Sophie Pov.

Chapter One

It was a beautiful day, but Sophie couldn’t think about that. All she could think about was the handsome, blond haired boy next to her. Handsome? thought Sophie. Since when did she think like that? She was just thinking about that when she saw him blink.

She thought she was dreaming, when Keefe suddenly was awake. She was so relieved, that she started crying. 

“Miss me, Foster? I totally Fostered it, am I right? Honestly I thought more people would be here when I woke up, but I guess they are all getting the surprise party ready for me. Right, Gigantor?” , Keefe said flashing his trademark smirk.

“KEEFE SENCEN! How dare you joke about this!” Sophie said through tears.

Elwin came in before Keefe could respond. He spotted Keefe and instantly started giving him elixirs. After Keefe assured him multiple times that he was fine, Elwin left the room.

“How long was I in a coma for?” , Keefe asked quietly, almost like he was scared for an answer.

Sophie took a long, shaky breath before whispering, “About a week and a half.”

Keefe slowly sat up and patted a spot on his cot, “ Come here, Miss F.”

It took all self-control Sophie had to not run over there. When she sat, she hugged Keefe with all her might. Though, she might have hugged a little tight because Keefe wheezed, “Geez, you would think that Foster would let me breathe after all I have been through, but I guess not. That’s okay, breathing is overrated anyway.”

Sophie pulled away immediately, blushing furiously.

“ At least I can still make you blush, Foster.” He said with a wink, making her blush even more.

Then, someone cleared their throat from the doorway.

“ Are we interrupting something?” A crisp accent said. They both turned their heads, shocked to see not one, but fourteen people.

Biana, Dex, Fitz, Wylie, Linh, Tam, Edaline, Della, Alden, Mr. Forkle, Ro, and Oralie were all smiling. Grady was shaking his head at how close Keefe and Sophie were. Bronte was, well, being Bronte.

“Just me making Foster blush.” ,Keefe said, winking at her.

“That’s my Hunkyhair!” , Ro said, grinning. “ Keep it up!”

Then the next few minutes were all a blur, lots of people asking lots of “ Keefe!” “When did you wake up?” and “ How are you feeling?” Luckily, Elwin came in and told everyone that Keefe needed to rest.

Everyone all complained, but agreed that he needed rest in the end. Elwin reluctantly let Sophie stay with Keefe.

“Goodnight, Foster.” , Keefe mumbled.

“Keefe, I have something to say to you,” Sophie said, inhaling before she chickened out, “ I… I love you.”

Hi! Thanks for reading this! This is my first fanfic ever. I am sure it is really bad. This takes place a week and a half after Legacy, but you probably know that. hehe. I might not update it everyday. BUT I will update it.

Keefe POV.

Chapter Two

“I… I love you.” , Sophie whispered, before she started fidgeting with her hands.

Keefe couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Those were the words he had been waiting to hear forever. And, to make it even better,  they were coming from the one person he wanted to hear them from.

“ I realized this the past weeks,” Sophie continued, “ I didn’t know how to say it, but then you fell into a coma and…” 

She continued on, but all her words started to blur,  just like his eyes. Sophie must have noticed because she stopped talking.

“Are you okay, Keefe?” ,Sophie whispered.

“Yeah, I’m fine, Foster,” , Keefe paused to wipe his eyes, where tears were starting to form, “ I just didn’t hear I love you a lot when I grew up. I love you too, Sophie.”

“ Sometimes I forgot how bad it was for you growing up.” ,Sophie said, her voice breaking. Then, she started sobbing. 

“ Hey, Soph, what’s wrong?” ,Keefe asked, pulling Sophie close, and feeling how sad she was.

Sophie was still crying when she answered, “It’s just not fair.”

“ What’s not fair?” ,Keefe whispered into her ear.

“ I got two amazing pairs of parents. And you didn’t get even one good parent.”  , Sophie whispered back.

Keefe nodded before saying, “ But, I would say I turned out pretty amazing. Wouldn’t you say?”

“ Sureeeeeee. Sure you did.”

“ How dare you! I am amazing! Everyone should bow down to me.” Keefe said, smirking.

“ Keefeeeeeeeeeeee, you are so annoying sometimes you know that, right?”  ,Sophie said, bursting into a giggle fit.

“ I have been told that, but I made you laugh didn’t I?”  ,Keefe could feel all that sadness turn to happiness.

“ Okay, time for you two to go to sleep.” , Elwin said before Sophie could respond.

“ But--” ,Keefe started to protest.

“ No buts. Rest you two, especially you, Sophie.”  , Elwin interrupted.  

“ What do you mean ‘especially you, Sophie’?”  , Sophie said mimicking Elwin perfectly. 

“ Do I have to remind you that you haven’t slept since the day you brought Keefe here?”  

“ Wait, you haven’t slept for a week and a half?” ,Keefe asked.

Sophie was fidgeting with her hands again, when Keefe looked at her. 

“ Yeah.” ,Sophie muttered 

“ Now you two really need to sleep. I will see you guys in the morning.” ,Elwin said before setting two sedatives down, “ These are for if you guys need them. Goodnight.”

“ Goodnight, Keefe.” ,Sophie said, yawning.

“ Hey, Foster. I have something to say to you.”

“ What is it, Keefe?” ,Sophie asked, yawning again.

Keefe layed down before saying.......

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