Caution: This story is under-construction. Please stand by.

By: Crystal

Cover by a member of the Cover Girls Club: Candy


Will she make peace? After one of her BFF's betrayed her, should she fight or give in? Continue reading to find out!  

Chapter 1

"Asha! You're going to be late!" Saundra yells up the stairs.

"I'm coming, Mom!" I call back.

I sigh and go to the closet and pull out my Foxfire uniform. School is not my favorite. I only have two friends and one was acting super weird. And every time I asked her what was going on, she avoided the question. Every time! Why did she have to be so good at it? If only I had manifested as a vanisher. Then I could find out what was going on. I quickly wash my face and get dressed.

"Mmmmm! What smells so good?" I ask, sniffing the air.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" Saundra jokes, winking at me.

"Oh, really? It smells like Fluffcreams," I note.

"Alright! You guessed it!" Saundra says, laughing.

I smile and start to braid my hair into a loose braid. I have dark black hair with specks of white everywhere. No one knew why I had all these white specks, but Mom says it's pretty. Dad says I'm unique. Others think I'm was plain weird. I have a feeling my hair was one of the reasons I didn't have much friends. But I don't want too many friends anyway. Tessa and Martha are enough for me. I shove my breakfast down and head for the leapmaster.

"Bye, Asha! Have fun!" Saundra calls.

"Don't worry, I will! Bye!" 

I call for Foxfire on the leapmaster. I arrive just in time for opening ceremonies.

"Good morning prodigies! As of last week we have had four prodigies manifest. Asha, Chance, Pace, and Tessa." Magnate Leto announces.

Tessa manifested and she didn't tell me! I look around for Tessa, but can't spot her through the thick crowd. Where was she? I had to talk to her now. There is a round of applause as Magnate Lego announces that we only have eight weeks till midterms.

I head to my locker once orientation is over hoping to find Tessa. I spy her as soon as I'm in sight of my locker.

"Tess! Over here!" I shout.

"Hey, Ash!" She calls, walking over.

"Why didn't you tell me you manifested?" I ask, feeling just a bit insulted.

"Well... I felt like waiting a few days," she explains.

"That bad?" 

"Yeah..." she mumbles.

"Well... what'd you get?" I ask, curious.

"I manifested as an Inflictor. I will be training with the great Sophie Foster."

Chapter 2

"Whoa...that is so cool! Sophie's my grandma! I see her every two weeks! She's so nice!" I continue to babble on and on until I realize Tessa looks upset. "Are you okay?" I ask. 

"Yup," she responds, not looking directly at me.

"Um... in case you didn't realize, I'm an Empath. I can tell you're not 'fine,'" I remind her.

"Oh, yeah... You have two abilities. And I have only one. Any idea where Martha is?" Tessa asks, changing the subject.

"Now that I think about it, I have absolutely no idea! I last saw her Friday. She looked like she was hiding something. And she hasn't answered any of my calls," I answer.

"Hi Asha! Hi Tessa!" I hear coming from behind me. I turn to find Chance walking up with Pace.

"Hello!" Tessa replied, nudging me.

"H-h-hi!" I say nervously.

"What are you girls up to?" Pace asks casually.

"Oh, nothing! Nothing at all! Just chatting. You know, about st..." I start.

"What she means is that they were talking about boys. They just don't want us to know that." Pace clarifies, holding back laughter.

We both blush even though we were definitely talking about boys.

"Busted!" I hear from behind me.

I turn around and find Sara. Stina's granddaughter. Just my luck.

"N-n-no! We were not! " I protest.

"Sure you weren't. Anyway...bye, Chance!" Sara calls, winking slyly.

"Oooooo! Someone's got a secret lover!" Pace teases.

"Do not! I am not a fan of Sara! I would never end up with her!" Chance protests.

"Sure... then explain why you're blushing," Pace taunts playfully.

"A lot of people blush when someone rudely accuses them of having a crush on someone," I defend, coming to Chance's rescue.

"Yeah! What she said! Thanks, Asha," Chance says, shooting me a grateful look.

"You're welcome. Please call me Ash. All of my friends do," I say nervously.

"I'm your friend? Cool! Hey, wanna come over later? All of you guys, that is," Chance offers.

"I wish I could, but I have chores to do." I respond, a bit disappointed.

"Oh. That's fine. Another time then. Oh! I almost forgot! Magnate Leto wants all of us to come to his office after school," Chance says.

"Okay! Thanks for letting us know! We'll see you then," Tessa replies.

I wave and watch them until they're out of earshot and turn to talk to Tessa again.

"I wonder what he wants... Please tell me someone didn't prank him and blame it on us like last time!" Tessa whines.

I smile as I remember being called to his office because Hannah had pranked both of us and the principal.

"I'm sure it isn't," I assure her, "Otherwise he wouldn't want to see the boys, too."

"Okay, if you're sure..."

"Okay, I need to head to ability training. See you at luch!" I tell her, already heading to my session.

"Bye!" She calls back from down the hall.

Chapter 3

"Come on, Tess!" I say nervously.

"Okay! Okay! I'm coming! Why you're so excited to see the principal, I have NO idea. But I'll speed up." Tessa says, laughing.

Realistically, I have no idea why I'm even the least bit excited. Mostly, I'm nervous and want it over with already. We arrive and Tessa knocks.

"Come in!" Magnate Leto calls from inside.

I hide behind Tessa as we go in. I look around and see Chance holding back laughter and Pace looking very guilty.

"What's going on? What'd Pace do?" I ask.

"How do you know I did something? Is it that obvious?" 

"Yeah dude. It's that obvious," Chance managed, no longer able to contain his laughter.

"What did he do?" Tessa asks impatiently .

"He attached Magnate Leto's chair to his desk and put a lot of reveldust on the chair," Chance explains.

"I think he takes after Mr. Sencen, " Magnate Leto sighs.

"So... why'd you call us here?" Tessa asks.

"It's about Martha. She is acting ver--" Magnate Leto starts.

"Oh no! What'd she do? What happened?" I ask, getting a bit ahead of myself.

"Her parents made her stay home because she's acting weird and won't tell them what's going on. She's grounded for another three days," Magnate Leto tells us.

"They noticed too? She's been acting so weird and is so good at hiding from me." I say.

"She's been acting weird ever since she got a note and left to meet with someone." Magnate Leto clarifies.

I'm about respond but feel my imparter buzz. I look and see a message asking where I was.

"I have to go. See you guys tomorrow! And Chance? Go ahead and call me if you want to get together," I say hurriedly, getting my stuff together.

"Okay, bye!" Chance waves.

"Bye!" Tessa and Pace echo.

I leave the office and went to get the rest of my things from my locker. What was up with Martha? Why is she acting so weird? I sigh and go to the leapmaster. 

"Everstar!" I call, and before I know it, I'm standing outside my glittering home.


"ASHA DAWSON! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW WORRIED I WAS?" Saundra shouts as soon as I open the door.

"Sorry. I had to go see Magnate Leto," I mumble.

"What happened?" Sauandra asks, now looking and feeling worried.

"He wanted to talk to us about Martha," I just want this topic to end already.

"Oh. Alright. I understand. Why don't you go do your chores? And then you can play," Saundra instructs, hoping to clear my foggy mood.

"Okay! Thanks Mom!" I say, hugging her.

I race up stairs and get changed into an emerald green dress with black flats. I quickly clean my room and get started on my homework. I'm about to begin when I hear a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I call.

"Hi Ash!" Tessa says, opening the door.

"Hi Tess! What's up?" I ask.

"Nothing much. Whoa! What happened?" She explains when she sees my room.

I look around and realize I haven't dried off my carpet and walls yet.

"Ability training." I explain.

"Oh. Right. You're also a Hydrokinetic. I keep forgetting."

"Yup. I flooded my room yesterday," I say, grinning.

"No way! But there's no ocean nearby. How'd you get so much water in here? " She asks, confused yet amazed.

"Yeah, but my mom says I'm the strongest Hydrokinetic out there." 

Chapter 4

"No way!" Tessa shouts.

"Yes way! I can call water without there being any nearby. It's so cool! I've had so much practice and I'm so good at it now!" I exclaim.

"This coming from the girl who flooded her room yesterday." Tessa reminds me.

We look around the room and burst out laughing. 

"Hey! Guess what?" Tessa exclaimed.

"What?!" I almost shout.

"I went to Martha's house today and found out that she is no longer grounded! " Tessa yells excitedly.

"Awesome! I can't wait to see her!" I reply eagerly.

"Well, I have to go. I'm meeting up with my friend Lea. You should meet her! She's so nice! A little shy though," Tessa tells me.

"Is she Leo's twin?" I ask. 

"Yeah," she answers.

"What's her ability?" I ask, curiously.

"She's a Shade. Like her mom's brother. You know...Tam Song? He's her uncle. Her mom and dad are nice though. Linh and Wylie Endal? Ever heard of them?" she asks me.

"Yup! Can't wait to meet her! See you tomorrow! " I said.


Next morning at Foxfire

I'm walking to my locker when I hear someone call my name. I look around but don't see anybody. I keep walking and look behind me again. Right at that moment I crash into some kid. I fall and slam my head into my locker.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" I hear someone ask.

I look up and see a guy with golden blond hair wearing a Level 4 uniform with a concerned look on his face.

"Y-y-yeah. I'm fine," I mumble.

I try to stand up and immediately get dizzy and black out within five seconds of standing up.

I wake up to find Elwin standing not too far away, talking to the kid I bumped into and Tessa, who must have insisted on coming along.

"Wha-what happened?" I ask, still a bit groggy.

"You bumped into Griffen and blacked out. He carried you here, and you've been out for two hours and six minutes." Tessa states, sounding like an expert.

"Do you remember what happened?" Elwin asks gently.

"I remember hearing someone call me and when I looked behind me, I bumped into Geoffrey," I reply.

"It's Griffen. Not Geoffrey," Griffen snaps.

"Relax Griff. She just woke up." Tessa reminds him.

"Oh. Right. Sorry," Griffen apologized.

"Here. Drink these and you should be as good as new," says Elwin, handing me some exilers.

I drink them and try to stand up. I start to loose my balance, so Tessa hurries over and helps me stand.

"Maybe you should go home," Elwin thinks out loud.

"No! I can't! Mom will worry so much! I have to stay! Please?" I insist, frantic.

"Alright. If you're sure you're up for it, you can stay," Elwin sighs.

"I am! Thanks! "  

I take a few deep breaths and try to stand. I stay while Elwin gives Griff and Tess permission slips. I then head off to ability training.

"Good morning, Asha!" Lady Tara greets when she sees me enter.

"Good morning Lady Tara!" I answer. 

She's my favorite teacher and is always so nice and encouraging.

"Asha, I would like you to meet my daughter, Taylor," Lady Tara states, pointing to a girl with dark black hair and bright teal eyes.

"Hi Taylor! I'm Asha!" I tell her.

"Taylor has just manifested as a Hydrokinetic and will be you're training buddy."

Chapter 5

"My training buddy?" I ask, a bit shocked.

"Yes. The Council has asked that several of our newly manifested Hydrokinetics work with you," Lady Tara explains.

"Why me?" I ask, even though I know the answer.

"You're the most talented Hydrokinetic out there." Lady Tara says.

"But don't I get a choice? I mean I'd love to train with Taylor, but... I still want a choice," I say.

"It's the Council's decision. It's my job to train you. I'm sorry. Why don't you take a walk around the place with Taylor and get to know each other," Lady Tara offers, making it clear that the discussion was over.

I sighed and walked out with Taylor. 

"I'm sorry," Taylor blurts.

"About what?" I ask.

"Them forcing you to train with me," Taylor mumbles.

"Oh. I don't mind training with you. I just want to be able to have a chioce," I tell her.

"I wish you did get a choice. I want to train with you, though. You're nice and I don't have any friends," Taylor states quietly.

"Oh! Want to sit with me at lunch? And maybe we can practice this afternoon," I offer, smiling.

"Oh! I'd love to sit with you! I can't train after school, though," Taylor says.

"Why not?" I ask.

"I'm going to watch little kids for my mom's friend." She says, disappointed.

"Oh. Okay. Another time, then," I say, a bit disappointed myself.

I explained the basic tricks and helped her out a little. I was having so much fun I jumped when the bell rang.

"Come on! Let's go meet my friends!" I say, excited.


"Ash! Over here!" I hear Tessa call from across the cafeteria. I grab Taylor's hand and race over.

"Who's that?" Tessa asks, eyeing Taylor curiously.

"This is my training buddy! Tessa, this is Taylor. Taylor, this is Tessa." I introduce.

"Hi Taylor! These are our friends. Griffen, Chance, Pace, Martha, Lea, and Leo," Tessa smiles.

"Hi!" they all say in unison.

We talk for awhile, then go to our last classes, and then finally head home.

"Hey, Ash! How was school? " Saundra calls from the kitchen.

"Hello Mom! School was okay," I say as I climb the stairs.

I enter my room and jump when my pocket buzzed. I pull out my imparter and saw a message asking if I could come play base quest with Chance, Pace, and Tessa. I answer that I'd be right there and quickly change into a dark blue plain dress with black flats.

When I arrive I look around and see Tessa tell Chance and Pace that I was here.

"Ash! You're here! Who's team do you want to be on?" She asks me quickly.

"I don't know. Who doesn't cheat?" 

"Well... I don't. Tessa doesn't. If you cheat, Pace, you get to where Tessa's longest dress with frills and run around in it for the rest of the day," Chance states.

"Hey! I don't cheat!" Pace protests innocently.

"Yeah. Sure. We'll see about that. I'll take Pace. Tessa, you get Ash," Chance decides.

"Okay! Come on, Ash! Let's win this game fair and square!" Tessa declares, giving Pace a side-glare.

"You guys are questing," Pace announces.

We pick a tree and Tess goes out to find them. I look around, getting a feel of the grounds and found that there was a ditch around the tree. I heard a branch crack and I immediately look around. One of the good things about being a Hydrokinetic is that because my parents are Telepths and my mom's parents are Sophie Foster and Fitz Vacker, I'm able to use my water senses like Sophie did with her Telepathy skills to tell where every one was. I open my senses and find out that Chance was to the right and Pace was towards the left. Both of them advancing on me. I make a ball of water in each hand and shoot it at both of them, drenching them from head to toe. I then make a water wall around the tree. Which was tall. Then once Tessa sees the water she runs over and tags a shocked Pace. I run to the other side and tag a suprised Chance.

"Well... I guess that means we win! Fair and square." I announce, drying them off and getting rid of the water. 

"No way! That was cheating!" Pace protests.

"No. Chance didn't say that abilities weren't allowed," I say.

"She does have a point," Chance replies reluctantly.

"Wanna play again?" Tessa asks.

"Nope! I don't wanna loose again," Pace admits.

"Alright. Fine. What do we do now?" Tessa asks.

"Well, we could play truth or dare." Chance offers.

"Okay! Let's go up to Chance's room," Tessa decides.

"Lead the way!" Chance declares.

Chapter 6

We go up to Chance's room and Tessa insists on going first for truth or dare.

"Pace. Truth or dare?" Tessa demands.

"Truth," he replies.

"If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?" Tessa asks.

"To clobber you," He answers, grinning.

"You wouldn't dare!" I say, forming a ball of water.

"I would," Pace says. We both glare.

"Anyways. Asha, truth or dare?" Chance asks, changing the subject.


"How many times have you flooded your room?" he asks. 

"Seriously?" I did not want to answer that.

"You have to answer," he reminds me, as if he was reading my mind.

"Fine. Once," I say smugly.

"WHAT? I THOUGHT SOMEONE SAID 50 TIMES!" he shouts, clearly annoyed.

"What! No! I have awesome control! Who told you that!" I demand.

"Pace," Chance says simply.

We all look at Pace and glare at him.

"I think I'll go see if your mom made some mallowmelt," he mumbles.

"Nope! Pace. Truth or dare?" I ask.

"I'm going to regret this. Dare." 

"I dare you to wear Tess's fanciest and brightest dress until we're done," I dare.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!!" He whines.

"YES!!!!!" Chance and Tess shout, pumping their fists.

Tess goes to her closet and picks out a bright pink dress with tons of sparkles and frills. She hands it to him.

"Isn't there anything else I can do?" Pace complains.

"Nope! The only other option is to tell us who you have a crush on," I reply.

"I think I'll wear the dress," He sighs, defeated.

He puts it on and blushes so bright when everyone laughed.

"Oh it is so on, Asha Dawson!" he growled. I give him a smug look. "Truth or dare Asha?" 

I was the kind of girl who wouldn't turn down a dare. Most of the time.

"Dare." I say.

"Perfect! I challenge you to kiss Chance," He says smugly.

"WHAT!?" Chance and I both shout.

"You have to do it or tell us who you have a crush on," he shrugged.

"Okay," I say, defeated.

I make a ball of water and throw it at him and while he wasn't looking I kiss Chance on the cheek super quick. He blushes so bright I think I might go blind!

"Not fair! You have to let me see!" he whines.

"Nope! You didn't specify. I kissed him on the cheek. Your turn is over," I say proudly.

"Chance. Truth or dare," Tessa asks.

"Umm... truth," he says, sounding a bit scared.

"Do you like Sara?" She asks.


"Chill, man! I was just asking!" Tessa says, throwing up her hands in defeat.

"Yeah, well don't do it again," He says, glaring at her.

"Okay. Fine," She mumbles.

"Tess. Truth or dare," Chance asks.

"Truth," she replied.

"Am I the only on here who does dares? You guys are wimpy," I sigh. These guys are hopeless.

"I do dares! You made me wear this dress! Can I take it off yet?" Pace pleads.

"Nope! Now quit whining," I tell him.

"Do you like me?" Chance asks Tessa.

"No!" She says, blushing fiercely.

"Good!" he says.

"Dude. How is that good?" Pace asks.

"Umm... because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings?" he mumbles, though it comes out a bit more like a question.

"Tell me the real reason, or I will make you tell me in my next turn," Pace demands.

"Fine! There's someone else. That's all I'm telling you," he growls.

"Ooooooo! Who is it?" Tessa and Pace ask.

"Not telling," 

"Oh really?" Pace taunts.

"Yup!" Chance replies.

I get up while Pace and Tess are plotting ways to make him tell. Chance looks up and sees me with a big ball of water standing over Tess and Pace. I raise an eyebrow at him and he nods.

"Hey guys!" I say, making them jump.

They look up. I drop it on them and jump back. Tessa screams and ducks under Pace as it hits them.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Pace shrieks.

"No making Chance tell any more," I say defensively as I go sit down again.

"Okay, but next time don't use ICE COLD WATER!" Pace yells.

"We'll see," I reply. 

Pace glares at me. I smile sweetly at him. Tessa fusses over her clothes. Chance is laughing so hard he's struggling to breath.

"Can we play something else? I don't want to play truth or dare anymore," Tessa whines.

"Like what?" I ask.

"Well, I know what I'm going to do," Pace says.

"Oh? What's that?" I ask curiously.

"You really want to know?" he asks.

"Yes," I respond.


I make a huge ball of ice cold water and throw it at him. He dodges and starts singing again.

"CHANCE AND ASH. SITTING IN A TR...." He starts but is cut off with a ball of water hitting him square in the face.

"Gotcha!" I shout as I race out of the room.

I race down the hallway and hear footsteps. I look behind me and see Chance. He catches up and pulls me into his room.  Once were inside he safely shuts and locks the door.

"I'm sorry," He mutters.

"It's not your fault. He also kinda asked for me to hit him with the ice cold water," I say cheerfully.

He was about to respond when we hear Pace and Tessa ask Chance's mom where we went.

"Check his room," we hear her respond.

"Uh-oh" he whispers.

We hear the door knob rattle. Chance shoves me under his bed. Once I'm under he grabs a book and sits on his bed pretending to read. The door unlocks and Pace opens the door and runs in. From under the bed I see Tessa come in clutching her lock picking case.

"Where's Ash?" Tess asks, looking around the room.

"She probably got upset that Pace rudely accused her of kissing with me. So I think she went home," Chance shrugs.

"Pace! How could you! I finally got her to come play with us and you upset her?" Tessa yells.

"I WAS JUST TEASING!" He shouts back.

"GUYS! NO ARGUING IN MY ROOM!" Chance calls over all of the noise.

Tessa shoves Pace out the door and they start arguing again. Chance goes over and closes the door and locks it once more. I crawl out and look around.

"Psst," Chance whispers.

I look and he points out the window. I head over and look down.

"I'll die if I jump!" I whisper back.

"Use your ability."

"Okay. Here goes nothing." I whisper to myself.

I make a cushion out of water down below. 

"I can't jump!" I whimper.

"Yes, you can! I'll go with you," he offers.

He grabs my hand and pulls me out the window. I literally scream and grab him. He laughs and I blush. We land with a huge splash and we both go under. He grabs my hand and pulls me up to the surface. We are soaked from head to toe now. I'm too shocked that I survived to dry us off. Then I her a voice.

"What do we have here?"

I look up and see Martha holding a ball of fire and walking towards us.

Chapter 7

"Martha?" I ask.


"What are you doing?" 

"Well... let's see. I'm breathing, talking, and walking. What did you think I was doing?" she snaps.

"No, I mean what are you doing here?" I ask.

"I'm here to make you a deal," she says.

"What's that?" Chance taunts.

"You convince them to take off the ban on Pyrokinetics and none of this will have ever happened," she shrugs.

"And if we don't?" Chance wants to know.

"Then everyone will suffer." She says.

"Why? I thought you were my friend," I say, feeling hurt.

"I still am," she responds.

"No! Friends don't betray you and threaten you!" I shoot back.

"Then you're stuck with me until you convince the council to take off the ban!" Martha growls.

She raises the Everblaze and aims it at us.

"Last chance," She warns.

"Why am I last?" Chance asks trying to save time.

"I'm not talking about YOU!" she shouts angrily.

She throws the Everblaze at us and Chance slams into me, knocking me to the side so that the blaze misses us. Martha makes more and shoots again. This time Chance holds up his hands and a wall of ice appears. Saving us just in time. He gets rid of the wall and I shoot water immediately at her putting out her Everblaze and drenching her from head to toe.

"H-h-how?" she gasps.

"Oh! Right! You don't know and I'm not telling you," I say as I shoot more water at her.

She holds up her hand and Everblaze shoots out hitting the water making us both go flying backwards. I slam into Chance and she hits the ground.

"I'll be back!" she shouts, leaping away.

Chance groans and collapses to the ground.

"Are you okay?"

"I've been better," He groans.

He gets up and then pulls me up. 

"Shall we go in?" he asks.

At that moment all of the tears I was holding back came rolling down my face. Chance pulls me into a hug and lets me sob into his shoulder.

"It's all going to be alright. Don't let this break you," he tells me.

After sitting there for ten minutes, he pulls me up and leads me inside.

"What happened?" Tessa asks, who had been arguing with Pace still.

Chance looks up and tells her that he'll explain later. He brings me to a guest room across from his room. Chance's mom comes up and helps me get comfortable and then leaves, telling me she'll let my parents know.

I sit there for awhile thinking about what happened. After the lights go out I decide I can't sleep and go to the kitchen.

"Couldn't sleep?" Chance asks, sitting by the table.

"Yeah," I mumble.

"We'll figure it out. I'll make up a plan," Chance assures me.

"I've got a plan," I tell him.

"Oh?" He asks.

"Yup! We're going to see Sophie Foster," I tell him.

"Do you know where she lives?" He asks.

"Yeah. She lives at Everglen with Fitz and his family." 

"Not Havenfield?" Chance asks.

"No. After she married Fitz she moved to his house because there was more room," I explain.

"So what do we do from there?" he asks.

"I find out what the Neverseen want from us," I tell him.

"Sounds like a plan!" he says.

"You in?" 


"We want in to!" Tessa said walking up with Pace.

"Then we'll go see Sophie tomorrow!" I tell them all.

Chapter 8

"Asha! Your friends are here!" Mom calls.


I head downstairs and see my mom talking to my friends. I wave and quickly run over. 

"Ready?" I ask.

"Yeah!" they shout in unison.

"Everglen!" I call into the leapmaster.

We arrive and head to the door. Tessa rings the door bell, and we wait. And wait. And wait. Then finally Della answers.

"Why, hello! What can I do for you?" Della asks.

"We'd like to see Sophie," Tessa replies.

"Second floor all the way down on the right," Della instructs.

"Thanks, Della!" I say, hugging her.

We head to the stairs and to the second floor.

"Did she say right or left?" Pace asks.

"I think she said right," I say as I knock on the door.

"Yes?" A young lady with brown eyes and blonde hair asks as she opens the door.

"Hi! Is Sophie here?" Tessa asks.

"Umm....Tess? That is Sophie," I whisper in her ear.

"Oh! Sorry!" 

"I'm Asha. Though you probably know, I'm Saundra's daughter. These are my friends. Tessa, Chance, and Pace," I introduce.

"I knew I recognized you! Come on in!" Sophie exclaims.

Everyone looks at me and seems to be giving a look that says 'lead the way!' What a bunch of wimps! So I led the way.

"You've gotten so big!" Sophie exclaims again.

"Really? It doesn't feel like I'm growing," I reply.

"Well, I haven't seen you in years!" 

"Ummm... I saw you two weeks ago," I remind her.

"Oh! Right! Well... anything you'd like to talk about?" Sophie asks.

"Oh, nothing at all! We just felt like visiting! Other than Martha... there's nothing really to talk about," Chance shrugs. 

"Oh! Then wha... Wait! What's wrong with Martha?" she asks.

"Ummm... Other than the fact that she broke Ash's heart by betraying her?" Pace asks sarcastically.

"What?! Someone broke Squirt's heart?" Sophie asks.

"I'm not Squirt!" I protest.

"Yeah... we'll talk about that later. What happened?" she asks.

"Martha got a better deal and joined the Neverseen. She now says that MIGHT let us live if we get rid of the ban on Pyrkinetics," Tessa answers.


"Sadly, no," Chance says.

"We want to know everything you know about the Neverseen," I say.

"Well... it might be best if the Black Swan tell you." Sophie says nervously.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because they know more then I do," Sophie replies simply.

"Will you take us there?" Chance wants to know.

"Yes. But you need to tell your parents," Sophie says.

We all head off to tell our parents. I pull out my imparter and call my mom.

"Show me Saundra Dawson," I tell the device.

The screen flashes and my mom appears.

"Everything all right?" she asks.

"Yeah. I'm trying to find out more about the Neverseen and Sophie thinks we should go see the Black Swan. We're supposed to talk to our parents, though. Can I go?" I ask.

"Sure. But you need to send me updates," Saundra says.

"Alright! Thanks mom!" .

"No problem! Stay safe! Love ya!" she tells me before hannging up.

I head back and see everyone else waiting.

"Are you all able to come?" I ask.

"Yup!" they respond.

"Then let's go see the Black Swan!

Chapter 9

"That's their hideout?" Pace asks.

"Course it is! What'd you expect? A shining, glittering, sparkly castle?" I ask sarcastically.

"Wait, you've seen it before?" Chance asks.

"Yeah. When I was four my mom brought me here," I answer.

"Then why did you need Sophie to bring us here?" Pace asks.

"Well... she is a member of the Black Swan," I remind them.

"I know that, but... " Pace starts.

"But what?" Tessa prompts.

"Nevermind," he mumbles.

We head over to the entrance where Sophie talks to a goblin who then goes inside to get some guy with a weird name.

"So... I feel like doing some teasing while we wait," Pace says, smirking at Chance and I.

"Don't you dare," I tell him as I make a ball of water.

"Why not? I'm so bored," he whines.

"What's your point?" I ask.

"Well... I don't really care if I get wet so... CHANCE AND ASHA, SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! FIRST CO--" He starts singing. "Pace! Behave yourself!" Sophie reprimands.

"You guys are so booorrrriiiinnngggg!!!!!" Pace complains.

"Your point being?" I ask once more.

Sophie quiets us as a wrinkly weird looking dude comes out. 

"Sophie?!" he exclaims.

"Hello, Mr. Forkle!" 

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

"Asha and her friends need your help. I brought them here to see you because I didn't think there was much I could do," Sophie explains.

"Well! Don't just dwadle there! Come on in!" Forkle says.

"I think it'd be best if I told you and they stayed here. I don't want to upset Asha again," Sophie says.

"Don't worry! I'll take care of her!" Chance assures them.

"See what I mean? He acts weird around her. I think he likes her!" Pace whispers to Tessa.

Tessa nods, still watching me with an amused grin on her face.

"We have to do something! They're MADE for each other!" Pace whispers to Tessa.

"Well...come to my house Monday after school, then," Tessa whispers back.

I was trying to figure out what Tessa and Pace were planning when I feel someone tap my shoulder. I jump because I was to busy trying to listen in to what Tessa was telling Pace. I turn around and see a boy with black hair, silver eyes, and a cheerful smile.

"Hi! I'm Nate. Are you Ava?" He asks.

"No. I'm Asha! I think 'Ava' is somewhere else," I tell him.

"Sorry! I meant Asha but I know someone named Ava and your names are kinda close. I apologize. I was told to bring you to the boys common room," he tells us.

"Will we get to meet Ava?" Tessa asks.

"Of course! She's waiting for you there," Nate replies.

"Cool! Lead the way!" Tessa says.

He leads us to a room with water decorations everywhere! I look around and see three kids.

"Hello! I'm Kya. The one reading a boring old book is Reed. And the one playing with the water is Ava," A girl with red hair, ice blue eyes, and freckles says.

Reed looks up and glares at Kya and then smiles at us. Reed has light, messy brown hair, green eyes, and a weird, cheesy smile.

"Sorry about that. Kya thinks every Elvin History book is boring." Reed explains.

"Do not!" Kya protests.

"Guys! Stop arguing! Ava, come say hi! " Nate commands.

A girl with shoulder length blue hair, silver eyes, and a shy smile looks up.

"Whoa! I love your hair!" Tessa exclaims.

"Thanks! I dyed it to go with my ability," Ava says shyly.

"What's your ability?" Tessa asks, curious.

"Ava is the second most talented Hydrokinetic out there."

Chapter 10

"Are you KIDDING ME!" Tessa exclaims.

"Nope. I'm not kidding." Nate says.

"Now I know the two most talented Hydrokinetics out there!" Tessa shouts.

"You do?" Kya asks.

"Who's the first?" Reed wants to know.

"My BFF!" Tessa answers, poking me.

"You're kidding!" Kya exclaims.

"Nope! Anyway, what are your abilities?" Tessa asks.

"I'm a Pyrokinetic, Reed's a Vanisher, Nate's a Flasher, and you guys already know Ava's ability. What about you guys?" Kya says.

"Chance is a Froster, Asha's an Empath and a Hydrokinetic, Pace's a Vanisher, and I'm an Inflictor," Tessa responds.

Just then Mr. Forkle comes back in. 

"Ava, Nate, Kya, and Reed, I'll meet you in the meeting room in an hour. Asha, I just wanted you to know that we will do everything we can to solve this problem. Until then you guys will be staying here for your own safety. Make a list of what you want from your home and I'm go get it for you." Mr. Forkle says.

"What about our parents? Are they okay with this?" I ask.

"I'll tell them everything.," Mr. Forkle replies.

"Wait, I want to get my own stuff," I say.

"But it's too dangerous!" Nate protests.

"I don't really want you guys snooping around my room!" I shoot back.

"But it's for your own saf..." Nate starts.

"I'll take her," Ava jumps in.

"But Ava!"

"No buts about it, Nate. I'm taking her. And that's final," Ava says.

"Fine by me," I say.

"Well what are you waiting for! Let's go!" Ava says excitedly.

I pull out my home crystal and hold it up to the light. Ava runs over and grabs my hand.

"How did it go?" Saundra asks when we walk in.

"No time to explain. Forkle will tell you everything you need to know,"  I say as I lead Ava upstairs.

"Whoa! This is your room?" Ava asks, amazed.

"Yup!" I say as I pull out my backpack and start stuffing stuff in.

"Small..." Ava mumbles.

I run to my closet and grabb my favorite clothes. I hated wearing new stuff, so I take a lot.

"I think I'm ready," I call once I finish.

"Wait! Are you seriously leaving this adorable furball behind?" Ava says, pointing to my cat. I had gotten her as a gift from Sophie a few months ago.

"I think I'll take her," I decide.

The tiny cat looked up at me as I came closer.

"Come here Sparky!" I coax.

Sparky gets and jumps into the carrier I'm holding. I quickly grabb some stuff to take care of her and run downstairs with Ava.

"Asha Dawson! You need to explain right now where you're going! And who on earth is that?!" Saundra shouts.

"Mom, this is Ava. She's a part of the Black Swan," I explain quickly.

"The Black Swan!? And why on earth do you have a backpack stuffed with who knows what, and where are you taking Sparky?!" Saundra yells. 

"Mom! Forkle will be here in an half an hour to explain everything. I promise!" I tell her.

"Well his explanation better be good or you're grounded!" 

Chapter 11 ==

"Finally! You guys took so long!" Pace whines.

"Ava, please take Ms. Dawson and Ms. Song up to their rooms," Mr. Forkle says.

Ava nods and leads Tessa and I up to our rooms. They look so much like what Sophie had told us.

"Dinner's in an hour. Sophie promised to make Calla's starkflowerstew tonight! I am so excited! I suggest you start unpacking. Ability training starts tomorrow morning," Ava tells us.

"Okay! Thanks!" Tessa says.

Tessa and I are sharing a room because we were staying on such short notice. Well... we kinda are. There's a small sitting room and doorways to our rooms on either side.

I close the door into our set of rooms and let Sparky out of her cage. I then go to the closet and start pulling out my plain knee length dresses.

Once I'm done unpacking I decide to explore our set of rooms. I had just finished exploring my room when Kya comes to tell us that it was Starkflowerstew time!

"So... am I grounded?" I ask Forkle.

"Why would you be grounded?" Tessa asks.

"Because my mom is serioulsy over protective," I grumble.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Kya wonders.

"I guess, but sometimes she over reacts," I sigh.

I eat a few spoonfuls and decide I'm not hungry. I get up and sprint upstairs. Despite hearing Tessa call after me I run to my room and close the door.

I collapse in my bed, all worn out from what's been going on. After sitting there for fifteen minutes I hear a knock on the door.

"Come in," I call.

I hear the door open and close and hear footsteps. The curtain opens and Ava walks over and sits on my bed.

"You alright? You left so suddenly, I got kinda worried," Ava asks.

"I'm fine," I mumble into my pillow.

"Well if you're 'fine' then tell me why you didn't eat your stew and why you left suddenly," Ava challenges.

"I'm just a little nervous, I guess," I mumble.

"It's okay to be nervous. I was nervous when I joined, too," She says.

"Well... I haven't actually joined yet," I counter.

"Good point. I was wondering... wanna do some ability training with me? You may be the most talented out there, but you still a lot to learn."

"Sure! But I just want to do something quickly," I tell her.

I explain what I wanted to do and use my water tracking senses to find out where Pace was. He was still in the gazebo talking to Nate, Reed, and Chance. I grab Ava's hand and pull her out the door.

I gave Ava a list I had thrown together and she went off to find the supplies.

"Bucket?" I ask.

"Check." Ava responds.



"Perfect! Now to put it together," I whisper as we sneak into Pace's room.

I open the door three quarters of the way. I then pull the bucket up and carefully put it above the door. I then take the other side of the rope and wrap it around the door knob. Ava fills the bucket and we run to hide as he leaves the gazebo.

Pace opens the door and right on time the bucket falls soaking him from head to toe. He looks around with a shocked look on his face.

Ava and I jump up from our hiding spots and yell out "SURPRISE!!"

I race towards him and dodge to the side of him, making it out with Ava hot on my trail 

"It is so on Asha! You will regret this!" Pace yells.

Ava and I high five and race to my room locking the door. I am laughing so hard I collapse gasping for breath.

"That was the best thing I've done my entire life! Can we do it more often?" Ava asks.


Chapter 12 ==

Bored, bored, bored! What is taking them so long? Why didn't they let me come too? 

"I'm going to my room. No point in waiting here," I grumble.

"What exactly did they say they were going to do?" Tessa asks.

"All they said is that it's 'classified.' Well, HELLO! I'm apart of the Black Swan too, y'know!" I grumble.

I was in a bad mood today. No thanks to Tess and Pace. They pranked me during the night! And now I have to come up with ANOTHER plan! So mean! And then they tease me all day! And apparently they're trying and SERIOUSLY failing to make Chance and I a 'thing.' No way I'm falling for that! And now they've got Nate on their team, too! Wait! What if I ask Kya to join my team? She's an awesome pranker! Man, I love hearing her stories.

I was so lost in my thoughts when I hear a knock on the door.

Kya must be back!

I look out and don't see anything. 

Huh. Weird. Wait a minute... IT'S A PRANK!

I run to my closet and look though all of the stuff, searching for a rope. I then run to the closet with all of the sheets and grab six of them. I tie them together and lower it out the window. I jump when I hear another knock on the door.

Oh no! I completely forgot!

"Come back in thirty minutes! I'm busy!" I call.

I run to the window and slowly lower myself down. I drop to the ground and scramble up. I grab my shoes and throw them to the side so no one would hear them go clickety-clack.  

Now to figure out where to go. Wait! I recognize the tree over there! From that tree I can go to the gnomes' camp and stay there for a bit. 

I run as quietly as I can to the camp. 

"Hello? Is anybody here?" I call out.

I walk a bit further and scream. I am now hanging in the air with a rope around my ankle.

"Is that her?" I hear a voice say.

"But it can't be!" I hear another voice say.

"Well, why not? She looks like her. A little grumpy though," another states.

"Will you guys stop talking and let me down? I hate hanging upside down!" I protest.

"First, you tell us who you are and what you're doing here," I hear a male voice answer.

"I'll tell you after you let me down! You're going to make me sick!" I protest again.

"EWWWW!! GROSS!! I'M NOT CLEANING THAT UP!" I hear as someone runs off.

"I'm out!" someone else calls.

"I second that!" another one calls.

"Well, if you don't want me to be sick all over you, I highly recommend you let me down. Now," I tell them.

"RUN!! SHE'S GOING TO BE SICK!" They all yell.  

Wow! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

I flick my wrist and a goblin throwing star comes out of my sleeve. I grab it and slice the rope, making an awesome summersalt onto the ground.  I grab the star and put it back.

I knew it would come in handy!

I hear a branch crack, and without thinking expose my secret. I vanish and dive behind a bush.

"I know you're there. Don't be scared! I won't bite!" I hear a voice call.

I walk out and stand in front of her.

"Just so you... I can still see you. Even if you're vanished," She calls.

I realize I had vanished and literally facepalmed myself. I appear and give her a panicked face.

"Why, hello! I'm Seala. Are you Asha?" she asks.

I slowly nod. "Please! Don't tell anyone!" I beg.

She gives me a confused look and then nods.

"Don't worry! Your secret's safe with me!"

Chapter 13 == I am in BIG trouble. I have been gone for three hours and I missed dinner! Oh, and I still have to find my shoes.

I wave to Seala and run back to the hideout.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU!" Tessa shouts the moment I walk into the girls' common room.

"Sorry! Had to escape your prank!" I say.

I walk into my room, making sure that it wasn't rigged and close the door.

I immediately flop down on my bed and doze off.

I wake up to the door opening and closing.

"Hello?" I call.

Ava peeks in and smiles.

"Did I wake you?" She asks.

"Kinda, but it's okay." I respond.

"How'd you escape their prank?" She asks.

 I was right! There was a prank!

"I had a feeling there was a prank so.... " I said as I showed her the sheets.

"So lucky! They were successful in pranking me." She mumbles.

"What'd they do?" I ask.

"I'd rather not say. Where were you anyways?" She asks.

"Visiting the nomes. I got to meat Seala! She's so nice!" I tell her.

"Cool! I've heard about her but never met her." She says.

I was about to respond when I hear talking outside the door.

"Shhh.....she'll hear you!" Tessa whispers.

"I can't get it to work!" Pace protests.

"Quick! Follow me!" I whisper.

I ditch my shoes and run to the window. Ava does the same and we both slide down. Instead of going to the camp again Ava grabs my hand and pulls me the opposite direction.

"Where are we going? " I ask.

"To Kya's place. She'll hide us. " Ava says.

I thought Kya lived in the same place as Ava? Guess not!

Ava runs to Kya's door and knocks.

"Yes? What on EARTH are you doing here?!" Kya exclaims when she sees us.

"Quick! We need a place to hide!" Ava says desperately.

"Why? What's going on?" Kya asks.

"Their pranking us again!" I tell her.

"Who's they!" Kya asks.

"Pace and Tessa." I tell her.

She nods and let's us in. She brings us to the kitchen and gives us some Custard Bursts.

"Kya?" I ask.

"Sup squirt?" She asks.

"Can you be on our team?" I ask.

"I assume you're talking about pranking so..... I'll be on your team as a double agent. I'll figure out their plans and tell you what I can without them finding out." She says.

"Awesome!" I say.

I grab another Custard Burst grab Ava's hand.

"We should go." I tell her.

She nods and waves as we leave.

 Okay. I got Kya on our team. Now to figure out what to do next. Maybe I should ask Chance. I haven't seen him in awhile.

After getting back I go to Chance's room.

"Chance? Are you in there. Can I come in?" I ask softly.

Chance opens the door and let's me in.

"What's up?" He asks.

"I haven't seen you in awhile and thought I'd check on you."I tell him.

"How are you doing? After what happened?" He asks.

"I haven't thought about it to much. Right now I can't get my mind off of what happened today." I tell him.

"Why? What happened?" He asked.

"The nomes left me hanging." I grumble.

"On a story? You could always come back another time." He offers.

"No! I mean seriously!" I tell him.

Chance, who had been sitting down calmly suddenly jolted up with a sudden burst of anger.


"Sadly, no." I tell him.

"How'd you escape?" He asked.

"This." I tell him.

I flick my wrist and it slides down my arm right into my hand.

"Creepy....." He says softly.

"It is? Dad told me I should have it just in case something happens." I mumble.

"Oh, I don't blame him. But I wasn't expecting that." He explains.

If he thinks it's creepy, does that mean everyone else will? Maybe I shouldn't have it. Maybe I won't need it. But Dad said I should have it. It was a gift. Kinda.

  "You okay? You've gone quiet." He asks me.

"Yeah. I'm fine. A little tired." I mumble.

"You should get to bed." He tells me.

"I'm fine." I reassure him.

"If you insist. Well if your staying for a any chance do you want to watch the sunset with me?" He asked nervously.

I smiled.

"I'd love to!"

Chapter 13

The next morning. "Asha! Come on! It's time to get up!" Tessa says shaking me awake.

"Give me five minutes more!" I tell her.

"No! We have to get up! YOU HAVE to get up! Training starts soon and you won't be happy about it." Tessa says.

"Why?" I mumble.

"Get up and find out!" Tessa says excitedly.

"Fine! I'm coming." I groan.

"Finally!" Tessa says. I get up, take a shower, and get dressed. I quickly run out and run to Tessa.

"What won't I like?" I ask.

"Who's taking us on our first mission. Apparently, we've had enough training and he's taking us on our first mission." Tessa explains.

"But we've barely had ANY training!" I protest.

"Exactly!" Tessa says.

"I still don't get it. Who's h.........." I immediately stop when I realize who it is.

"I don't believe it! Since when is HE in the Black Swan?" I ask.

"Since he was eight. His parents are in the Black Swan and he wanted to join and help to do what's right as soon as he could." Tessa explains.

"What's our mission?" I ask.

"If you WAIT a minute he'll explain." Tessa responds.

"Okay! Fine!" I mumble.

"Good morning everyone! This is Griffin and he will be leading the mission today. Griff, please explain the mission." Mr. Forkle asked Griff.

"The Neverseen have been spotted at Ashfield and we have been instructed to investigate. I will be leading the mission and need everyone who's willing to listen." Griffin said watching me.

"Ha! You can totally count me out! Me? Listen to HIM? No way!" I tell Tessa.

"But Ash! We have to! What's your problem anyway? Why are you guys like enemy's?" Tessa asks.

"Nothing! Except the fact that I got a concussion BECAUSE of him. And he isn't that nice." I tell Tessa.

"Asha!" Tessa exclaims.

"I said! You can count me out!" I say one last time.

I then turn around and run as fast as I could far away from them. I run past my window, past Kya's house, past the river, and to the nomes camp. 

I stop to catch my breath and look around. I'd visited several times and everyone knew me now.

"Seala? Valerie? Sam? Anybody here?" I call.

"Ash?" I hear a soft voice call.

"Val!" I said running over.

"What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for a mission?" Valerie asks.

"I can't go! I just can't!" I tell her bursting into tears.

"Why?" She asks.

"Griffin's in charge for one thing. Two, I HAVEN'T EVEN PRACTICED MUCH! There's no way I'll be able to do it!" I sob.

"Now, now. You can't doubt yourself! That'll only make it worse! Plus, joining a rebellion comes with consequences. You must be ready to do what you must to help others." Valerie assures me.

"Sometimes I wish I never got involved with this." I mumble.

I talk with Val for awhile before she hushes me.

"Shh..... The tree's are trying to tell me something." She whispers.

I nod and wait.

I wonder if I could convince Forkle to bring me home. I could still visit but I don't think I'm up for this.

"Asha! Hurry! The tree's have given me a warning! You must come before it's to late! " Val says grabbing some stuff.

"Why? What's going on?!" I ask running after her.

"It was a trap! They tricked us! Their about to light Ashfield on fire!" Val explains between singing versus for a song.

"WHAT!" I shout.

We arrive right as the building bursts into flames.

"Ash!" Tessa shouts.

"Tess! Is everyone out? Are you all okay? " I ask running towards her.

"We smelled the smoke and saw it. We barely made it out on time. But Griffin's still in there! You have to get him! You're the ONLY one who can." Tessa says while coughing.

I nod and run towards the building.

"ASH! NO!" I hear Chance yell.

I make water go all around me and run in. I go up five floors before I spot Griff. "Asha! Help! I'm stuck! I can't get up!" Griff calls frantically.

I run over use my water to force the pillar up and grab him. I run towards the window right as he goes unconscious. I hear crashes behind me and know I don't have much time. I run as fast as possible but don't make it and collapse onto the ground.

NO! I can't fail!

I try to get up but can't. I jerk free from the board on my leg but can't get up. And then. The building collapses.

Chance's POV.

Watching the building collapse was the hardest thing for me.

"NO! ASHA!" I shout. Tears were streaming down my face so fast I could hardly see. I wipe my face and see Tessa crying to.

I try to run into the building but Nate grabs my hand and yanks me back.

"She needs help! Let me go!" I yell.

"No! You'll kill yourself!" Nate shouts.

Nate wrestles me to the ground so I wouldn't go in. 

"Let me GO!" I shout.

I try to twist out from underneath him but he was to strong. 

And then suddenly, the middle of the pile of ruins exploded. And a beautiful, young girl with black ashy looking hair and silver eyes, rises from the ruins. Holding Griffin. She barely touched the ground before she collapsed.

"Asha! " I shout.

I use all my energy to twist free and run towards her. I make it over there and reach for her hand.

"You're alive!" I exclaim.

"Of course I am you big idiot! But.......I can't walk. I sprained my ankle trying to get out." Asha informs him.

"I thought you were dead!  I sob.

"Well..... I'm like 95.82% sure I'm still alive so. But my body's killing me." Asha tells him.

She suddenly looked very weak and tired. Then she collapsed onto my lap.

"Ash? ASHA?! Someone call Elwin! She needs help!" I shout.

Elwin arrived three minutes later and ran over. He started flashing lights and giving her different kinds of medicines. One of which was a sedative.

"Will she be alright?" I ask.

"Yes, but she'll be out for a few days. I need to check you guys though. I hailed the Council and they will be here any minute to help." Elwin said.

I nod. 

"How long will you keep her sedated?" I ask.

"Three to four days. I can sedate you if you want. Just till tomorrow morning though. " Elwin offers as he sedated Griffin.

"I don't really like being sedated but I really want to be right now." I mumble.

He helps me lean back and pours a sedative down my throat. I look one last time at Asha and then everything goes black.

Chapter 14

Asha's POV

I wake up in my bed not knowing how I got there or what happened.

"You're awake!" A familiar girl says.

"Ava! What happened?" I ask.

"Oh nothing. Except the fact that you saved Griffin and now have a new person in your fan club." Ava says causally.

"I have a fan club?" I ask.

"Yup! And I'M the leader." Ava said proudly.

"Cool! How long have I been out?" I ask.

"About 2 years." Ava said.

"WHAT?!?!?!" I shout.

"Chill! I was kidding! You've been out for four days." Ava said laughing.

I raised my eyebrow and eyed her suspiciously and then collapsed back on my bed.

"Elwin will be here any minute to check on you. When Sophie heard she said you weren't allowed to go on a mission till you 523 years old." Ava informed me.

"You're kidding." I said.

"Nope! Though she might be but she was really worried." Ava told me.

"Can I get up yet?" I ask.

"You most certainly can not!" Elwin exclaimed coming into the room.

"But I really don't want to be stuck in bed!" I protest.

"Your point being?" Elwin asks.

"I have to train so I can do better next time!" I tell him.

"Well you NEED rest! You are NOT leaving your bed till I say so." Elwin tells me.

"But! What if.....I have to use the bathroom! You are NOT making me stay here. No matter what you do." I grumble.

"You. Will. Stay. In. Your. Bed. Or I'll ask Forkle to send up a goblin." Elwin commands.

"Still can't stop me!" I say stubbornly.

"You can try all you want but.....she'll still find away to get around it." Ava informs him.

"I'll make you a deal. You sleep till lunch and then you can get up. Deal?" Elwin asks.

"Deal." I tell him.

"Ava will stay here to keep you company and make sure you stay." Elwin says packing up his stuff and leaving.

I nod and lean back.

"Ava?" I ask.

"Yeah? " She asks.

"Can you tell me the entire story? I'm still confused." I ask.

"Not now. You need to rest." Ava responds.

"Okay....." I sigh.

I roll over and try to remember what happened but fall asleep before I can remember much.


I wake up again to Ava shaking me.

"Lunch?" She asks.

"Let me get dressed first." I yawn.

I run to my closet and grab a silver dress with black knee length tights and flats.

"Ready." I tell Ava.

Ava nods and leads me downstairs.

"ASH!" Tessa shrieks when she sees me.

Tessa runs over and tackles me with a hug. I hug her back and go to sit next to her.

"How'd you DO that?!" Tessa whispers.

"Do what?" I ask.

"Survive the fire." Tessa specifies.

"I don't really know. It felt like something inside me took over." I tell her.

"Really? Like someone was mesmerizing you?" She asks.

"No. Like my instincts took over. I'm not really sure though." I tell her.

"Well it least you're still alive. Pace was so happy because 1. His best friend wouldn't be moping around the place and 2. He can still tease you." Tessa says excitedly.

"How's Griff?" I ask.

"Elwin still wants him to rest but he's actually doing fine." Tessa says.

"Did you find out anything more about the Neverseen?" I ask.

"Only that they think you and Griff are dead. But Forkle has a solution. " Tessa responds.

"Okay....... Wait, what exactly IS the solution?" I ask.

"He knows a top secret undercover group which are really good and have offered to take you in." Tessa explains.

"But then I have to leave you guys!" I protest.

"Not exactly." Tessa says.

"What's THAT supposed to mean." I grumble.

"They check in with him every week to give him updates." Tessa explains.

"Asha! Come here please." Forkle calls.

I walk over and look up at him.

"I am so glad you are still alive with us today. I'm guessing Tessa told you about my solution?" He asks.

"Yup!" I tell him.

"Good. Asha I'd like you to meet the leaders of this group. Asha, this is Raven and Dove. Girls, this is Asha." Forkle introduced.

Raven waved. Raven has black hair, with teal eyes. Dove had light blond hair with ice blue eyes.

"Griffin and you will be joining us. Yes?" Raven asks.

"I guess." I tell her.

"Do not fret, pretty one. We will always be just behind your friends to save them if they need it." Dove says.

"We will be leaving as soon as Elwin let's Griff up from his bedrest." Raven says.

"You know Griffin?" I ask Raven.

"How could I not! He's my brother!"

Chapter 15

"He's your BROTHER?" I ask.

"We had the same parents so I believe that is how the process works." Raven responded.

"But he doesn't look a thing like you!" I say.

"Well he's mine. He's about all I got." Raven said.

"Can we do the chit-chat later? Sam just have me an urgent message." Forkle interrupted.

Raven looks at Dove and I and we both nod knowing that something was wrong. 

"We're ready for anything you need." Raven said with determination.

"Sam just found out that the Neverseen made an elf and she's in the Forbidden Cities. Her name is Jeana Patterson. We can NOT let them use her for evil. Here's her address. Now hurry!" Forkle said urgently.

Raven takes the address and brings us there.

"Yipes! It's freezing here!" I whisper to Dove.

"We'll it IS winter here in Chicago." Dove whispers back.

Raven walks up and knocks on the door. "Yes?" A little girl with light brown hair says.

"Hello! I'm Raven. This is Asha and Dove. We have something we really need to explain to you." Raven said.

"Well then you'd better come in. I don't really want you to freeze out there." Jeana said.

She be opens the door and let's us in.  The house was small and in the room she led us to, there were two little kids. One of them looked like Jeana with his light brown hair and hazel eyes. The other was a little boy who didn't look more then five months old.

"Raven, Dove and Asha, this is Jerry," She said pointing to the four year old." and this is Willy." She said pointing at the baby.

"Awww! They're so cute!" I said.

"Thanks!" Jeana replied picking up Willy who has started crying.

"Who dat?" Jerry asked.

"I just told you!" Jeana said softly.

"Oh. Can you tell me again? I can't wemember." Jerry asked.

"I'm Asha! How are you doing Mr. Jerry sir?" I said tickling him.

"Dop! Dat tickewls.  Jerry said laughing.

"Nap time Jerry!" Jeana says.

"Aww. Pwease? Can I stay up?" Jerry asks.

"Fine. But just this once." Jeana said.

"Yayy!!!! I get to stay up! Woo-hoo!" Jerry said running around.

"So you said you had something you needed to tell me?" Jeana reminded us.

"I need you to promise you won't panic." Dove said.

"Okay. I promise." Jeana said.

"Oh! And you can't tell anybody." Raven pipped up.

"Okay! Okay!" Jeana said.

"You are an elf. The Neverseen are going to use you to defeat us. But by doing that they're risking your brothers lives. If you don't want that to happen I need you to bring your brothers which are also elves and come with me." Raven said.

"Can I pack some stuff first? I'm only coming because I want my brothers to be safe." Jeana said.

"Of course you can! We can help if you want." I said.

"I think I can handle it." Jeana said handing me the baby and hurrying upstairs.

"Where's Jea gowin?" Jerry asked.

"She's going to pack! You guys are going on the best vacation of you life!" I tell him.

"Yayy!!! I wuv vacation!" Jerry said hugging me.

"Okay! I'm ready! I packed clothes, toothbrushes, diapers, blankets and pillows, snacks, milk for Willy, and coloring books." Jeana said.

"Awesome! Let's go! Our ride is waiting outside."

Chapter 16

"So, where EXACTLY are we going?" Jeana asks.

"Somewhere safe. " Forkle said.

"Well it would HELP if it wasn't a disgusting way." Jeana shot back.

"It's the only safe way. Otherwise the Neverseen will track us down and everything we've done to protect you would have been worthless." Forkle explained.

"All I want is for my brothers to be safe! I don't care what happens to me! If it's me they want, I'd go if it meant that everyone else would be safe." Jeana said.

"But it is our duty to insure that you are safe to." Forkle said.

"Oh really? Who told you that? Some legendary person from 8 million years ago?" Jeana said sarcastically.

"No. Your parents did." Forkle said simply.

After that Jeana was quite quiet.

"Are we dar yet?" Jerry said sleepily.

"Almost. Just a few minutes." I tell him.

Thankfully  Willy was asleep and not crying. If he was crying we'd have to stop so that Jeana could give him a bottle of milk and then he'd have to have his diaper changed, so I am really thankful he's sleeping.

"Alright. This is where you'll be staying. Asha, can you show them the room you'll be sharing?" Forkle asked.

"Of course!" I tell him.

I grab one of the backpacks that Jeana brought and lead her upstairs.

"Willy and Jerry will be right next to our room. Our beds are in that room over there. If this setup doesn't work out, let me know and I'll figure something out." I tell her.

"I think this will work out." Jeana yawned.

"You go rest and I'll unpack everything and watch the boys." I tell her.

"But! They're MY responsibility! Mama said!" Jeana protested.

"Go. Sleep." I insisted.

She looked like she might protest but then gave up and went to one of the beds 

"Will we ever be able to go back howm?" Jerry asked.

"Of course! But you'll like it here! There's a toy room, a pool and many other things you'll like!" I tell him.

"When did YOU have kids?" I hear someone say.

"Off bed rest already?" I ask Griffin.

"Yup! I annoyed Elwin to pieces till he finally let me off bed rest. But you didn't answer MY question. When did you have kids?" He asked again.

"They're not mine. They're Jeana's but she's sleeping." I tell him.

"Who dat? I tawt I met evweyone." Jerry said.

"I am the one and ONLY Griffen the best in the entire world. You might never meat someone as AWESOME as me! Nobody is better then me!"  Griffin said.

"You wrong. Jeanie and Ashie are bedder den you. " Jerry said.

"Hah! That's where you're wrong little guy! I can make wishes come true!" Griffin informs him.

"Can you make Mommy an Daddy come back?" Jerry asked.

"Well....most wishes. Tell me a wish." Griff tells him.

"I fwy like an airpwane. " Jerry said.

"Your wish shall come true!" Griff tells him.

Griff runs over and picks him up. He then holds him in the air and runs around.

"Anoder! Anoder! Pwease?" Jerry asks.

"Sorry little guy! One wish a day!" Griff said.

"Awww.... pwease?" Jerry said giving him huge puppy dog eyes.

"Oh fine. But it has to be simple." Griffin tells him.

"I be da greatest artist in da world! Like you!" Jerry said.

"How'd you know I was an artist?" Griff asks.

"Black Birdie told me! " Jerry said proudly.

"Black Birdie?" Griffin asks.

"That's what he calls Raven." I tell Griffin.

"Ah. Well little Jerry, I'll give you lessons. Only because I make wishes come true." Griffin tells him.

"Does that mean you can FINALLY get Ash and Chance to tell us their TRUE feelings?" I hear from behind me.

"Oh! Right! I brought company." Griff groans.

"Please?" Pace asks.

"Nope! 1. I only do it for ages 7 on under. 2. I kinda owe Ash for saving my life." Griff tells him.

"No fair! Little kids are SO LUCKY! And you are SO MEAN!" Pace tells him.

"Hey! What'd I ever do to you!" Griff protests.

"Um...HELLO! You just turned down my BIGGEST WISH! I'm hurt!" Pace said putting on his best hurt face.

"Hah! I can tell you're faking that!" Griff said.

"Now who dat?!" Jerry asked.

"The worst person in the entire world!" Griff tells him.

"Actually, he isn't but he's a close second. The worst people in the entire world are a group called the Neverseen." I tell Jerry.

"HEY!" Pace protests.

"No worries. Jerry and Gwiffie will defeat all the badies in the entire world!" Jerry said bravely.

"That's the spirit I'm looking for! We could be Team Jiffie!" Griff exclaims.

"I'm sure you'll defeat them in a jiffie!" I tell them laughing.

"Yup! Team Jiff.......JEANIE!" Jerry said running to Jeana.

"You're awake!" I tell Jeana.

"Guess what Jeanie! Gwiffie da best in da entire world makes wishes come twue! He said he'd teach me to be da best artist in da entire world like him and I'm so excited becauwse It was my biggest wish!" Jerry said excitedly.

"Wow! I'm sure you'll do amazing!" Jeana said.

"Awnd, Team Jiffie will save evwyone from da badies!" Jerry said.

"So...shall we begin your first lesson?" Griffin asks.

"Yup!" Jerry said.

"Well let's get started!"

Chapter 17

"So do you know what happened to your parents?" I ask curiously.

"No. All I know is they left to see someone and never came back. They were only supposed to be gone for one month. It's been five." Jeana said softly.

"I wish I could help you but I'm supposedly dead so there's not that much that I can do." I tell her sadly.

"No. There IS something you can do. Forkle's hiding something about my parents and I NEED to know what." Jeana tells me.

"Hmm....I guess I can probably find out. If I can find a way out of here." I tell her.

"Please! I need to know!" Jeana tells me.

"I'll see what I can do." I tell her.

"Thank you! I really appreciate it!" Jeana exclaims.

"But. I need you to tell me EVERYTHING you remember." I tell her.

"Okay. It all started when Mama got a phone call...."

Jeana's memory

"Mama! The phone's ringing!" I call downstairs.

"Alright." Laura calls.

I was upstairs playing with my best friend Andrea when it rang. "I'm going to get a drink of water. Want some?" I asked Andrea.

"Sure!" She responded.

Every time Andrea came over we'd always paint pictures and act out a play we put together. We always had so much fun we'd do it all the time.

I come downstairs and hear Mama talking to someone.

"Yes of course we can come! I'll have to tell Jeana though. I feel bad about leaving her with Willy though. He's only a month old. I'll also have to talk to Mark. I'll call you tomorrow with an update. Alright. Bye." Mama tells the person on the phone.

"Tell me about what?" I ask mama.

"I'll tell you at dinner. Now, isn't Andrea waiting for you?" Mama asks.

I nod and grab some water.

"Sorry I took so long." I tell Andrea.

"Oh that's fine." She tells me.


"Jeanie dear. Your Father and I have something we need to tell you." Laura says.

"I'm all ears." I tell them.

"My friend Annie called. She asked us to come down as soon as possible. She's going through some hard times and asked if Mark and I could come down. But then I need to figure out what to do about you guys. I could ask Andrea's mom if she can watch you or I could let you watch them." Laura offers.

"How long will you be gone?" I ask.

"A month at most. It depends. I can ask tomorrow if you want." Laura offers.

"No that's fine. I'll watch them and if I have problems I'll talk to Mrs. Stevenson." I tell her.

"Are you sure? Jerry can be a bit demanding sometimes and Willy's only a baby." Laura  hesitates.

"Lu, I think she'll be fine. I can always fly back early." Papa tells Mama.

"I'll be fine! Do not worry Mama! I know how to handle them." I tell Mama.

"If you're sure.......then we'll be leaving in two days. Mark, can you schedule a plane ride? I'll call Mrs. Stevenson and ask if she can bring Jeana groceries every week. Then we'll pack tomorrow and leave Wednesday. Sound good?" Laura asks.

"Yup!" I tell Mama.

"Alrighty then!" 

Chapter 18/part 2 of Jeana's memory

"You sure you can handle this? It's not to late to back out." Laura told me.

"I'm sure I can handle this! Don't worry! Enjoy your trip! See you in a month!" I told them.

"Bye darling! If you need is call us on the phone we got you. We will come as fast as we can. " Laura said kissing me on the cheek.

"Bye my little Jeanie! Take care!" Mark said.

"Bye-bye Mummy! Bye-bye Daddy!" Jerry called.

"Come here big boy!" Mark called to Jerry.

Jerry ran over and hugged them both.

"Keep them safe my little Superhero!" Mark told Jerry.

"I will! Don't wowwy!" Jerry said.

"Take care!" Mama called as she left with Papa.

Jerry and I waved till they were out of site and then went back inside.

"Jeanie?" Jerry asked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Why do Mummy an Daddy have to weave?" Jerry said.

" Miss Annie needed them." I told him.

"Jeanie?" Jerry said.

"Yeah?" I asked again.

"I don't feel so good." Jerry said crying.

"Aww... Don't be sad! We'll have a lot of fun!" I tell him.

"My head hurts!" He said crying even more.

"Hmm.....your forhead's really warm." I said.

I put him to bed and went to find the thermometer . When I checked his temperature he was 122.3.

"Yipes! That's really high! I should bathe him to bring his temperature down." I thought.

I went to the bathroom and started the bathtub. I then bathed him. When I checked his temperature again he  hadn't come down at all.

"I'll wait till tomorrow and see what happens." I thought.

Well little did I know that he would end up worse then before.w The next morning his temperature had gone up a bit and he was so energetic! He was either energetic or very sore, hot and tierd.

"This isn't normal! I'll call Mrs. Stevenson.  She'll know what to do!" I thought .

I ran and grabbed my phone. Dialed in Mrs. Stevenson's number.

"Hello?" Mrs. Stevenson asked.

"Hi Mrs. Stevenson! I need a bit of help. Can you come over?" I asked.

" Of course! I'll be over in a jiffy!"Mrs. Stevenson said hanging up.

"Phew!" I thought.


I ran over and opened the door.

"Hi Jeana! You said you needed my help?" Mrs. Stevenson asked.

"Yes please! Jerry's really sick! His temperature is really high! I've given him a bath, let him rest, I don't know what to do!" I sobbed.

"Awww! Don't cry honey! I'll help!" Mrs. Stevenson said.

"You will?! Oh thank you Mrs. Stevenson!" I exclaimed.

"Call me Johanna darling! Now where is my patient?" Johanna asked.

"This way." I said. I led her to Jerry. She examined him and said that this was not normal symptoms for a small fever. That it was symptoms for pneumonia.   Johanna called Dr. Johnson who came over and checked him herself. Dr. Johnson agreed with Johanna that it was pneumonia and he should go to the hospital for them to run tests.

So we brought him to the hospital where they took him in and started running tests.

He was in the hospital for three weeks. They had determined it pneumonia to and said it was so bad he probably wouldn't survive much longer. 

Mrs. Stevenson took Willy in while I was at the hospital with Jerry. It was the hardest part of my life. Watching my brother, struggle to breath and hold on.

And then, one morning, the nurse Alison, came in, and found out that his temperature had gone seriously down during the night. He was breathing so much better now and was starving. He went from barely breathing and eatinh, to breathing wonderfully and eating A LOT!

My brother. My favorite person in the world. Would survive.

Chapter 19

The doctors finally released Jerry from the hospital after taking a few more tests. Mrs. Stevenson took us home the day before my parents were supposed to arrive.

Next day.

"Jerry! Guess what!" I call.

"What!" Jerry asked.

"Mama and Papa are coming home today!" I tell him.

"Yay! Mummy an Daddy are coming home today!" Jerry says excitedly.

We waited all day but they never came. I tried calling them but all I got was their answering machine. I guessed that the flight was delayed but I never got a call and they didn't come home!

We waited and waited but they never came! I didn't understand it at all! What was going on! Why weren't they home! I talked to Mrs. Stevenson but she didn't know what happened either.

"Wait. If they didn't come home then who took care of you? Mrs. Stevenson was never asked to do more then a month." I said.

"Well.....there was a boy named Bran who started helping me. We became friends but Jerry hated him. I never knew why though. He was nice, and he brought food and gifts for Christmas. He gave me this." She said.

She holds up a moonstone necklace.

"Whoa! It's so pretty!" I whisper.

"I know! He came all the time! But then something happened and he told me he wasn't allowed to come back. Ever." She tells me.

"I wonder why..... Did he ever tell you why?  I asked.

"He said something about a friend who he lives with told him it was dangerous for him to trust me. I never saw him again." Jeana said sadly.

"Girls? Done with the chit chat yet? Martha has requested a meeting and told us to bring Jeana if we had her. Forkle has arranged an escort but it's up to you to. If you go Ash, then they would figure out you're still alive." Raven tells us.

"I'm so in!" I tell her.

"If they want to see me then I'll go." Jeana said.

"Are you sure it's safe?" Griffin asked.

"No but we still have to go. Martha said she'd tell us something if we brought Jeanie." Raven said.

"Then we're in." Griff said backing up so we could see Pace, Chance, Tessa, Ava, Kya, Reed, and Nate.

"Well then let's get the show on the road!" I tell them.

At the meeting place.

"So you DID decide to come." I hear from behind me.

I turn and see a group of five all in a V formation with Martha in the front.

"Yes we did. " I tell her.

"YOU! B...B...BUT I THOUGHT YOU DIED!" Martha sputtered.

"Nope! We're both still alive!" Griff tells her.

"Anyways, why exactly did you call us here?" Raven asks.

"You have something that is ours." One of the other figures says.

"I'm nobodys!" Jeanie snaps.

"Hah! That's where you are wrong! Your parents promised us your help if we let them live." Martha said.

"I will NOT let you control me!" Jeanie said walking into view and pulling her hood off.

"Wait! Martha! You lied to me! You told me she was dead!" The figure on Martha's left said.

The figure pulled off his good and stepped towards Jeana.

"Bran!" Jeana gasped.

"You remember me!" Bran said running over to her.

"Hold it!" Raven said blocking him from Jeana.

"Why? What's wrong?" Jeana asked.

"Well for one thing, I don't trust him. Plus, I'm supposed to be protecting you!" Raven protested.

"Bran! Get back up here!" Martha growls.

"No! I won't be lied to anymore! You took her from me! I won't let you do that again!" Bran shouted.

" I'm warning you........ " Martha started.

"I don't care!" Bran interrupted.

"Then once again you can all burn." Martha said.

It all happened so fast! One moment we were talking, the next a pillar was falling on Bran and Martha lit the building.

"Not again!" I grumble.

I shoved everyone else toward the stairs and run towards Bran. I shoved the pillar off of him.

"Go!" I shout.

I blast water at the fires but it doesn't do much. I grab a shocked Bran and shove him up the stairs.

"Go! Go! Go!" I urged him.

"What do we do now?! We're trapped!" Tessa whines.

"Jump!" I shout.

"What! You're joking! We'll die!" Tessa protests.

"Just jump! You've got to trust me!" I shout.

I was holding off the fire as much as I could but I could only do it for so long. Jeana got the courage to jump first and jumped.

"GERONIMO!!!!!!" She shouts.

"Jeanie!" Bran yells.

"Come on! This feels good!" Jeanie called.

Bran jumped next followed by Raven. Soon everyone had jumped but me. With one hand I held off the fire and with the other I made a water slide for them. They hit the water and slid down.

I ran to the edge to jump but didn't get the chance to jump. The building exploded sending me flying off.

"Better then dying up there!" I thought.

When I finally got out of my shock, I dove towards the ocean which was right next to the building.

I looked for my friends and saw them calling. Well, Griffin, Pace and Raven were, everyone one else thought I wasn't gonna make it and were crying.

I looked back at the ocean focusing on my destination.

The last thing I felt as I hit the ocean was strong arms grab me.

Then I blacked out.

Chapter 20 

When I wake up I see Jeanie talking to Livvy.

"W..w..what happened?" I ask.

"Oh! Good! You're awake!" Jeanie said.

"How are you feeling?" Livvy asks.

"I...don't really know. Everything's a blur." I mumble.

"Huh. Do you remember anything?" Jeana asked.

"A little." I tell them.

"Well maybe you'll remember more in a few hours." Livvy tells me.

"Does that mean she won't remember me taking the leap of faith? " Jeana asks.

"Wait! I remember something like that! I think Martha had another temper tantrum." I tell them.

"That she did!" Raven said as she came over.

"Oh! Hi Raven!" Livvy said.

"When will she be better?" Raven asked.

"Who knows." Livvy said.

"I think I'm better now." I said.

"Are you sure? I think you should still rest." Livvy said.

"I'm fine!" I tell her.

After Livvy left with Raven I asked Jeanie, "What happened to Bran?"

"Forkle didn't trust him so he's in the Dungeon. He gladly went because he knew he had to make up for everything." Jeanie said.

I nod. I left soon later to go for a walk. I spent hours thinking about what happened. But I just couldn't figure it out. I was about to go in for dinner when I have a branch crack.

"Hello?" I call.

Nobody answers. I hear another crack. I back up and turn to run but but someone tripped me. I fall and hit my head.

"Ryan! I told you not to hurt her!" Someone exclaims.

"Who are you!" I ask.

"Who do you think!" The figure snapped.

"Martha!" I gasp.

"Yours truly. " She said.

"B..b..But how!" I ask.

"What do you think?" Ryan said.

"Take her." Martha growls.

"No! Stop!" I said frantically.

Something hits my head and my vision goes. Later.

"What was I supposed to do! Give her a necklace and ask nicely for her to come?" I heard Ryan say sarcastically as I woke up.

"Anyways, where is the washer. I need someone to wash her memories completely so they will only come back with an certain antidote." I hear someone say.

"I'm right here." I hear a gruff voice say.

"Well don't just dally there! Get over here!" The other dude snaps.

I was to confused about what was going on to say anything.

I felt rough hands press against my temples. I felt my memories start to disappear. And then, everything I knew, disappeared.

I was no longer Asha Noel Dawson.

I was now Jadelle Johnson. I had a new goal to fulfill. And that was defeating the Black Swan.

"It worked!" Someone says.

"Why wouldn't it!" A girl says.

"What worked?" I ask.

"Oh nothing. Jade, I am Martha. Your new leader. You either listen to  me and be my loyal follower, or your loved ones will suffer." Martha says.

"What do I have to do?" I ask.

"We must defeat the Black Swan." She tells me.

"Consider it done m'lady!" 

Chapter 21

Martha's POV

It worked! I'm one step closer! The Council knows who Asha is and they know who  Jade is. All we need to do is take Jade there and make them take the ban on Pyrokinetic's off. And with Jade we can win. Because so many people care about her. 

"Ryan, take her to her room. I don't need her right now. " Martha commands.

"Yes Martha. With Jade in our hands we're one step closer to your goal." Ryan said.

"Exactly! Soon everyone will listen to me and ONLY me!"

Chance's POV

"Does ANYONE know where Ash is? I've been looking for her for the past 3 HOURS!" I ask.

"Sorry dude! I last saw her going on a walk." Pace said.

Tessa and Ava nod.

"But she's been gone for 3 hours! And I looked outside!" Chance protests.

"I might know something." Bran mumbled.

Bran was let out for a bit but he was on constant watch. Forkle assigned Sandy to watch him. Personally, I thought the goblin was nice. But Bran thought she was annoying.

"Well, what is it!" I ask.

"I overheard Martha talking to Ryan. Something about getting their hands on Asha and changing her to another person named Jadelle Johnson." Bran said.

"And THAT is exactly what happened. And why you kids now have five dwarves EACH following you." Forkle said walking into the room.


"Easy. They caught her when her guard was down. And they also know where our base is. We've set up our defences but we might have to leave. " Forkle explained.

"We've got to find her." Jeanie said.

"Well hello Miss Patterson!" Mr. Forkle said.

"If they took her because I wouldn't go and help them then I have to do something about it." Jeana said.

"And what do you have in mind? " Forkle said.

"I'm going to make them a deal. I want them to change Ash back. If they do that I'll help them." Jeana said.

"But Jeanie!" Bran protested.

"You might think that's a good plan but it is exactly the opposite of a good plan." Forkle said calmly.

"Oh? Then what's YOUR plan! Watch them touture her and do nothing! Well I owe her. And I will NOT stand by." Jeana shot back.

"No Ms. Patterson. We DO have a plan. You are ONLY here for your safety. You must trust us!" Forkle said.

"Well if you want me to trust you then you better tell me the truth about my parents. Otherwise I WILL NOT trust you. I don't care what happens to me! I only want my friends and family to be safe." Jeana shot back.

"Ms. Patterson! Control your temper! Or I'll have you sent to your room! And you won't be apart of this AT ALL!" Forkle exclaims.

"Right now, I am seriously regretting EVER coming her. The only reason I don't go back to my home is because I don't want to leave my friends." Jeana told him.

It was really hard for me to watch Forkle do nothing to save Ash. I had finally gotten enough of this.

"ENOUGH!" I shouted over all the noise.

Everyone looked at me in shock.

"I have had enough of your arguments! You guys need to stop picking at each other and work together! Forkle, if you don't tell us you plan, then we WILL figure out a plan ourselves. And you will be able to do NOTHING to stop us.Now, Jeana deserves to know the truth about her parents. " I say.

"She can't! It will only put her in danger." Forkle exclaims.

"How will it put her in danger? It won't. You just don't want to tell her." I shot back.

"Alright fine! If you really want to know  then I'll tell you." Forkle paused. "I am Jeana's Father."

Chapter 22 then

" father?" Jeana gasped.

"Yes." Forkle said.

"Then what happened to my mother?" Jeana asked.

"That is a matter to discuss another time." Forkle said.

"Why can't I know now?!" Jeanie asked.

"Because I said so." Forkle said.

"How do I know it really IS you?" Jeana asked.

"You'll just have to trust me Jeana." Forkle said.

I wandered off while they were still talking. As I was walking towards the Waterfall that Asha and I liked to go to, when a golden haired boy ran up.

"Where's Forkle?" He gasped.

" This way." I told him.

I followed him curious to what was going on. I jump when a black haired girl appears behind him.

"Forkle! Martha, Ryan and Jade have been spotted by Havenstar. I think Jade is knew because I've never seen her before." Griffin said.

"You didn't tell him? " Raven said as she ran up behind him.

"He left before I could." Forkle said.

"Tell me what?" Griffin asked.

"Tell him. He deserves to know." Raven said.

" Tell me WHAT!" Griff snapped.

"Jade is," Forkle hesitated. "Jade is Asha. They caught her when she didn't have her guard up and erased her memories." He finished.

"B..But how? She's to strong and brave and powerful!" Griffin said.

I ran off before they could continue. I spent an hour thinking about it. Then, I finally decided. I'll find her. Tonight. I'll go get her. 

Jade's POV

"You never told me what we are doing here y'know." I remind Martha.

"Who cares! You don't need to know. All you have to do is confront them. When they show up, do NOT listen to a word they say. Just fight. " Martha snapped.

I glared at her. She can really get on my nerves sometimes. I wanted to leave but she threatened me anytime I thought about it. But somewhere deep down, I knew I had to go, find out what the feeling I kept having meant. Somehow I knew I was really someone else. Someone who was friends with the people we were about too confront.

A bright light flashed in front of me. Someone with a pitch black cloak walked towards us.

"Martha! Show yourself!" A female voice called.

Martha stepped out of the shadows. Ryan and I followed. Then the backup group.

"Look who's here! Come to the rescue. After years of hiding. Finally come back to rescue a damsel in distress." Martha said trying to get the figure to do something. Which I have no idea what is. "I only came because I was requested." She said.

I glanced at Martha and saw that she was twitching nervously. Ryan was just as nervous.

"Give me Jade." She said calmly.

"No." Martha said.

"Alright. You asked for the hard way." She said calmly.

She flicked her wrist and two tiny darts whizzed by the tall figure and hit Ryan and Martha. They both looked confused and then collapsed on the ground.

"W..what'd You do?" I asked.

"Sleeping darts! Easiest way to take care of them. " She said cheerfully.

She took her hood off and let her long braids fall out. She had black hair with purple streaks all of the way through her hair and Teal eyes.  "What do you know about Martha?" I ask.

"Quite  a lot. In fact, she used to be my Best Friend. Anyways, I'm Sabine. You coming?"

Chapter 23

"Where are we?" I asked Sabine.

"Virginia. When I left I came here. " She said.

"Why DID you leave?" I asked.

"Ever since," She hesitated. "Since Toby died. Toby meant the WORLD to me. I loved him so much. He got sick when he was 6 and a half. Died three months later. Mother and Father were upset but not as upset as I was. No one knew how upset I was. No one really cared. Mother and Father were upset and their tears turned into anger. And anger turned into them not wanting me. They told me to leave. To never come back. I said I never wanted to come back. I didn't mean it but they were to upset to believe me when I told them. All they let me take was a week's worth of supplies and Tofu. I then came here. " She was now in tears. I felt so bad about asking.

"Sorry." I tell her. 

" It's not your fault. It's mine. I knew they didn't mean it when they told me not to come back but I was so upset and angry. " She whispered.

She went to a house and opened it with a key. She led me through the door.

"Tofu? Carlie?" She called.

A big fluffy golden retriever ran down the stairs and to Sabine.

" Tofu! " She exclaimed.

"Your home!" A girl with blond hair, freckles and blue eyes said. " Carlie! Meet Jade. Jade this is Carlie, " She said pointing at the small girl. "And this is Tofu." She said pointing at the dog.

"Can I talk to you Mya? " Carlie asked.

"Mya?" I asked.

"That's my real name. I met Carlie the day after I was kicked out. But since then I've gone by Sabine. You can call me whichever one you want." Mya/ Sabine said. 

"I think I'll go with Mya. If that's ok with you" I tell her.

She smiled and left with Carlie.  She comes back soon later.

"Your bedroom is on the first room on the right upstairs. Dinner's at 6:00. Guests and introductions after dinner." Mya said.

"Guests?" I asked.

"Remember when I said I was requested? Well they're coming tonight. " May explains.

I nod and head up to my room. It was small. Had a nice view. A king size bed. A closet and a dresser full of clothes. And a dog bed. I guessed it was Tofu's bed but for all I know Mya has another dog.

I went to the closet to change so I wouldn't be in the Neverseen's clothes. I changed into Jeana and a teal shirt with flowers on it. I came out of the bathroom and saw Tofu come in. She immediately jumped on my bed. I smiled and grabbed a book call Tuesday's in the Castle by Jessica Day George (if you haven't read it you should. It's amazing!) which looked interesting.

"Jade! Dinner?" Mya called an hour later.

" Coming! " I call. I put the book on nightstand and run downstairs with Tofu. When I arrive in the kitchen there were 7 kids at the table including Mya and Carlie.

"Jade this is Mista, Carlie's twin Charlie, Amber, Jasper, and Anna. Children, this is Jade." May introduced.

"Hi!" Mista said shyly.

"Welcome!" Amber said cheerfully.

"Glad to have you!" Charlie said politely.

"Nice to meet you!" Jasper said.

Anna waved.

"Jade, if you're available, I have something I need to tell you." May told me.

I grab an Apple and tell her, " I'm ready! "

She leads me to another room and sits down.

"Jade, when I told you about my past there was one thing I didn't tell you. When Father kicked me out I took you with me. I didn't know how much Toby's death would hurt you and how much Mother and Father would take their anger out on you. So I..I took you. I found a safe place to stay for a few days and erased your memories. Saundra and Anakin Dawson agreed to take you in. We decided to name you Asha. Gave you memories to make you think they were your parents. And I left with Carlie right after. Jade? " Mya whispered.

I looked at her with tears and a look of understanding in my eyes.

"Jade, you're my sister!"

Chapter 24  " Jade, are you okay? " Mya asked.

"Yeah. It's a lot to take in. But, I think I've known all along. I always knew I was someone else. " I whispered.

"I was so scared! I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner." Mya whispered.

"Mya? Carlie would like to see you." Mista informs Mya.

"Alright. I'm coming. Would it be okay if Jade came?" Mya asked.

" I believe so. " Mista told her.

I followed Mya and Mista to the kitchen. Carlie was cleaning up with Jasper, and Amber. Charlie was playing with little Anna in the family room and Mista went to read a book.

"You wanted to see me?" Mya asked. "Yes. A friend contacted me with an update." Carlie told her as she dried dishes.

"Did she find the girl?" Mya asked.

Before Carlie could respond, the door burst open. And right black figures rushed in.

"Get down on the ground with your hands on your head." A muffled voice commands.

Charlie shoved Anna and Tofu down a tunnel, closed it and came into view. "I said, Get down on the ground with your hands on your head. " He repeated.

Everyone but Anna got down on the ground.

"Honestly, I have no idea why we need to keep them alive. " A second voice grumbled.

"Be quiet! We have orders, and we WILL follow them. Now, take the ropes and tie them up." A third figure growls.

"Why does she need them?" The second figure asked.

"According to her, they know something about Cassandra Hanson." The third figure grumbled.

"What do we do?" I whispered to Mya.

" Wait for Cass to rescue us. Until then, all we can do is Hope, and Pray. "

End of story.

Hi guys! This ending will lead up to my next story. I asked Vee to make a cover and I'll post it here when it's ready. I am working on a title for my next fanfic and once I have one I'll start. Thank you for all your kind words and input. I'll get the next story up ASAP.

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