I Thought You Were Mine (Sophie Foster's Perspective after she and Fitz broke up)

When you confronted me,

I tried not to cry.

That was my biggest fear.

I thought you were mine.

I tried to tell you,

Tried to explain, time after time.

But you refused to listen,

I thought you were mine.

I thought that you loved me,

Was it all a lie?

A joke, a prank, a quip?

I thought you were mine.

When our friends ask what's wrong,

I simply said, "I'm fine."

I can't tell them the truth.

I thought you were mine.

I suppose you have an image to uphold,

The legacy of your bloodline.

There's no place for freaks like me

But I thought you were mine.

How can I go on?

Without you by my side.

But now I know for sure,

You will never be mine.


The Flame (Marella Redek's Perspective on pyrokineses and her mother)

When you fell, I screamed so loud.

I'm sure my voice carried to the clouds.

My father came running, asking, "What's the matter?"

I sobbed, getting sadder and sadder.

I pointed at your limp body, then turned around.

I couldn't bear the sight of you on the ground,

Sprawled out, blood streaming from your head.

I couldn't help thinking, "She's probably dead."

My dad paled, and for once was speechless,

I turned and ran to escape from the bleakness.

The next few hours were all a blur,

As the physicians tried to find a cure.

I sat by your bed for hours and hours.

Numerous people brought you flowers.

Finally, after days you were awake,

Conscious just in time for daybreak.

But in my heart, burning like flame,

I knew you'd never be the same.

A few days later, once we were home,

(Marella one is still a WIP!)

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