fitz Vacker

"Trust the trap" -Alden Vacker

"Those who wander are not lost" - Wanderling Woods

"Being powerful worries people, Sophie. It's unfair and it hurts, but can't you understand why it happens?" - Grady Ruewen

"You're so weird." "That's why you like me." - Dex Dizznee

" Let the past be your guide," - The Black Swan

" If anyone's malfunctioning it's him, I heard him try to laugh one time and he sounded like a freaked out Banshee!" - Keefe Sencen

" Ooh, are we making Dex blush?" - Marella Redek

"You're doing it again. That thing where you stare into space, totally oblivious to everything around you. Usually means you're planning some secret thing that'll end up in an emergency Elwin call." - Dex Dizznee

'What was next? Was he going to start searching her laundry before the gnomes delivered it to her room? Worried the kidnappers might attack her with deadly socks?' - Sophie Foster (thought)

"...Though I probably be a Guster like my dad. Controlling the wind--whoop-de-freaking-do.." -Marella Redek


"I just... I'm tired of being left out. I know it’s partially my fault, because I’ve been a jerk to you a few times. But I’ll never do that again. And I have a special ability now. And I really want to help with whatever you and Keefe are working on." - Biana Vacker 

"Any openings in the Nobility for a professional troublemaker?" - Keefe Sencen

"Fix me Foster, you´re my only hope." -Keefe Sencen

”You’d be surprised at how powerful hope can be” - Councillor Terik

"Okay, I figured out our reply. Write this down Gigantor: You may not want to meet, but we definitely do. Name a time and a place or we'll pelt you with sparkly poo." -Keefe Sencen

"Hindsight is a dangerous game to play" - Edaline Ruewen

"You're the girl that dropped councilor bronte on his grumpy butt! Why do you not have that emblazoned on all of your foxfire uniforms?" -Keefe Sencen

"This is a normal day for you isn't it? Go to school, find out you're coated with a deadly substance, have a few layers of skin melted off, hail your bestie the Councillor and tell him you dichting study hall to save the world, and he says, 'Cool, I'll come with you.'"      -Keefe to Sophie.


"I could be your hero any day" - Keefe Sencen

"The only ones to refuse readings are those with darkness to hide." -Tam Song

"He's not all bad no one is. That's what makes villains so scary they're not as different from us as we want them to be." - Sophie Foster😁🤗😏😶😎

”Never underestimate the power of the page.” - Mr.Forkle

”All it takes is one to stand where others fall.”- Calla

”Dude, you did not just insult The Hair!” -Keefe Sencen aka Lord Hunkyhair

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how you three going into a room talking about emotions. Nothing can go wrong there." -Biana Vacker (Sorry if the thing isn't the exact quote. I didn't have the book on standby:(. )



"Thank you for being brave enough to find me one last time"-Mr. Forkle

"Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better." - Keefe Sencen

”Time is a funny thing. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. But then it passes on to someone else. You’ll do great things with it, Sophie. Wonderful, incredible things. I’m sorry I won’t be able to see them. But don’t let that stop you from living them. Dream. Fight. Love. Take risks. Allow yourself to be happy.” - Mr.Forkle

”Actions never tell the whole story. Good can be done for the wrong reason and bad can be misunderstood.” - Linh Song

"Take care of my moonlark" -Mr. Forkle


"Is a day any less worth living simply because you're not going to remember it? - Councillor Bronte

"Don't worry, you´re worth it" -Keefe Sencen

"I like a challenge" -Keefe Sencen

”I’ll be fighting for the happy ending too.” - Amy Foster

”I’m ninety nine point nine percent sure I’m dying.” - Keefe Sencen

“I know it still hurts. And I can’t change that. But just . . . know that whatever happens, it’s going to be survivable—and never stop hoping for the happy ending. Sometimes you get one you don’t expect. I’ll definitely be fighting for it with everything I have.” -Sophie Foster

"Awww, I'm already part of the family." -Keefe Sencen


"Why do clothes never have enough pockets?" -Sophie Foster

”I want it to be you.” - Fitz Vacker (ooooo)

"I've liked you since the day I met you." - Sophie Foster

”How do you stop the inevitable when no one else will?”– Gethen

"Prove yourself worthy, and we'll take into consideration during your final sentencing. Fail to impress, and we'll make sure you never see daylight again." -Councillor Emery


"...She’ll try her best—but you’ve seen how often her ‘best’ simply isn’t enough..." -Lady Gisela (this quote is located in the middle of a conversation so yeah)


"So why's she our secret weapon?" -Marella

"There's never a good time to almost die." -Sophie

"That's our girl. Knew she was going to Foster it." -Keefe Sencen

The Whole Series

"No reason to worry." - Alden Vacker

"You kids..." - Mr. Forkle

"Sparkles make everything better!"-Biana Vacker

”I’m sorry, but I cannot give you this information.”-Mr. Forkle


"team Foster-Keefe" - Keefe Sencen

"But we're Cognates!" - Fitz Vacker

"There's always a choice" - Lady Gisela

"KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE!" - Silveny

What Characters May Say

”Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - Alvar Vacker, probably (Created by Luna di Angelo, quote from musical ‘In The Heights’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda)

"People love my eyes. Little do they know I wear colored contacts" -Fitz Vacker, probably (created by Betsyfrancisdamesmer)

"Life's a mystery and I'm in desperate need for a Sherlock Holmes." -Sophie Foster, probably (created by sophockets)

"At least your dad didn't give you up to experiment on like mine did!" "About that... I have a confession to make..." Sophie Foster and Lord Cassius, talking to Keefe, probably. (created by The_Fluffster_511)

Grady: "I CAN CONTROL PEOPLES MINDS!" (unless they were a thinking cap)

(By the way that Fitz quote is absolutely hilarious, props to whoever came up with that!)


Fitz: "Keefe, I found and brought Sophie here in the first place, so... Finders keepers."

Keefe: "It doesn't work like that."


Keefe: Instead of Fitzphie...let's make it Sokeefe