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Birthday: June 1st
Age: 11
Orientations: None
Species: Elf
Talent: Technopath
School: Foxfire
Occupation: Black Swan member
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Location: Lives a Sky Land Residence.
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: None
Nationality: Looks like Canadian to humans.
Accent: None
Affiliations: None
Status: Alive and well
The Destined one.
Is a great elf of many talents.

Model: Player (younger version)


Brown hair, gray blue eyes.


Nice, little more quiet, prefers not to go outside.


Khai had the most interesting story of all the Phan family. He was destined to have a lot of potential. That gave him a hobby of hacking. So what he did was to build gadgets. He loved to build models of human items, just what he did was tweak them to make them work better. His weakness is he can’t sit still. He makes stuff like fidget spinners, and uses one hand to make inventions, whatever he was doing, and spun the fidget spinner at the same time. Also. His dad was extra hard on him. Not great right? His dad also hated his ability.


Sky, River, Lord Phan

Skata Lee

None right now.



Hasn’t tried them yet, really.




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Khai Phan —> The Destined One. * Hacker, Black Swan member
Lying is a horrible thing. It can eat you up, little by little, until you are empty. Don't do it.
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