Sophie climbed out of bed. She rubbed her eyes groggily and checked the time. 7:00 AM, she had woken up late.


"What is it now?" Edaline mumbled from a couple doors down.

"It's 7:00, time to go visit Keefe, and see if he's awake!" Sophie felt something in her flutter, but she dismissed it with a wave of her hand.

"Why do you have to see that boy?" Grady asked.

"Because, he's my friend, and my friends are important to me Dad!" Sometimes in more ways than one. Piped that annoying voice in her head.

"Ugh, we'll light leap at 10:00 o' clock, or-"

"I could take Sophie there now!" Sandor squeak-talked.

"Sandor! Why would you suggest such a thing! I thought you were loyal to me!"Sophie could almost hear Grady's frown.

"Uh, she is my charge, and you aren't." Sandor pointed out.

”Wow. Guys please! Stop the arguing!” Sophie rolled her eyes and under her breath said: Sometimes I am more mature than grown- ups.

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