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Iris(Hana) Lin Yun


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"I live see another tomorrow."



Lin Yun




29 y.o.






black Hair

Midnight Blue Eyes


Iris has deep midnight blue eyes and black hair. Her pale toned skin compliments her appearance. Her model is Tiffany Hwang.

Pavp Tiffany Hwang



She is an ambivert with an optimistic personality. She can brighten up your day with her signature eye smile. She's brave, responsible, and loyal, the 3 traits of an excellent friend. She's always humble and down-to-earth, no matter the countless compliment she receives from other elves she meet. She's always there, in her office, welcoming you and your concerns with open arms. So don't be shy, say hi! (this sounds like an advertisement XD)


Even before Iris was born, her parents were always bickering. Bickering about this, bickering about that, it seemed like bickering was as necessary as oxygen itself. They one time even bickered about whether mushrooms were better than eggplants. And when they realized a baby was about to enter the world, fighting just got worse.

Both sides had their own opinions about Iris's name. Her mother wanted Iris named Hana, which was the name of her great-great-great grandmother, who was a respected member of Nobility. Hana also meant flower and happiness, as well.

But her father wanted their daughter named Iris. Her father was a great fan of human culture and myths, especially for the Greek gods and goddesses. He even wanted their daughter as Athena but ditched the idea when Iris's mother looked like she was almost exploding with anger. But Iris was an okay name. It was the goddess of rainbow's name, who was also the messenger to the gods. Her father wanted Iris to be as colorful and dazzling as a beautiful rainbow. To symbolize rainbow after the storm.

Their argument went on for 9 months until Iris was born. They were kind of forced to pick a name for their child, and her mother had no choice but to let their daughter named as Iris. But in return, Hana became Iris's middle name and Lin, which was her family surname was passed onto Iris.

Both of Iris's family were highly respected. Both sides had a long history of housing many important and famous elves who had abilities associated with elements(hydrokinetic, flasher, guster, cryokinetic). Legends even had it that Iris's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-too many greats-grandfather worked with Orem Vacker in one of the annual eclipse festivals.

Iris's mother was a Froster while her father was a Flasher. Many elves expected great things from her ever since she was an infant, and it didn't help that Iris had a photographic memory.

It was sad to see her lose everyone's faith. People who looked up towards her stopped. People who expected great things stopped. Why? Because for the first 2 years, she did horrible on the ability detecting classes. She barely got a C and her mentor highly suggested she took extra manifesting classes after school as well. Nobody cared about her other classes. If she had all As on 9 of her classes, the world would only obsess over the 1 class she sucked at: Ability Detecting. By the end of Level 2, her mother almost kind of completely lost faith and had her practice skills in case she was sent off to Exillium. Iris was both devastated and hopeless.

Then a miracle happened(like what happens in every single character of mine XD). Near the midterms, Iris had suddenly manifested out of the blue. When she was heading for the faucet to brushing teeth and wash her hand, she felt a strong draw towards the water and suddenly, the faucet exploded, and the water flooded everywhere. She had nearly flooded her whole house by the time a rescue group arrived. Well, the house was in terrible shape, but at least she had an ability now :')

Her Ability Detecting mentor was happy to get rid of her and she had SAFS with her new hydrokinetic mentor. Her mentor complimented her skills and never stopped telling her how unique her control over water was. Iris progressed through her SAFS session rapidly and her mentor had even remarked that her control was equal to his skill. Foxfire needed to find a suitable mentor that could teach her more wonders of her ability, and Iris was thrilled to see she was finally meeting her parent's satisfaction. She did so well on all of her classes from Level 3, Foxfire allowed her to skip a grade. She graduated from the academy one year faster than her peers and sought for a secure job in the Nobility. She became an Emissary and was famous for her impressive hydrokinesis and skills. Many people loved her for her polite and optimistic attitude. She held a Winnowing Gala at the age of 18 and met a nice elf she found fitting. He was an excellent Froster and the two found each other's presence comfortable. After 5 years of knowing each other, the two married. She took after his last name, "Yun", which then resulted in her original last name "Lin" as her second middle name. Now Iris is 29 years old, working as an emissary and living in Eternalia with her husband.

(that's all...I might get a sudden light bulb in my brain and have her go through the approval process again with more stuff to add....but for now, this is it)


Iris is married to Winter Yun, a well-known Froster in Nobility.
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"I live see another tomorrow."
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