by @Chunkbunny07

BEFORE YOU READ THIS: please note, yes, this keefe is NOT at all like canon keefe. this is a different version of keefe, one i think could/would exist after all the traumatic stuff he's been through. also, yes i will be throwing shade at fitz and sophie in this fanfiction, don't take offense. it's overdramatized, and obviously this IS NOT CANON, so don't be offended if some people don't act like their canon counterparts. it's literally an au because kam probably will never happen rip to my hopes and dreams. there WILL be lgbtq+ people and ships, so if that bothers you then idrc just read something else. also keep in mind that these are the versions of people i think add to this specific story, plus versions of these people i like better. marellinh, kam, maruca and stina, just gay ships for the gay soul. if it bothers you move on.


“Keefe?” Keefe could listen to her say his name a thousand times over. Sadly, this was the real world, and he had to respond.

“Yeah? I’m listening.” Keefe continued to doodle in his notebook.

“Uh, no you’re obviously not.” Another voice interrupted.

“Hiya Fitz! When did you get here?” Keefe looked up to see Fitz laying on the couch next to Sophie with his head resting on her lap.

Keefe was on the armchair across from them, the one next to the fireplace.

They were all studying in the common room of the Silver Tower.

Fitz must’ve arrived while Keefe was lost in thought, as usual.

Well, all of them were studying but Keefe and Dex. Dex was hanging on the large plush arm of Keefe’s chair, fiddling with his and Keefe’s latest and greatest invention. Keefe was doodling pictures of people.

Not necessarily people he knew, even though one doodle looked terrifyingly like a happy version of the Sencen family.

Keefe snapped his notebook shut. That was enough of that.

“Hello? Earth to Keefe? I said I’ve been here for a while.”  Suddenly Fitz was in Keefe’s face, and Keefe could practically hear his own insanely fast heartbeat, Fitz’s emotions overwhelming his senses.

They were mostly annoyed emotions. Keefe’s fingers twitched in nervousness.

“Sorry!” Keefe scrambled back, as far as he could, tumbling off the other side of the armchair.

Then Fitz was there again, snatching the collar of Keefe’s shirt, his hand way too close for Keefe’s liking.

“Jeez. You’re so clumsy Keefe!” Fitz pulled him to his feet, where Keefe stood easily a head taller than Fitz, who was way taller than everyone else in their group.

“Sorry.” Keefe wriggled out of Fitz’s clutch, readjusting his collared shirt and sweater vest. He disguised his heavy breathing with a cough.

Someone snickered, but Keefe couldn’t tell if it was Fitz or not. He was too busy rushing to grab his fallen notebook, before anyone recognized his drawings.

“I was saying that we should all go to Atlantis sometime. Everyone else agreed, what do you think Keefe?” Sophie asked, as Keefe backed towards the door.

“I-uh I can ask Ro. We have plans for this weekend but I’ll see when I’m free!” Keefe’s life had definitely gotten easier since Ro became his legal guardian. Even then, Keefe still saw Lord Cassius for lunch every Friday, which wasn’t actually all that horrible.

Cassius was trying to improve his ways, and Keefe was okay with that. In metered amounts.

“Okay, let us know if you can!” Sophie managed to get out before Keefe was gone.

In all honesty, he hadn’t been listening to anyone one bit. He hadn’t been looking either. Keefe had some sort of hyper focus when it came to doing things he liked.

He assumed ‘us’ was Sophie, Fitz, Dex, Linh, Tam, and probably Marella. No way of knowing for sure, unless he wanted to completely embarrass himself by asking.

On the way back to his dorm room, which he shared with Dex, he passed by a flyer.

Literally, a flyer. A neon piece of paper fluttered by, so Keefe grabbed it.

It read, “The annual Foxfire ball is coming! Purchase your reservation tickets today!”

He could ask Sophie!

Then again, she would probably go with Fitz. It wasn’t like the two were dating, even though they had in the past, But they were cognates, and as much as it hurt Keefe to say, the two were perfect for each other.

Keefe didn’t want to get in the way of that. But it’s not like they were dating. Or together.

Keefe stumbled into his dorm, flopping onto his bed to call Ro.

“Hiya! Almost didn’t recognize you, you’re not smiling!” Ro pointed out the obvious.

It’s not like he felt like smiling.

But Keefe gave her a funny smirk, rolling his eyes.

“I’m coming home tomorrow for lunch. My Dad is still coming right?” Keefe asked, fiddling with a button on his shirt.

“As far as I know. He dropped something off today, you’ll never believe what." Ro replied, and it sounded like she was rummaging through a drawer.


“He bought you a suit for the dance coming up. I didn’t know there was one, you didn’t tell me!” Ro accused.

“I didn’t either, until five minutes ago!” Keefe said in defense.

They laughed and chatted for a while.

Keefe was lucky to know Ro. She was like a big sister to him.

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