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Kaitlyn Ford ✩ calm hydrokinetic ✩ kindly adventurous
“nice people are the ones that stay nice all the time. kind people are the ones that are broken, yet remain kind.”
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Kaitlyn Ford

Owned and Roleplayed by Z

About Kaitlyn Ford
Full Name: Kaitlyn Erisa Ford
Parents: Grace and Brian Ford
Siblings: none
Friends: a lot, which she is thankful for
Nicknames: Kait, Lynn
Birthday: January 31st
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Kaitlyn is a kind and sweet girl. She loves others, and inspires and encourages others as much as possible. She keeps a smile on her face, and never lets her anger and sadness, caused by her parents, to show.


Used to be extremely close to them, but when her parents broke up, she grew distant.

a lot, which she is thankful for

none, doesn’t believe in enemies

none, looking


Grace and Brian Ford were a talentless couple. They never manifested, and didn't mind that. They didn't want to much attention, nor did they want to be famous. But as life went on, they wished they had manifested, because the shame of having no talent was to much for them. They kept a smile on their face as life went on, but deep down inside, everyone's harsh words were hurting them.

Two years later, Grace gave birth to a young girl named Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn grew up as a happy, young girl, who didn't care what others said about her family. She became a role model to other talentless people, and inspired her parents to keep on. When Kaitlyn was 15, her mom and dad suddenly divorced. No one would tell her why, and she rarely saw her mother afterwards. Kaitlyn was devastated. Her parents had been her favorite people in the world, and now they had broken up. Her dad became much harsher in the way he spoke to her, and her mother stopped caring. Kaitlyn has avoided them since, worried things would get worse. She keeps the fact hidden from her parents that she isn't talentless, and is a Hydrokinetic.


Kaitlyn has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Drak Brown
Height: 5’2”
Model: Naomi Scott

coding credits to Z

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