"Happiness means making other people happy."


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Gender: Male (cisgender)
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 126 y.o.
Occupation: Exillium Physician
Ability: Empath
Face Claim/Model: Kevin Spacey
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Turquoise
Height: 5'10"



Julian used to be very close with his parents, and he still comes to visit them quite often, and they come visit him. But their relationship has grown a bit apart due to an argument between Julian and his father, but they're working on patching everything up.


Julian tries to build relationships with the Waywards he treats, but all the students seem very withdrawn and alot of them want to have nothing to do with him after they leave the healing tent.

Julian is friendly with his fellow coaches, though they secretly think of him as a wimp.


Julian loves to make people happy, and wants to spead kindness throughout the world. He enjoys following instructions and cannot function unless his workspace is perfectly neat and organized. Though he can seem like a bit of a push over sometimes, he will fight for what's right when the time comes.



Julian grew up with a working class family, learning the ins and outs of elvin buissness. He had an uncle who was an emissary, and knew right away that that just wasn't his calling. During his years at Foxfire and spending hours in the Healing Center for various reasons--may it be an injury or an illness, or just to observe Elwin work or look at his elixirs--he knew exactly what it wanted to do. He was going to become a physician.

For a few years, he worked under Elwin as a sort of apprentice before heading on to his own job. He became a well-known physician at Eternalia Hospital, and loved it so much. He loved seeing the results of the healed patients, and the happiness it brought them. He especially loved knowing he gave them that happiness. So when the Council approached him with a possibility of becoming a physician in Exillium, he was loathe to accept the position. But after hours of mental debate, he accepted, hoping to put smiles on all of the exiled childrens' faces.

Julian is an excellent healer, and is good at doing everything else that he loves. He is good at following instructions, but falters when you leave him to be creative. He is also great at dealing with people (especially children) and can calm them down when taking care of them.

Julian is 126 years old, and is an Empath.


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Julian Keyn ➳ He/Him pronouns ♠ Exillium Physician
"Happiness means making other people happy."
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