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Here goes:

     ----------Keefe’s Point Of View---------

The last thing that Keefe remembered was being blasted by shadowflux. It consumed him, sinking into every vein, causing pain everywhere. It hurt, but it was different than Sophie had described somehow. She said that it had been angry, and resentful. This felt more full of regret and sadness. And something else, too. Something that he couldn’t quite place... Ever since he had been drifting in and out of consciousness. Even when he was awake he couldn’t move, couldn’t see or hear. Nothing. When he was asleep, he dreamed. In his dreams, he saw eyes flickering across his vision. Except, these weren’t the brown eyes that he was so used to seeing. These eyes were cobalt blue, with a hint of silver. 

                      ----------Tam’s Point Of View---------

Tam was walking through Foxfire, trying to find his next session. He used to go here, so he had assumed that he would still be able to find his way. Apparently not. It was almost impossible to walk and look at the map and think at the same time. No one else seemed to have that problem, but then again, no one else really had that much to think about. Whenever Tam got too lost in his thoughts he would forget where he was going and end up right back in front of the Healing Center again. It had been two weeks. It was anyone’s guess when Keefe would wake up, if ever. At least he had seemed relaxed when he fell asleep. Probably because Sophie had declared her undying love for him in their secret telepath conversation. He wished-ow! He had ran into another door. Sure enough, it was the door of the Healing Center. He groaned in frustration. There was no point in going in to see Keefe again. He wouldn’t wake up. Elwin had tried everything. Probably the only thing that would wake him up now was a magical kiss from his princess Sophie. Then he would wake up and it would be happily ever after, just like in human fairy tales. This was all his fault. He was the one who had covered Keefe in shadowflux. He was the reason that he kept hearing Keefe’s tortured screams echoing in his head. He was the cause of all the pain that Keefe had to suffer through. And it kept coming back to haunt him.

                      --------Keefe’s Point Of View------

Keefe started hearing voices. Just tones. He still couldn’t hear specific words. At least his ears were working. That one sounds like Sophie, that one Alden, that one Biana, that one was Fitz, that was Maruca, that was Marella, that was Linh, that one was Tam, and that one was Elwin. Wow. There are a lot of people here. Someone was holding his hand. Strange, he could normally tell who it was based on how their emotions felt. This must not be Sophie then, or Fitz or Biana or Alden. Whoever it was seemed really worried. And apparently nervous about touching his hand. Weird.

    ---------Tam’s Point Of View--------

Keefe was awake. Well, not really. But he had started stirring and making noises. This was the first sign of life for weeks. Everyone was there. Sophie, Fitz, Biana, Dex, Linh, Marella, Maruca, Wylie, even Jensi. Tam grabbed Keefe’s hand. He was going to wake up. He had to. Elwin was trying to talk, but it was hard to hear him over everyone else. 

“Be quiet!” Tam said. Everyone fell silent. Elwin took charge. 

“Okay. I called you all here to tell you something important. This might be kind of hard to receive. As you can tell, Keefe has started stirring. It is entirely possible that he will wake up any second. But…”

“But what?” Sophie asked.

“We have gotten a disturbing message from the Neverseen. It says… Well, I’ll let Mr. Forkle explain that part.” Mr. Forkle passed a piece of paper to Sophie. She gasped. Everyone circled around her to see what was on the paper.


                           ---------The Note---------

There is something terribly wrong with my son. The shadowflux experiment was unsuccessful. We no longer have need of him. You may dispose of him as you wish. If you can wake him up.

-Lady Gisela

                   -------Sophie’s Point Of View-------

This made no sense. At all. After all this time, all this work, the Neverseen were just giving up on Keefe for seemingly no reason at all? The letter had said something terribly wrong. What could possibly be that bad? And how could they figure it out while he was in a coma in a place that they could never have access to? Why would they ever think that we would ‘dispose’ of Keefe? If you can wake him up? Elwin had said it himself, Keefe could wake up any second on his own now. And the letter sounded nothing like the Neverseen. Just the way it was written, the way they had given it to us, it just didn’t seem like them. It was also just poor writing in general, which Sophie knew for sure since she had studied writing for years when she was living with humans. Wait. How did they find the note in the first place? Sophie voiced her question out loud.

“Jensi found it in his locker,” Mr. Forkle said. “You know, after class.” For some reason Tam blushed. 

                     --------Keefe’s Point Of View--------

Everything was clearer now. He could hear everything everyone was saying. He could feel the cot that he was laying on, and the person that was still holding his hand. He couldn’t move though, couldn’t open his eyes. There was no way to let them know that he was awake. If he was awake. The person holding his hand spoke, and Keefe was surprised to find that it was Tam. 

“The note has to be a lie. First of all, there is nothing wrong with Keefe. Second, if there was anything wrong with him, how come they didn’t realize it sooner? Why contact us now, when he’s in a coma?” Keefe’s eyes flew open. Finally, he could move! 

“Keefe?” Elwin asked. Everyone looked over, and their voices overlapped again with sounds of excitement and surprise. Elwin shooed everyone out. For some reason, Keefe was more disappointed that Tam was leaving than Sophie. What was going on with him? 


                     ------Elwin’s Point Of View------

Elwin ran dozens of tests on Keefe. They all came back normal. It was as though nothing had happened to him at all. And even though Elwin had dozens of theories as to why Keefe had woken up when he did, none of them made sense. Apparently, Keefe had slowly regained his senses one at a time. He had heard sometimes, he had smelled sometimes, he had felt sometimes, but they all faded away and back into dreams. Until now. What had caused this temporary reagainment of the sense, or the part when Keefe finally woke up, Elwin still didn’t know. 

​​​​​                                  --------​​Tam's Point Of View--------

What had woken him up? It had come completely out of nowhere. One second Tam was talking about how Keefe was in a coma, worried sick, and then Keefe was suddenly wide awake... Wait. He had been holding Keefe's hand! His emotions must have been so intense that they had reached Keefe in his sleep and woken him up. But that was a good thing, right? Keefe would have woken up soon on his own anyway. And what was with that look that Keefe had given him when he was leaving? Ugh! Just forget it. He likes Sophie. He likes Sophie. He likes Sophie. That was it. Tam would just have to get over it.

                ----------Silvey's Point Of View---------  (Authors Note: This is mostly for fun. Not really part of the story.)


                        ---------Keefe's Point Of View--------- (Silveny: THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING! Me: No spoilers!)

As soon as Elwin determined that Keefe was alright and had no lasting damage and no scars and no tiny papercuts, people started coming in. One at a time, thankfully. First Sophie. 

"Hi Keefe," Sophie said

"Hi," He replied.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah. The coma did absolutely nothing, apparently. Although, Elwin did some research and thought that it might have affected my heart and my head or something, but that's just a theory."

"Like the heart of the matter theory? I could have, like, made you more aware of your heart emotions or something."

"Maybe. I guess I never thought of that. That could be why..." 

"Why what?"


"Okay. I hope you feel better." Then Sophie walked out. After that, it was mostly a blur. Fitz came, and then Biana. Alden and Della might have come too. Then Dex. And Marella. Then Linh. And then Tam. 

"Are you okay?" Was the first thing that he asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. No physical damage at all."

"What about mental damage?"

"None of that either. It definitely did something, but I wouldn't call it damage."

"What did they do??" 

"Have you heard of the heart of the matter theory?"

"Like, that your head can feel something different from your heart?"

"Yeah. They basically made it so that I'm more aware of the emotions in my heart," Keefe said, not meeting Tam's eyes.

"Let me guess: Your heart is completely in love with Sophie," Tam said before he could stop himself.

"Actually, nope. Turns out that was just my head. Wait-how did you know?"

"Um-well-I guess it was just obvious."

"Yeah. But apparently, that was all a lie and I like someone completely different." Tam could kick himself. Of course he likes someone different. Probably Biana, or Marella. 

"Who?" He asked anyway, immediately regretting it. There was no way that he was going to like the answer. 

"It-well-um-I guess-uh-It doesn't matter," Keefe said, absolutely red. 

"I bet it's Biana."

"It's not."


"It's not!"

"It's probably Marella then."


"Then it's definitely Maruca."

"Of course not!"

"Maybe it's one of those girls who give you midterm gifts?"

"No. Just stop asking, okay?"

"Is it someone I know?"

"Maybe. Maybe not."

"Is it Linh?"


"What?" Tam asked. There was absolutely no way that he had heard that right.

"It's you, alright? Now just leave me alone."

"I'm sorry! I didn't know-"


                       ----------Tam's Point Of View-----------

There were three logical explanations. One: He was dreaming. Two: He was dreaming. Three: He was dreaming. Yeah, he was basically dreaming. Why hadn't he woken up by now though? What if Keefe actually... He quickly shut the thought down. It was just going to make him more hurt than before. He had had dreams like this before. He always believed them and then it was even harder when he woke up. He just needed to wake himself up. He tried pinching himself. Nothing. He slapped himself in the face. That just hurt. He groaned. 

"Are you okay?" Linh asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"Well, I am!"

"Is it about Keefe?"

"No!" Tam said. "Not everything is about Keefe!"

"With you it is."

"UGH! Just go away dream Linh!"

"Oh great. This again."


"Whenever something good happens to you you always think it's a dream."

"That is not true!"

"Keefe probably-"

"Don't finish that sentence!!!" Linh snickered. Tam was seriously regretting ever telling her that he liked Keefe.

"Fine. I'll leave you alone to convince yourself that everything was a dream and then get completely embarrassed tomorrow, just like you always do."

​​​​​​                   -------​Linh's Point Of View------

Tam was doing it again. It could get tiring sometimes. Linh was pretty sure that this was a record of some kind. Tam had thought that yesterday was a dream too, when Keefe woke up. Just like he thought it was a dream when they went back to Foxfire, and when they went to live with the dwarfs, and when Exillium was fixed. Linh was seriously starting to worry about what happened in his actual dreams. She decided to visit Keefe. Maybe he could tell her what was going on. ​​​​

                             Time skip to when Linh enters the Healing Center


"Linh?" Keefe asked, looking nervous.

"Something's wrong with Tam. He was here last, so I thought you might know why."

"Oh. Okay." He said, looking relieved. "Ummm, I think it was something I said."

"What, specifically, did you say?"


"Oh no."

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to upset him!"

"He doesn't seem upset. He's just convinced that today is a dream and spent the last hour trying to wake himself up."

"Oh great."

"Yeah. I'm going to ask him to come here and talk to you."

"NO!" Linh looked at him strangely. "I mean, well, um, wouldn't it be better if he came over tomorrow?"


"After Tam gets some sleep he'll think that this was all a dream and forget what I told him."

"Whatever you told him must have been really bad, huh?"

"It's not bad. Just...Embarrassing." Linh was beginning to piece together what happened.

"I think it would be better if Tam remembered."

"FINE. Just don't make him come here."


-------Princess Purryfins Point Of View (Linh's Mercat, remember?)-----------

The elves were making noises again. The one who always wears black and the master were sitting on their wooden boards and squeaking. That's the problem with elves. Too much squeaking, not enough swimming. They squeaked certain noises a lot, so I have learned to recognize some of them. There meaning, though, is unclear. Here is the list of their favorite squeaks:


We're going to die

The Mercat is looking at me like it wants to kill me (Only the one who wears black says this)

I'm going to visit Wylie (Only the master says this)

I'm going to visit the healing center (The one who wears black has started saying this a lot)

The Black Swan is so annoying!

They seemed to be squeaking 'Keefe' a lot. And the master kept squeaking something like 'why don't you want to go to the healing center? I thought it was your favorite place'. Then the master laughs and the one who wears black rolls his eyes. Eventually, the one who wears black leaves and the master goes outside. Elves are so strange.

​​​​​​                        --------​Keefe's Point Of View-------

Did he seriously say that? He must be the most STUPID person on earth. Why would he tell Tam? It was obvious that Tam didn't like him. PERFECTLY OBVIOUS. And then Linh came and pieced together everything so easily, it was like he flat out said it. Either Linh was really good at reading people, Tam told her, or...No. Stop. Tam hates you. He likes Biana. Tam likes Biana. Tam likes Biana. Tam likes Biana. That was just how it was. Even if he wished it was different.

                     ------------Tam's Point Of View--------

Tam couldn't believe that Linh had talked him into this. Somehow, after a very long argument that involved a lot of snickering and teasing, Linh has convinced him into visiting the Healing Center. It was a good thing she wasn't a Beguiler, or the world would dissolve into chaos. Either way, here he was, standing outside of the all too familiar door of the Healing Center. Okay, well, maybe not too familiar. Like, just the right amount of familiar. Tam had been standing here for half an hour. He should probably go in now. If someone walked by they were going to think he was crazy. He took a deep breath and walked in.

                                                   --------Keefe's Point Of View-------

Oh no. Linh lied. 

"Keefe?" Tam asked.

"Yes?" Keefe replied, wishing he wasn't blushing so hard. 

"Linh made me come here."

"I know."

"About what you said..."

"Yeah?" Keefe asked, dreading the answer.

"I like you too," Tam blurted out.

"What??? You hate me!"

"No I don't," Tam said.

"You act like you do."

"It's hard, okay?"

"What do you mean?" Keefe asked.

"Caring about someone is hard. Every time Linh gets hurt, I get hurt too. It feels awful so I...I bury my emotions. Act like they don't exist. It's easier that way."


"Yeah. I thought you would know that, being an empath and all."

"Empaths need physical contact," Keefe said. Well, they do most of the time. Right now Tam's emotions were so strong he could feel them in the air. 

"Oh come on. I've held your hand plenty of times!"

"That was you?"

"Who did you think it was?"

"I don't know," Keefe said. He had never really considered who it was.

"Do you know how long you were in a coma? Two weeks!"

"Wow. That must be why I had so many dreams..."

"You had dreams while you were in a coma?"

"Yeah. Is that not normal?"

"Not normal at all. You should tell Elwin."

"He'll probably just ask what I dreamed about and search for a deeper meaning behind it or something."

"How do you know there isn't a deeper meaning?"

"The dreams were pretty clear," Keefe said, trying to avoid the subject of what he dreamed about.

"What did you dream about?" Tam asked. 

"Oh, different things."

"I bet it was Sophie."

"Not even close," Keefe said. Okay, technically it was kind of close, but Tam didn't need to know that!

"Are you okay?" Tam asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"You look nervous."

"I'm not nervous," Keefe said. He was actually very nervous. Something weird was going on with Tam's emotions. Suspense, Tension, and-


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Tam cracked up.


"Don't do that!" Keefe said, but he was laughing too. He grabbed a pillow and whacked Tam in the face with it.

Tam grabbed another pillow and tried to hit Keefe with it, but only succeded in tripping both of them. They landed in a heap on top of each other, laughing. Before he could think, Keefe leaned down and kissed Tam. 

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