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Happy Shadow Thoughts

DISCLAIMER: I don't think this is cannon, nor do I want this to happen. None of the things that happen in this are real, and none of the characters belong to me.


"Here you go!" Dex said cheerfully as he handed the panic rings back to his friends. "I added controls that allow you to send a vague message of what is happening. Up for Neverseen, down for an accident, the button with the E if you need Elwin. Right if anyone died, and left for if you need the full force of the Black Swan. Oh yeah, Sophie and Biana? Never press the red buttons on yours. EVER."

"OK?" Biana said, a little creeped out. "What do they do?"

"You don't want to know," said Dex. Obviously, his friends did want to know, but they trusted Dex. He knew they wouldn't press it.


2 weeks later...

"Dex! Dex, I pressed the Elwin button! He'll be here any second!" Sophie cried, clinging on to a shred of hope that her friend wouldn't die.

Dex smiled feebly. "Ok. Now Sophie, there's something you need to know. Get everyone together and press your button. The one I told you not to press. And Sophie? Tell everyone how much they mean to me. How much they changed my life for the better. And that the triplets can have my stuff."

Sophie couldn't help it. She threw back her head and laughed. But when she looked back at Dex, he was perfectly still.

"Oh-oh no- DEX!" Sophie sobbed and sobbed, didn't even look up when Elwin appeared and his face went white. Didn't look up when Alden and Fitz arrived, or when Biana stepped out of the light a moment later. Not when Keefe tried to comfort her, and Sophie didn't move when Grady and Edaline tried to take her home. When Linh and Tam sat with her, she didn't even acknowledge them. She knew how hard it would be on all of her friends, but they were strong for her. Shouldn't Sophie be strong for them? But she couldn't.


Sophie was the first one at the planting (a formality) a week later, so that she could spend some time with his already planted tree.

"Dex, I'll miss you- oh, I'm mumbling in English, aren't I- oh Dex!" Sophie had to sit down then, because she was crying so hard.

After the service, Sophie grabbed all of her friends, and silently had them all leap to Havenfield. There, she pressed the button.

OK, I'll finish this later.

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