This page is going to have random circumstances that the group might be in! Just little funny chapters, kind like one-shots, except KOTLC KORNERS!!!

Biana: Welcome to the Late Late Late Show with Biana Vacker! Today I have with me my brother Fitz Vacker, my bestie Sophie Foster and my... Keefe.

Keefe: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Biana: That's not what- whatever Keefe! Anyway, today I'm going to be asking them some questions-

Keefe: Wait, so do we like, win anything?

Biana: It's not a game show Keefe. Anyway, I'm going to ask some questions and you guys will have to answer, whether you like it or not! First of all, how are you all doing?

Sophie: Good, but I'm a little nervous.

Biana: That's okay, I'm not gonna ask anything tooooo personal. Okay, my first question. How are you guys feeling about the whole love triangle?

Keefe: There is no love triangle. Well, not anymore. But actually, it used to be more like a love square. Or hexagon. Or blob. But some people might've not even noticed that either. *rolls eyes*

Sophie and Fitz: *stare at Keefe with a bewildered look on their faces*

Keefe: *rolls eyes again* See what I mean?

Biana: *nods head sympathetically* Here's a question for Sophie. What do you find most attractive about Fitz?

Sophie:*stares at Fitz*

Fitz: *turns red*

Sophie: *turns red* I like his... *looks at his face and his teal eyes**...boyish charm

Keefe: I have boyish charm...

Sophie: There's a difference between boyish charm and immature, Keefe.

Keefe: *Turns to crowd* I'm sure you guys find me to be more manly, wouldn't you say? *smirks and winks*

Biana, Fitz, and Sophie: *roll eyes*

Keefe: *turns to Biana* You must think I'm the most handsome, manliest elf, right? *smirks*

Biana: *turns red*...Moving on, next question for Fitz. Why do you think your relationship as being Sophie's cognate is really important?

Fitz: I think both of us are really good telepaths, but together, we make an unstoppable team. *smiles at Sophie*

Sophie: *blushes*

Biana: Okay, I think that's all we-

Keefe: But we didn't get to ask you a question, Biana.

Biana: Keefe, this is my talk show, not yours.

Keefe: Too bad. Soooo, who's your crush? *raises eyebrows up and down*

Biana: *turns super red*

Sophie: Yeah Biana, who is it?*smirls*

Fitz: You're always talking about our love lives, but now it's your turn.

Biana:*turns redder than a tomato* I think we're okay. Goodbye everyone have-

Fitz Sophie, and Keefe: TELL US, TELL US, TELL US!

Biana: No its okay-

Fitz Sophie, and Keefe: *continue chanting* TELL US, TELL US, TELL US!



i hope this was good!

it was probably super random and cheesy lol

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