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Jennie Tara Chandler



" "There are so many things I would fix if I could turn back time."







40 y.o


Mysterium Worker




Black(but dyes it frequently) Hair

Silvery Blue Eyes Eyes


Jennie has black hair and silvery blue eyes that has silver flecks. Her model is Jennie from BlackPink.




She became humble and generous after she was exiled, and regrets lots of the stuff she did when she was young. As an introverted Beguiler, she hardly uses her ability as she developed a type of phobia of it. But in desperate moments, she will not hesitate to beguile others if what she is doing is for the good. She's also a bit insecure, constantly reminding herself that she is unworthy and deserves to be punished.

Lower Class(formerly in Nobility)

Jennie was always spoiled with gifts and candies. To her parents, it was always the best that money could buy. They were always busy with outdoor affairs and charities, they never really had time to be with her as a family. When they had time to be with her, they'd always go shopping with her. Because of the space in her heart parents didn't fill, Jennie always felt the empty hole in her heart, longing to be filled.

She disliked the emptiness she felt. She tried to find the cause. And when she couldn't, she became twisted.

When others disagreed, she bullied. When others stood up, she beat their confidence and pride to a pulp until they had no more self-esteem. No, she wasn't strong. But she always had her ways with words. She could simply use words to make someone feel bad. She could simply use words to make someone feel crushed. It was a talent she found ever since she was a toddler, and she used it to her advantage. She lied effortlessly and tricked adults into believing her words instead of her victims. She would make threats to other kids but act like an angel in front of adults. The emptiness in her heart turned her into a monster. A heartless monster. Everyone she tormented feared her. Everyone she acted nice to adored her.

When she was 7, a new girl came into her family called Irelia. Jennie was furious. Even she alone couldn't receive much attention from her mom and dad, and now she had a competition. She screamed and yelled in anger towards her parents to abandon the girl but her parents surprisingly denied. They adopted Irelia so they'd look nice to the public, and to drop her off in an orphanage just the day after? That would scorn their family's name. In a sign of apology, her mom bought Jennie 100 new dresses. But that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted her parents to see her as their daughter, not some expensive mannequin for them to embroider with jewelry. Jennie's temper grew and grew, and when she felt mad, she'd pour all her anger to the new girl, Irelia.

Years passed just like that and soon Foxfire awaited her. Irelia surprisingly got into the prestigious school and Jennie was even more jealous. Of course, she was accepted as well, but what good did it have if the other girl got in as well?

She earned everyone's attention on the first day of Foxfire. Everyone loved her "polite" and "humorous" personality. Everyone that she wanted to impress, of course. But most of those people were just "minions" of her that she would dub as "friends". She'd win their trust, and boss them around, and they'd all do the dirty work.

She was popular, but when Irelia manifested as a Telepath, things turned around a bit. Crowds that cheered for Jennie moved to Irelia. People who snickered at her begged to be her BFF. Mentors praised her instead of Jennie. And slowly, Jennie's jealousy escalated to its highest.

When changing Irelia's hair and eye color to a ridiculous type of shade, Jennie expected Irelia to get destroyed. It seemed to work, but after a few months, Irelia's confidence returned as the elixir's effect turned her hair into black and her eyes to silvery blue. Everyone was stunned by the new appearance and adored her even more. Jennie finally had enough and decided to push her into a beam of light.

She had pushed Irelia when others were looking, so a doctor was called pretty quickly. Luckily Irelia wasn't injured severely, so she was completely healed by 3 days. But now, everyone saw the horrible, manipulating side of her. Even the Council that ordered a Tribunal.

In the Tribunal, her punishment was getting exiled to Exillium. Irelia had apparently tattle-taled on the mistreatment she got from Jennie's family and had them demoted to Regents. Jennie was furious, but during her time at Exillium, she had years to reflect back on why she was in the place she was today. Why she was exiled to the school of Unworthy. Why her family was scorned by the public. Rumors spread like a deadly plague, with some saying Jennie used her ability as a Beguiler to manipulate others.

It turned out, she did lots of bad things in the past.

First came panic, then came regret, then came grief. With those 3 emotions bombarding her at once, Jennie felt terrible. The guilt was too much for her to handle, but she just barely managed to hold herself together. If her mind broke now, then she couldn't endure the punishments she deserved. By forcing her sanity to go through the misery without breaking down, Jennie spent several years stuck in Exillium.

When she graduated, she immediately visited the people she tormented and apologized. She met everyone...except for Irelia.

Out of all the elves, Jennie bullied her the most. If there was anything she couldn't do, it was begging for forgiveness. Have her go through those torturous days and then shamelessly say sorry? She couldn't do that. That was just...too much.

After apologizing to everyone, she attempted to find a job in Mysterium. Everyone she asked turned her down when they heard of her background, and Jennie remained jobless for 6 years. When a kind lady finally accepted her, Jennie worked with all her heart, never forgiving herself for the wrongs she'd done. Now she is 40 years old.

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Jennie Tara Chandler ✳ Exiled Nobility ✾ Heavy-hearted Beguiler
"There are so many things I would fix if I could turn back time."
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