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Note: One of the main characters from this story is named after Eva (CustardBursts). I hope you don't mind, Eva!


Synopsis: Evana Vacker (Eva) and Palmer Vacker are the children of Biana Vacker and Tam Song. Evana is a Pyrokinetic and a Vanisher, and she has very dark brown hair that is a bit longer than her chest, and piercing aquamarine eyes. Palmer is a Psionipath and has black hair with pale blue eyes.

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Chapter 1

Evana Song Vacker sighed. Being a Pyrokinetic was just so hard. No one else in her family was a Pyrokinetic, and pyrokinesis was banned anyways, so Evana didn't have anyone to teach her how to control her ability, so she tried to use it as little as possible. Luckily, she was also a Vanisher, so she would not be considered talentless.

"Hey Eva!" called her one-year older brother, Palmer, from the balcony. "Check this out!"

Evana rolled her eyes. How come Palmer got to be a Psionipath? That was an awesome ability. Couldn't she just replace Pyrokinesis with something else?

Almost as if Palmer could read his mind, he shouted:"I think it's something about your Pyrokinesis ability. Seriously, Eva, come here right now!"

Evana sighed, and went to join her brother. Palmer handed her a piece of stained tan paper, which read:

Dear Evana Vacker, we are watching you. We would really love to train your very powerful special ability, and we will find you this evening. Remember, we are watching every move you make, and if you tell your parents anything about this, you'll feel our wrath."

Evana turned the the paper around, but there was no signature whatsoever.

"Interesting, right?" her brother said, grinning.

"More like creepy..." Evana said, re-reading the note again. "But who are these people and how are they watching us right now?" She looked around, and there was only a lonely bird staring at them, perched on the fence.

“Hey Eva and Palmer!!!” called their dad, Tam, from downstairs. “You’re going to be late for school!”

They both walked to the leapmaster, shouted “Foxfire!”, and arrived at their school. Evana was greeted by her all-time best friend, Zelda Foster Sencen, and they both went off to Alchemy, Evana’s second favorite class. Evana has gotten a full score on almost every single class, but Zelda struggled in Alchemy, like her mother, Sophie.

School went well, and Evana and Palmer met each other at the front door.

“Um, Eva, I want to go with to my friend’s house right now, so I’ll meet you a few hours later!” said Palmer as he whisked off with his friend.

Evana shouted her home name, and stepped into the beam of light. But when she looked around at her surroundings, she couldn’t recognize them.

Did I go crazy or something? Evana thought. She squinted at the distant sign, then gasped. She definitely did not go crazy. This was definitely not her house area. And wherever it was, staying at this place was not a good idea.

Chapter 2

Palmer stepped into the beam of light and arrived home.

“Eva!!!” he called. “Do you wanna practice Telekinesis?”

There was no response. Palmer frowned, and rushed over to his mother, Biana, and asked:

“Hey mom, did Eva ever come back?”

Biana shook her head. “Not that I know of. Maybe you could ask Dad?”

Palmer ran to Tam’s room, and panted, “Have you seen Eva after school today?”

Tam responded. “No. Why? Where is she?”

Palmer’s eyes widened. He worried too much, but this was about his sister. Where in the world was she? Palmer went over to the balcony and peered out. He noticed the same lonely bird watching him from the morning. He frowned when he saw a note in the bird’s claw. Palmer rushed over to it and teared the note out of the bird’s claws. It read:

Hello, Palmer Vacker. We know that you are worrying about your sister, and we can show you where she is. Tomorrow, arrive at Foxfire at 4:30 AM. Try not to let anyone notice you.

Again, no signature. Palmer thought for a while, then tucked the note into his pocket.

Palmer yawned. It was almost 4:15. Palmer got out of bed, stretched, threw on his clothes, and rushed over to the leapmaster without combing his hair.

“Foxfire,” he said quietly so his parents wouldn’t hear him, and he stepped into the beam of light.

When he arrived at his school, the sky was still dark and he immediately spotted a man that his parents knew way too well.


Fintan was the leader of the Neverseen, which was a group against his parents and their friends. Palmer’s heartbeat accelerated when Fintan also noticed him, and he turned around and smiled at Palmer.

“So, you are Evana’s brother, Palmer, aren’t you?” he rasped, smiling again.

Palmer nodded, not able to speak. His expression was of pure horror, and his mind raced. What did Fintan do to Eva? Is she okay? Where is she? What is going on? He even thought of creating a force field around himself, but that would just make it worse.

“Well,” said Fintan. “If you want to be with your sister, then you will have to become a Pyrokinetic, in which case, I can make you one.”

Palmer’s eyes widened. “Are you saying that you have a prejudice against other abilities?”

Fintan ignored him. “Yes or no?” he said, pressing his fingers against Palmer’s temples.

Palmer was able to nod the slightest bit, and a second later his head was burning with agony, and another second later, bits of fire were crawling up his sleeves. Palmer was speechless and in awe.

“Well, we can’t wait here forever,” mused Fintan as he grabbed Palmer’s hand, and together, they light leaped away from Foxfire.

Chapter 3

The sign read:

The Pyrokinetics secret club. Only Pyrokinetics allowed. NO OUTSIDERS.

Evana frowned, and she suddenly remembered the note she got in the morning. We will find you this evening.

Right when she started to turn back, a blond haired boy with ice blue eyes stepped out from the shadows.

“Are you Evana Vacker?”

Evana stopped in her tracks. “How d-d-did you - N-n-o, I’m not Evana V-vacker.” She hated herself when she stuttered so much.

The boy laughed. “I’m an Empath, you know, so I can tell that you are lying. Come with me, Eva.” Evana had no choice but to follow him on the winding path into a gate. Every once in a while, Evana couldn’t help but notice that the boy was incredibly cute. Finally, when they reached a tall building with Ruby embellishments, the boy stopped and introduced everything.

“Hello, Evana, my name is Max Sencen. I’m an Empath, a Shade, and a Pyrokinetic. Welcome to the Pyrokinesis secret club, and here, you will be learning how to control your ability and make use of it. This is a secret club because Pyrokinesis is banned, but we want to rebel against that law.”

Evana thought. Imagine how I’ll be valued in this club. Imagine all the power I’ll have with all that training. Imagine how much time I will get to spend with Max. She waved that last thought away. “Um...okay, take me to the secret club.”

Max smiled, nodded, and offered his hand. Evana gratefully took it and they walked into the ruby building.


Evana gasped. There were jeweled embellishments everywhere, and all of them reminded her of Pyrokinesis. Max led her into a room, and inside that room was a figure with a black cloak. At first, Evana couldn’t recognize him, because all of his facial features were so scarred that it took her several seconds to recognize Brant. He turned toward her, smiling.

“And I take it that this is Evana Vacker?” he inquired.

“Yes, sir,” Max answered, and added: “I can already feel in her emotions that she is a very strong Pyrokinetic.”

“I hope so,” sighed Brant. “Now Max, proceed with your mission.” Evana frowned. “What is your mission, Max?”

Max winced. “I’m...not really supposed to tell you, and I wish I could, but you don’t know the consequences. Please.” He smiled sympathetically, and Evana sighed. She was probably too curious. Now did Max hate her? She hoped not.

“Okay, then, Eva, now we will start our entrance exam to see your real pyrokinesis level. Come with me,” said Brant as he walked out the door.

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