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Irelia Jaggers



"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."







27 y.o


Probe and Washer




Blackish Brown(formerly blond) Hair

Pale Silvery Blue(formerly turquoise) Eyes


Irelia had blackish brown hair that looks beautiful with her pale silvery blue eyes. Although many elves compliment her beautiful appearance, a part of her still wishes that she had her blond hair and turquoise eyes back.

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Irelia is kind and generous, but can be pretty mean at times as well. Some elves think she's a pushover because of her fragile appearance, but she's as hard a rock to persuade. She's loyal and protective, and is a bit insecure due to past experiences. Lots of people admire her for how powerful of a Telepath she is. She tends to not make many friends due to many people befriending her for her status.

Upper Class(originally lower class)

Irelia(ire-lia)'s mother and father were of the lower class, shamed and criticized upon many stuffy nobles. Her mother, who was a Talentless, married a Telepath and the two were deemed as a Bad Match by the match makers. It was horrible. Her father's name was torn off of the grand family tree of his side of the family, and he was bitter. Of course, he didn't regret marrying his wife, but he hated the world for turning against him. Why was it such a disgrace, to marry someone who was a Talentless? Why couldn't the world accept him and his decisions?

After a decade of marriage, the couple finally was expecting a baby daughter, and the two were overjoyed. For the time in in the decade, Irelia's father smiled. But when the daughter was born, something incredibly unfortunate happened.

Irelia's mother couldn't endure the pain and died while giving birth. Her father didn't want to face any more scorn than he already faced just to go to a hospital, so they decided to stay at their house for Irelia's birth. But Irelia's mother could not make it and sadly died, leaving Irelia without a mother. Her father was torn with grief. Only if he'd brought her to the hospital. Why didn't he? Just because a few negative whispers and stares? Her father was buried with guilt and sadness, his mind broke just 2 weeks after Irelia's birth. Now Irelia was an orphan. An orphan no one wanted to adopt because of her status. She stayed in the orphanage, treated like an outcast by all the others until she turned 7.

When she was 7, a miracle happened. An emissary couple called the Chandlers decided to adopt her! Irelia was both excited and nervous to meet her new family, but couldn't hide her disappointment when she faced reality.

It was only the first day of moving into her new house when she was already treated differently. The couple already had a kid of their own, and the only reason they had adopted her was to upgrade their status as "generous elves". Irelia was torn and heartbroken.

When it was time for her to attend Foxfire, her adoptive parents paid no attention to her. They didn't care whether Irelia had all the stuffs she needed for school. They were too busy taking care of their "real" kid, and one was the same age as Irelia called Jennie. Jennie Tara Chandler.

Jennie, you see was very spoiled and mean. She'd act nice to people she wanted to impress, but would turn into a demon the moment she turned around. With her mother and father spoiling her with everything and anything they could buy her, she acted like a queen. A tyrant. A bully. She'd torment Irelia every single day with terrible insults that would make her feel horrible. No wonder Irelia had little to no self-esteem.

It was only the first day of school when Jennie's popularity increased significantly. She made tons of friends and all the mentors loved her. Jennie soon used that advantage to bully Irelia. She had her friends (who are actually her minions, but sure, let's use the word "friends") spread negative rumors about Irelia and would sneak banana peels for her to slip and fall. Everyone at school were hypnotized by Jennie's lies and everyone disliked her. Except for one student called Marcus.

Marcus Pitch came from a noble family that didn't act like he came from a noble family. In fact, he despised his family and anyone who was in Nobility. He didn't fall through Jennie's malicious lies. He pitied Irelia and the two became best friends. It didn't cross out the pain of being whispered and stared by other elves, but at least it lessened the pain that came along. Then a miracle happened.

Irelia manifested as a Telepath just 7 days after Level 2 at Foxfire started, being one of the earliest manifesting elves in her grade, and in elvin record as well. Of course, she didn't beat the great and amazing Sophie Foster, but manifesting just after Level 2? That was incredible. It also was unexpected of her to break into her SAFS mentor's mind within seconds effortlessly. She tried her method on one of the Councillors who was a Telepath and she failed a couple times, but eventually broke through their shield.

Everyone was impressed. She SAFS mentor was replaced with the most powerful Telepath in the Lost Cities. Nobody dared to torment her now. The Council was supporting her and had her back, so no one dared to step across the boundaries Irelia made. Everyone, except the snobby Jennie Chandler.

Jennie didn't pull pranks as severe as the ones she pulled before, but that didn't mean her hatred towards Irelia was gone. In fact, it increased even more. She hated the fact that Irelia was getting recognition. She had manifested as a Beguiler at Level Three, but nobody seemed to be impressed. They were all admiring Irelia's potential instead. And one day, out of extreme jealousy, she and her group of minions sneaked in a permanent color changing elixir into Irelia's drink. And when she drank it, her beautiful blond hair changed into bright green and her gorgeous turquoise eyes turned into boring grey blue eyes.

Irelia was horrified. She didn't come to school for days. She visited an Elvin doctor she was close with and had therapy and treatment every day. With efforts and perseverance, her hair color went from bright green, to a grey shade, to blackish brown, after months of treatment. The color changing elixir was permanently, so she couldn't ever have her blond hair and turquoise eyes ever again. Her eyes changed from grey blue to pale silvery blue color, and everyone complimented the new look of her. Nevertheless Irelia still wanted her original colors back.

Jennie was outraged when she heard Irelia's new look. If color changing pranks weren't too severe, then she had to go with something more disastrous. Such as...pushing her towards the light when she was light leaping.

Everyone was shocked. Irelia could have had nearly faded away if she her concentration wasn't strong enough. Thanks to her being a Telepath, her mental energies and concentration were a lot more stronger than normal, so she held herself together until a medic stepped in. Jennie had pushed her when everyone was looking, so a medic was called immediately. After Irelia was treated, Jennie was ordered a Tribunal by the Council. Irelia told them about how the Chandlers treated her, and boy, the Councillors were furious. They nearly removed the Chandlers from their occupation, but Irelia pitied, so she persuaded the Councillors just to lower their status to Regents. Jennie, was sent to Exillium at Level 6, just a year from attending the Elite Levels.

After that incident, everyone's view of Jennie changed drastically. Rumors such as "Jennie the spoiled princess gets what she deserves", and some even thought Jennie used her Beguiler ability to manipulate everyone to become her minions. For a short amount of time, the Chandlers were scorned far more than the Bad Matches and multiple births were.

Irelia, on the other side, was adopted by a powerful Emissaries who both were skilled Telepaths. They took care of Irelia as if she was their own, completely opposite of the Chandlers.

Two years passed, and Irelia was on her last level of Foxfire. Everything was going smoothly until Marcus unexpectedly came to her house, asking if he could stay there for a couple days. Of course, her parents agreed and had him sleep and do whatever he was going to do in the guest room they had. After a few days he left and everything seemed normal...until the graduation.

On the day of graduation, Irelia was praised by everyone. Her peers, other prodigies, and mentors as well. It was one of the happiest days of her life. She talked with Marcus and the two decided to open their Matchmaking packets. Marcus was on her final list, and she was near the very bottom of his final list as well. The two couldn't have been more flustered or embarrassed by that, but they were too relieved that the two wouldn't be considered as Bad Matches. After 8 years of dating, the two married. Now Irelia is 27 years old, working as a Washer and Probe, with hopes of serving the Lost Cities as a Keeper one day.


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