Chapter 1

Sophie sat underneath Calla’s Panakes tree, thinking about what had gone on.

Keefe is in a coma, Lady Gisela got away, Glimmer is with us.


Alicorns. Sophie transmitted back; Keefe is hurt, but he will get better.

KEEFE' 'HURT? Yea 'he is. BAD PEOPLE? Yea it was them

HATE, HATE, HATE!!! "I hate the Neverseen too Silveny. Silveny's voice changed from angry to worried. KEEFE GET BETTER? Yea Silveny he will. With that in her mind, Silveny walked off to keep grazing, with the knowledge that Keefe was safe, while Sophie felt bad. “He will get better,” she whispered.

Sophie felt like telling herself that right about now.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Councillor Lying Pants light leap into Havenfield. She was holding the Cache. Sophie also noticed that she was not wearing her circlet, almost as though she was trying to say I’m not a Councillor right now. Looking right at Sophie she said, “Are you ready?” “Are you?” Oralie avoided Sophie's gaze now. “ I don’t know. Yet. But either way is Dex here yet?” Sophie looked at Oralie confused before she realized all of a sudden; A CACHE! Of course, we need a technopath! “I’ll hail him now,” Sophie said.

When Dex leaped to Havenfeild, Sophie felt excited! They were finally about to learn the secrets of the Cache. Dex looked confused when he first walked towards them, but when he saw the Cache, he understood. “ Can I see the Cache?” Dex said while looking at it. Oralie passed it to him, and he continued to further look at it. Then he started to mutter techy stuff and messing with the Cache. 

After 467 seconds, he looked up at Sophie. “ Can you enhance me for this last part?” “Of course,” Sophie said. It felt good as they held hands, to have Dex treat her like she was a friend, not any of this weird I like you, Do you like me thing. After another 152 seconds, Dex looked up. He did not look happy. “ There is a problem. In order to open a Cache…” “ You need the DNA of all the Councillors.

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