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*Spoilers through Book 4*


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Oralie fidgeted with the hem of her ornate gown, smoothing and bunching up the ruffles that lined her sleeves. Even now, in her private office, with no one around but the two of them, she worried about being around Kenric. Controlling her emotions was hard enough in public when she could ignore him and his megawatt smile, but when they were alone together, it seemed like it would only be a matter of minutes before he had her kneeling at his feet, begging for his attention. Because even though everybody suspected that they were in love, Oralie had never actually confessed her true feelings.

“Are you alright?” Kenric’s voice pulled Oralie out of her trance, and she shook her head, gold ringlets blurring her vision. His normally happy expression was one of concern, and he stepped closer, as if to try and help.

“I’m okay. Just a bit nervous. After all, last time we faced Fintan, things didn’t go so well.” Her thoughts flashed to the former Councillor, but she ignored them, focusing instead on the matter at hand. “What about you?”

“You know me. I’m doing just fine.” Though he was grinning, it didn’t quite reach his eyes. 

“Really?” Oralie questioned his statement, knowing there was no way it was completely true. In a bold move, she reached out her hand, resting it on his shoulder. As an Empath, his feelings radiated outward, and she could immediately tell he was lying. “I know you put on a brave face, but you can’t be feeling that optimistic.”

“Do you want to know how I’m really feeling?” He asked, grabbing her hand and grasping it tightly. 

“I already know,” Oralie thought, but she nodded her head, motioning him to continue.

“I’m nervous. This can’t go well. It seems silly, but I just have a bad feeling about all of this.” Too shocked that Kenric actually went through with telling her, Oralie just stood there. “You must think I’m overreacting, or just plain crazy, or something like that, right? Tell me I’m just overthinking this all. I don’t want to be right. I don’t want anything to go wrong. Don’t we deserve a happy ending after everything we’ve been through?” His hand trailed up her arm, cupping her face and gently twisting her head so that she looked right into his piercing blue eyes. But even with all the revelations, Oralie’s thoughts honed in on a single word.

“You said ‘we’.” Her lip quivered as she pulled his hand off of her face.

“Did I?”

“You know what you said. The question is whether you really mean it.” Oralie winced at the tremble in her voice, but continued, “Because you know the consequences.”

“I do.” With those two words, Kenric stepped even closer, bridging the already tiny gap between the two of them. Lowering his voice to a whisper, he flashed her a wistful smile, and kept speaking. “Councillor Oralie, will you be my hopeful?”

Despite everything else looming on the horizon, Oralie allowed herself to let out a giggle as she fell into his arms, replying, “You already know my answer. You wouldn’t have confessed to me if you didn’t.”

“I suppose that’s true.” With those words, both their smiles disappeared as the reality of the situation dawned on them. “What are we going to do next? We can’t keep this hidden forever.”

“Do you want to?”

“No.” Kenric stepped back, trying to assess the situation. “But we can’t spring this on everybody right before we heal Fintan.”

“We can’t. But afterward? That’s our chance. Assuming everything goes right, the rest of the Council will be celebrating our success, and they might take the news a bit easier.” 

“The thing is, I don’t think everything is going to be alright.” Kenric stood silent for a moment, thinking, and then whispered a phrase under his breath, too quiet for Oralie to hear. Out of the void fell his cache, landing securely in the palm of his hand. Confused, she just looked at it, and it didn’t click why he had called for it until he extended his hand toward her. “Please, take it. Best case, you give it back after we return from Oblyvimere. Worst case, well…” 

Oralie cut him off as she grabbed the cache and tucked it away into a hidden pocket. “It won’t come to that. But, thank you for trusting me.”

“Anything for the love of my life.” said Kenric, his demeanor changing once again, all hints of sadness or worry disappearing. “We should probably leave now though.” Without letting Oralie speak, Kenric stepped up and grabbed her hand, placing a quick peck on her cheek. It was nothing much, only a promise of more to come, but Oralie still found herself blushing as they let the light whisk them away.

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