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Prologue: Light and Bright

I wish my life were a puzzle, and that everything would eventually fit together. They say every day is a new adventure, but being average in practically every way possible makes life as a whole quite dull.

I have a crush on the girl everybody else crushes on. My grades are not all that outstanding, and neither are they horrendous. Others in my grade don’t really see me, and I have no real desire to see them. My parents hardly have any time for me, and all my siblings are already working adults. At this point, I’ve lost all sense of emotion.

As a result, I’ve never quite understood what it means to have an interest or passion. Everybody around me seems to be quite set on their paths as elves in level six at Foxfire, whereas I... have no idea where I want to end up. Going into the elite levels, it makes me question my very presence at this place, a school that brags about its bright and unique alumni. 

And you know what? I’m not really ready for change.

Chapter One: XxxLunaSilverxxX

I guess the one advantage to being completely average is that you don't get crowded by swarms of people everyday. I hate attention, and seeing people getting it makes me think, Darn, how do they stand it? And it is that one thing that doesn't allow me to actually talk to my crush in the hallway, usually. But today I did.

Nova Foster. The, possibly most beautiful, amazing, girl ever. The one everyone has a crush on. And... my best friend. Her mother's the famous Sophie Foster, so she's basically royalty. She gets crowded by people everyday, so it's a miracle for her to be able to spend time with me.

"Sylvia!" She calls beckoning me over. Yes, I'm a girl, she's a girl, what's the big deal? We can marry whoever we want now. My mother has told me stories about when she was little, they had to pick who they had to marry from a list. It's absurd, really.

"Sylvia!" Nova calls again, breaking my train of thought. She rolls her eyes, and scolds, "Don't do that again."

"Do what?" I ask, semi-innocently.

"That thing! Where you think about your life like it's a book and not pay attention to real, live, people."

I sigh. "Old habits die hard."

Nova tosses her long blond hair over her shoulder. "Fine. Ya know, we're gonna be late to class, and it's Telepathy for me! I know you wanted to walk together, but I'll never become a probe if I don't get to lessons!"

The words stung. Everyone has their life all planned out, but I don't. I just want to stay a Level Six forever, doing unworrying things. But I know that's not possible. In two years, I'll be out in the real world, doing real world things, and... I'm not ready.

And on that happy note, I stalk to class, hoping to soak up my childhood while it lasts. While I still get to be normal. But deep down, I know that even now, I don't fit in this school. I have doubts about it. About how useful it truly is. But I'll settle for it for now.

Because, like I said, I not really ready for change.

(Sorry this was short)


Nova Foster's POV

I waved to Sylvia before I started walking to my Elvin History session with Lady Liana. I swear Lady Liana is out to get me. My dad always told me to never trust teachers. Some of them are pure evil. For once I had to agree with him. Then again, my dad never had luck with his teachers. It probably had to do with the fact that he was always pranking them. Poor Dad, one even had a crush on him!

I sighed as I smashed into a fellow student. Why did I have to inherit my mother's clumsiness?

"I am so sorry," I apologized as I helped the boy up.

He smiled, "It's fine." I looked at him with interest. He had dark hair with shinning white teeth and beautiful teal eyes. Obviously, he was a Vacker. My mother always warned me about Vackers and their teal eyes. They put you in a trance that never ends.

"Hello?" the boy said teasingly, waving his hand in front of my face. I turned red.

"Sorry, I guess I zoned out," I said with a sheepish grin.

He chuckled, "I get that a lot." The boy straightened his cape and ran his hand through his hair. " I have to be going. Telepathy session."

I smiled at the handsome, I mean dark haired boy. "I've got Elvin History."

"Good luck," he said, starting to walk away. He turned and faced me. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Nova. Nova Foster," I told him, suddenly getting shy.

The boy flashed a beautiful smile, "I'm Gideon Vacker." And with that, he left the hall. I sighed dreamily. There was no way I'd be able to concentrate in Elvin History today.

(Sorry it was short!)

Chapter Three: Tiana4ever

Gideon POV: That girl. Nova was it? She was pretty. Really pretty. If she was my girlfriend, every boy in school would be so jealous of me. I had to get her to be mine. I'd ask my dad for advice on how to get the pretty girls to like you after school. He was awesome at that when he was a kid. After telepathy, which I'm awesome at because I'm a Vacker, we had study hall. I looked for Nova, because Dad's advice could wait, and found her sitting at a table with another girl. I walked over and slid between the girls. "Hey Noooova." I drew the name out, and winked at her. She looked up, saw me and blushed. Score! She didn't seem to notice the hurt look on her friend's face as she said, "H-hi Gideon. What's up?" Here goes nothing. I put on my signature smile, which Dad said it was even better than his was. "Oh...nothing much, I was just looking for a friend to sit with in study hall." She seemed to like that, so I kept going. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't sit alone. It would be impolite of me leave you." I winked. Nova's friend cleared her throat. "She wasn't alone. I'm with her, so you can go." She glared at me. "Oh Sylvia, he can sit here. It's fine." She turned to me and blushed a bit as she said, "I don't mind at all." Sylvia? I could already tell that girl would be a nuisance . How could I win Nova's heart of her friend was going to see through my act? I'd have to get rid of her somehow. Good thing getting friends to turn against each other is my specialty. "Hey Nova, wanna come over to my house after school?" I asked casually . "Uh, sure! Let me ask my mom." She closed her eyes, clearly having a telepathic conversation. After a moment, with Sylvia glaring daggers at me the whole time, Nova's eyes popped open. "Mom says it's fine!" She smiled at me shyly. Heh, this girl was going to be so easy to play!

Sylvia POV:

I'm an empath. And Gideon was touching my leg with his as he sat down between me and my best friend. This guy is trouble! I wanted to tell Nova. He's playing you! I wanted to let her know. But with him right here? With my luck, he's the son of an Emmisary. I rolled my eyes. I had to get him away from Nova before he poisons her against me. But how?

Chapter Four: DressChimera241

Nova’s POV:

After school, I met up with Gideon to go home with him. I felt my heart flutter as we made eye contact across the hall, and I sprinted to catch up with him.

“Hey…” I said, inwardly cringing at how awkward I sounded. 

“Hey!” he replied, waving. “Ready to go?” I nodded, too embarrassed to say anything more. Luckily, he didn’t seem to notice me blushing, and we walked the rest of the way to the Leapmaster in silence. Just as we were about to leap, something caught the corner of my eye. It was Sylvia. She looked sad, lonely. Conflicted, I couldn’t decide whether or not to go over and talk to her. She was my best friend after all. But Gideon… With his teal eyes and perfect smile, I didn’t know if I could say no to him.


“Yeah?” he said, looking over at me. “What is it?” I fumbled for the right words.

“My friend, Sylvia, you know her right? Well, she kind of looks like she needs my help, but I wouldn’t want to be rude and just leave without asking, so I was wondering if it was okay with you if I bounced today.” I fidgeted with my sleeve, waiting for his response. 

“C’mon, Nova, I’m sure she’s fine. If she’s really your best friend, then she wouldn’t mind you going to hang out with some cute boy for a day.” Gideon winked as he said the last few words, making my heart skip a beat. WIth one last look at Sylvia, I let Gideon pull me into the light, and away to his house.

Sylvia’s POV:

I watched Gideon and Nova laugh, already close friends. Was that all it took for her to forget me. As her best friend, I had already heard countless stories about Gideon, and I knew that she really did like him. But I couldn’t trust him. Whatever he was planning, I had to stop it, before Nova and I grew even further apart, and I lost my only chance at love. Determined, I gritted my teeth, fighting the overwhelming feeling of despair with a wave of anger, knowing I had to do something, and fast. But what?

Chapter Five: Starshade4

Nova's POV:

Gideon's house was like a glittering castle. It was even bigger than my house. "Welcome to Mountville!" Gideon said to me while leading me into his house. I was busy admiring the glittering halls of Mountville when i bumped into an adult with teal eyes. "S-sorry" I quickly said. That adult broke into a smile and said it okay, he then told us he had to rush off to do something. I assumed that was Gideon's father, when i asked him, Gideon told me that was Fitz Vacker.

Fitz's POV:

I looked back at the girl who just bumped into me. That must be Sophie and Keefe's daughter. She had the same brown eyes like her mother. I saw her laughing with my son, Gideon. I remember me failing to win Sophie's heart and she ended up marrying my best friend Keefe. Maybe my son can can do it and win Sophie's daughter heart over.

Sylvia's POV:

I had to do something to get Nova away from Gideon. I was pacing in my room, thinking. I must do something that is so humilating for Gideon that Nova won't see him as that pretty perfect boy. I finally got it! It was the most brilliant and awesome plan, it was something even Nova's father, Keefe had not done before.

Chapter Six: Mallowmelt

Sylvia POV:

I paced around my room furiously. I have to do it. But I couldn't do it. Nova's my best friend. No matter how much Gideon got on my nerves. I can't do that to her.

I plopped down on my bed, heaving a shuddering sigh. A few tears leaked out of my eyes. Why did relationships have to be so hard?

There was a slight knock on the door before I heard a creak and saw my mom come in. "Hi honey," she said. "I came to tell you that dinner's ready, but it looks like maybe you need to talk?"

I nodded. "Please Mom." And then I told her everything.

"Well," she said when I finished. "I might have an idea for you."

Nova POV:

"Thanks Gideon," I said as he walked me out the door. "I'll see you in school tomorrow?"

He smiled and nodded. "Thanks for coming. I'll see you tomorrow!"

I held up my home crystal to the light and waved as I glittered away.

After I got home and ate dinner, I went straight up to my room to hail Sylvia. There were tearstains on her cheeks when she answered.

"Hey Syl," I said softly. "You okay?"

She shook her head slowly. "Not really."

I frowned. I knew something was wrong. "Anything I could do?"

She shook her head sadly. "No. Not really. It's just... It's too big." Another tear slipped out and rolled down her cheek. "I'm sorry."

And she hung up.

I felt my heart squeeze. What was happening to us?

Chapter Seven: Moonlark18

Slyvia’s POV

When I ended the call with Nova last night I felt guilty for a second. We were best friends, and I should be able tell her how I feel about Gideon. But then I remember how she looked at him at Foxfire yesterday, lost in his teal eyes, and realized she would probably think I’m being absurd and I was just jealous that she had gone over to someone else's house other than mine. She would never think that this teal eyed, handsome, boy was trying to play her! She was just so naive at times! That is why I need to show her that he is not the perfect boy she thinks he is. That is why I came up with the brilliant plan to show her. But then how would she feel towards me? If I went through with my plan would I hurt her? 

“Slyvia! What are you doing? You need to leap to school! Or you’ll be late!” my mom yelled.

Oh man! I had totally been lost in my thoughts and forgotten about school!

“Coming mom!”


I leaped to Foxfire and immediately started walking to my first class. I didn’t want to see Nova today. Especially if she was with the Vacker boy. 

Nova’s POV

What was happening? First a teal eyed boy invites me to his house. And then my best friend doesn’t talk to me. 

I need to figure out what is happening with Nova. Is she jealous of how I went to Gideon’s house? Yesterday she didn’t seem to like him that much. 

I pondered this as I walked the halls of Foxfire to my first class of the day. I was apart ot round the corner and head into my class when I heard someone call my name.


I turned and was thrilled to see Gideon.

“Hi!” GIdeon said when he caught up to me. 


“What’s your first class?” he asked

“The Universe. What about you?”

“ I have Alchemy. But I don’t really want to go. How about we ditch together?” Gideon said looking at me with puppy eyes.

“I don’t really ditch. That’s against the rules.”

“Aww, come on, Nova. It’s one class, and we can hang out and talk. It’ll be fun.”

What was I going to do? Ditch class, which could get me in trouble. But if I ditched it I could hang out with Gideon. And what if i said no and he mocked me for being a goody two shoes? Ugh! What was I going to do?
(sorry if it's a bit long!)

Chapter Eight: SoKeefe Rules!

Slyvia's POV

I quickly slipped into my Empathy lesson. I had Lady Karissa as my mentor and I loved her. She was my favorite teacher. She had the most fun games to practice my empathy skills and sometimes I feel like she's more of my aunt than my mentor. She also doesn't leave you for a guy who has bad intentions. That thought ran around my head, over and over again.

"Um, hello? Slyvia?" a voice asked, pulling me out of my trance.

I blinked out of it and looked up to see Lady Karissa staring at me, a concerned look on her face.

"Is everything alright, dear?" she asked.

I quickly nodded and ran to my seat, preparing myself for her lesson.

Gideon's POV

I really wanted to invite Nova over again today, but then, of course, I have to take things slow. I wouldn't want her to be creeped out by me. So I settled on asking her to ditch class with me. Maybe take her to the mentors' secret cafeteria that basically no one knows about except me and a few of my friends. And Nova's parents of course. You can bribe a girl with mallowmelt right?

So, as soon as I spotted Nova arrive, I dashed over to her, the most amazing smile on my face. Which I got from my dad of course. I ran over to her, quickly studying her. She seemed to be lost in thought about something. Heh, she's probably daydreaming about me. I called her name and she quickly snapped out of it. I grinned.

"What's your first class?" I asked her, hoping it would be something boring.

"The Universe." She told me. "What about you?"

"I have alchemy. But I don’t really want to go. How about we ditch together?” I tried to put on my best puppy eyes. She didn't seem too happy about it.

“I don’t really ditch. That’s against the rules.”

I tried to hide my disappointment. “Aww, come on, Nova. It’s one class, and we can hang out and talk. It’ll be fun.” I stared at her, hoping for her to say yes. She finally gave me a small nod and I grinned. I hooked my arm with hers and led her down the hallway to the cafeteria.

Nova's POV

As Gideon dragged me down the hall, I wondered if I should regret my decision. My dad used to ditch all the time. He always tells me that school is not school unless you ditch class at least a few times. My mom disagrees. I think I've gotten my mom's school loving personality. I wonder if I should appreciate that. I'm lost in my thoughts when I notice that Gideon is just standing there, looking very hungry. I look around too, to see heaps of mallowmelt, ripplefluffs, custard bursts, and tons of more food laying on tables. I stared at Gideon in shock. "W-What is this place?" I asked him.

He stared at me, slight amusement in his eyes. "It's a shame your dad never told you about this place."

"My dad?"

He nodded. "My dad told me that your dad used to raid this place when he went to school."

I just stood there, wondering why my dad never told me. He's gonna get a serious talking-to about this from me. "Let's eat!" I exclaim and ran off to eat some sweets.

Chapter Nine: Hermabeth Foster

Sylvia's POV

As I sat in Lady Karissa's class, I found myself lost in thought many times as I thought about Nova, and Gideon. Gideon was probably the perfect guy for Nova. They were both attractive, and could probably rule the school together. But, there was something nagging at me in the back of my mind. He seemed off. He didn't have good intentions. He meant to do something, to hurt her somehow. But I didn't know how. Should I go through with my plan? Was it too late?

"Sylvia? Sylvia!" I snapped out of my daze, to see a concerned look from Lady Karissa. "Is everything okay? You've been spacing out quite a lot."
"Sorry, Lady Karissa, I'm fine. I just have something on my mind."
Lady Karissa sighed, no doubt dealing with students like this all the time. "Well, alright. If you need to talk, I'm open."

Nova's POV

It was probably for the best that I skipped class. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have seen this place, these stockpiles of food. Besides, spending time with Gideon wasn't all that bad. I can see why he was so popular. He was kind and charming, while also friendly and charismatic. And his teal blue eyes could make any girl start swooning.


"What?" He instantly snapped to attention, as if I was his number one priority. Maybe I was.

"Um, well, thanks. I really appreciate it, you, well, bringing me here, and everything..."

"No problem. I don't see why I wouldn't." He smiled. I smiled back. Maybe Gideon and I could really become something. A...couple? No, that was just wishful thinking. Besides, I'm sure he did this to every girl he met. Right?

Gideon's POV

Nova looked happy, making sure to devour as much food as she could. I knew that if I continued this, she might really start to fall for me. In fact, I believed she already had. She swooned just like any other girl, and sooner or later, I'd have her wrapped around my finger. 

I actually really liked her, though. She was pretty, smart, friendly, the works. I was positive that she liked me, and I liked her. We were the perfect match. We could rule the school together. With me, she'd become super popular. She'd be liked. Admired, even. All I had to do was continue talking to her, continue becoming her friend, and our relationship would develop from there. 

Too bad I already had a girlfriend.

Chapter Ten: Lady Sassyfur

Nova’s POV

I observed Gideon from head to toe, his bright smile big and dazzling like always. His eyes almost closed when he smiled, and he looked so genuine, so happy. I’d be lying if I said my breath didn’t hitch… I silently cursed myself. Already? I just met him, really. Why do I feel this way?

Gideon must have noticed my odd internal struggle, because he put down his butterblast gingerly and leaned closer to my face. I knew how red it had to be—it was on fire. I probably had a loose eyelash or smeared makeup or something, or even worse: he could’ve started to catch on to my…feelings. If I could call them that? Gah, so confusing. I’d almost laughed it off until I realized how close he actually was. His hair swoop thing I’d only seen in mom’s human mangas was real and just as beautiful. My heart was beating way too fast.

He glanced down at my lips, and I thought briefly, isn’t this too quick?

But at the last second, he brought a gentle finger up to my chin and wiped off a crumb. And then I died of course. How embarrassing to have a maybe-just-a-tiny-bit-but-not really insanely handsome boy notice a crumb on your chin…it didn’t sound romantic at all. And yet I felt the air around me had heated with me and the tension was as high as my hopes. Maybe I really was special…? Maybe he actually…hush now, don’t jinx it. Of course, he doesn’t. The hopeless romantic in me was too wild right now. I leaned back for cool air and took a big gulp of lushberry juice.

“Um. So.” I inhaled deeply.

Gideon seemed almost amused. Was this funny? Was I funny? “Sorry about that. I couldn’t stop myself. I’m a perfectionist.”

My eyes widened with understanding. “Me too! I hate it when anything doesn’t look right…” I realized what he was saying and buried my face into my sleeves. “Ugh, sorry about that…”

Gideon charmingly smiled through the knitwear I was peeking out of. “Don’t worry, Nova. You’re already perfect.”

That was when his sounded imparter with chime music, sounding as good as the music the Songs produced. He pulled it out of his pocket, and there, illuminated on the screen:


Sylvia’s POV

I still hadn’t seen Nova since I called her the night before. I was probably too harsh in hindsight... she just wanted to know if I was okay. Which would’ve given me flutters if I weren’t so twisted in my wishes and fantasies... Gideon clearly liked her. So, I shouldn’t interfere with that. I wanted my best friend to be happy, after all. Even if it hurt. Very, very bad.

When I went to my next class, I couldn’t find Nova anywhere. We had the same class. So maybe we could walk together in the hallway, clear something up... but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Not her locker, not the bathroom, and not in class either. I was a minute late to class—but Nova wasn’t there at all. There was no way that was normal. Nova was punctual, a rule follower, and took her studies too seriously to have done something like this. Nova hadn’t dreamed of ditching in her life.

I stood up, and Sir Pett looked at me with steely eyes. I glanced anxiously at the door. “Sir?”


“...may I go to the restroom?” I cringed at his face.

He sighed and rubbed his temples. “Look, Sylvia, you know that—”

“I do, but you don’t want wet seats, sir,” I interrupted while the whole classroom erupted in laughter. Heat crept up my neck, but I fought it back down. Dad would be proud, I was sure. Sir Pett was definitely not.

“Sylvia,” he began sternly, but I’d already waved and made a run for it out the door. Gideon... Gideon wasn’t in my class, either. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions, but I was already booking it down the halls. Too late now.

I didn’t really want to believe it, but deeper down I knew I wanted it to be true. And I knew that it was true. I wasn’t going to let Gideon take away the Nova I loved.

(Sorry ‘bout that. I know, it was a tad dramatic.)

Chapter Eleven: Light and Bright

Part 1

Nova’s POV

There were... hearts. “Who... is Ammaline?” I attempted to ask camly, but the hitch in my voice gave away my true emotions.

“She’s a friend of mine from alchemy,” he said, coolly. But I already knew that something was off. He wouldn’t have hearts around her name if she was just a friend... would he?

“Oh...” I said, trailing off, unsure of what to say. But for once, enough courage built up in me to ask: “Why do you have hearts around her name?”

“Well ok, she’s a little more than a friend,” he admitted, “she’s my girlfriend.”

That one statement was enough to make the room so silent that even if an imp scampered across, its footsteps would be heard loud and clear. Suddenly, the walls seemed dull, and the view outside through the window seemed black-and-white. The lushberry juice I had been sipping tasted flavorless, like all of the sugar inside had been sucked out and thrown into the garbage can. Like how everything Gideon had done for me just seemed so... fake.

But hey, maybe it was my fault for getting my hopes too high. Maybe I misinterpreted everything he’d said and done, and it wasn’t him. Was it me? Was it wrong to be mad at him if it could all just be my own fantasy I trapped myself into, not noticing any signs of something different?

Gideon must have noticed my change in demeanor, for he said, “But when I set my eyes on you... it just felt like the rest of the world didn’t matter anymore.”

Mouth agape, I was about to say something about his utter disrespect towards Ammaline, but it turned out that somebody else shared my opinion.

“Well of course the world didn’t matter to you; it never did, it never does, and it never will.”

Sylvia’s POV

Running really takes a toll on you, especially when you’re not looking where you're going. I ended up tripping over a small, insignificant rock that somehow made its way inside Foxfire’s mostly-clean buildings. Crashing to the cold, hard floor, the tears of pain and sheer sorrow rolled down my cheeks. What was happening to me? Just a couple days ago I was the most average kid at Foxfire with a crush on my best friend... and now? I was caught in a web of fractured bits and pieces that I had no idea how to piece together the right way, with a boy who randomly swooped in, changing a once strong friendship to a wavering one.

What was wrong with me? Was I not enough? Was I not a good enough friend to Nova? Does she hate me now? Turning over, I opened my mouth for a guttural scream from my diaphragm, but... nothing came out. Breathing heavily on the pristine floor, I looked up at the high ceiling, which seemed to be getting closer and closer by the second. Maybe that’s what I had done. I was too imposing and pushy. I was the one who was trying to be seen, to be noticed, but perhaps it was too much.

“Hey... are you okay?” a voice said. It seemed to be a female voice from the ceiling, but I could not make out who it was.

“I-I’m fine,” I said, choking out my response. My voice had gotten quite crackly from the sobbing, but oh well.

“If I’m being honest, you definitely don’t look okay,” the voice said.

“I don’t know anymore,” I said, “One moment everything was normal, and the next, this boy swoops in and wins over my best friend, and she completely forgets about me!” I really sounded like a whiny 5-year-old at that point, but I didn’t care. I needed to let it all out–and badly.

“Well, I don’t know anything about your situation, but I can empathize. My boyfriend, Gideon, seems to have met this new girl and simply forgot all about me.”

My mind whirred, the gears turning at the speed of light. Gideon... did Gideon already have a girlfriend? No, it couldn’t be. But the thought at the forefront of it all was my first thought as he brushed against me: “This guy is trouble.”

“Do you mean Gideon as in... Gideon Vacker?”

“Yeah, why?” she asked, perplexed.

“Why are you out here when you should be in class?” I said. And then it clicked. She was waiting for Gideon. This girl normally ditched with him, but today he had taken Nova and left his girlfriend all alone in the halls. “Where were you planning on going?” I asked, eyes wide with curiosity and concern.

“To the mentors’ secret cafeteria. Again, why?”

“No time for small questions, we’re on the hunt for the real answers. Lead the way.” She seemed confused, but nonetheless, she obliged. The way our stories seemed to connect had probably clicked in her brain as well, for her expression was that of steely determination. My very own tears had vanished, as I was ready for the poor girl next to me and my best friend, Nova Foster. All that lay before the two of us was the truth, and that had to come straight from the horse's mouth.

When we reached, I could see through the open door and hear everything as clear as a bell. We got to hear a lot from our dear horse, alright. And that’s when the girl who had found me, who I now knew was Ammaline, said, “Well of course the world didn’t matter to you; it never did, it never does, and it never will.”

Part 2

Gideon’s POV

“Why hello… Ammaline,” I said, drawing her name out. Girls were such sickening people. Always interfering and wanting to know more? Couldn’t I just do what I wanted to do?

“Do you really think you can just do what you want?” she said, as if reading my mind. Well, my response was quite obvious.

“Of course, Ammaline. I’m a Vacker, so there are tons of things I can do without repercussions. You can either...” I paused, stepping closer to her. Then, reducing my voice to a whisper, “Take it and boost your status, or leave it and have me ruin your family’s name. You do remember what your father did, right? It’s thanks to me that your situation didn’t get out.” Shooting her a satisfied look, I felt pleased with myself. There was no way she could do anything about that.

But of course, there were two others in the room. “You know what, Gideon? I quite frankly, don’t care what her father did. But whatever you’re doing right now is far worse. Manipulating girls for your own disgusting sense of pleasure? Far worse than anything else I can imagine!”

Oh, so Nova thought she could spring into my conversation. Not happening. “Nova, I–”

“Nova. I. Nothing. Because there’s no reason for why you did what you did. You do realize that Nova’s family has quite a name themselves, right? She’s a Foster, for crying out loud! Far better than the Vacker name, though it has not been around for as long. But she doesn’t go around flaunting it about like you do. Heck, she even made friends… with me. The most average girl in Foxfire.”

Nova’s POV

I was quite shocked at what Sylvia said. Did she really think she was average? And Ammaline’s arrival was quite eye-opening, and I’m honestly glad that she came.

“Gideon. Get. Out.” When he didn’t listen, and kept staring at me with his sickening teal eyes, I said, “OUT!” He obliged, looking a little meek, but that look still hadn’t been wiped off of his face. Unfortunately, now was not the time to deal with him.

“I think I should go too. Learning… is important for your future!” Ammaline said, laughing a bit, though it was clear that she wanted to just leave us alone to talk it out. Poor girl, she must be going through so much right now.

But before I could say a word to Sylvia, I was tackled with a big hug. “I missed you,” she said, sobbing uncontrollably.

“And you!” I said angrily, remembering what Sylvia had said earlier. For a moment, fear flashed across her indigo-blue eyes, and I felt a pang of pain. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it that harshly. “Do you really think that you’re that average?”

“I don’t know, Nova. It just seems as though the world keeps moving on around me. I want to stay a 6th year in Foxfire forever, you know? It’s so nice here. But everyone seems to want things for their future in life: like you want to be a probe! I don’t want to move on. I have no idea what I want to do in life! I have average grades, nothing special, have a crush on the girl everybody else crushes on–” she stopped herself.

“You… never told me…” I felt a bit hurt that she hadn’t told me her crush, but then I caught a word. “The girl that everyone else crushes on.”

“Yeah, because… it’s you, Nova,” she said, looking down, almost as if she was ashamed of herself. I won’t lie, it was awkward, but… she didn’t do anything wrong, and she was still my best friend.

“While I don’t feel the same way… there’s nothing to be ashamed of.” I looked down and wiped the tears pouring out of her eyes. “No matter what, we are a team. And your team members need to know what’s going on. I guess we both should have communicated better… I shouldn’t have pushed you away just because of Gideon.”

“And I should have told you. Well I guess we’re now all a little less...”


“Yeah. Innocent.”

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