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Archived Character.png This is an archived roleplay character, meaning that this character has not been used for roleplay in a while, or it was a user request. It is not to be used in roleplay anymore unless specified otherwise.

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Hania Lanive ⚡ She/Her pronouns

⚡ Lightning girl ⚡ Wayworden
"If I can't make it up to you, know I tried to."
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This Character Belongs To Eve
Birthday: 08/03/3005
Age: 14
Orientations: ???
Species: Elven
Talent: Chager
School: Exillium
Occupation: Wayward
Location: ???
Gender: Feamle
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Elven
Accent: Elven
Affiliations: ???
Status: Alive
Lightning girl
Hasn't been roleplayed with yet!



Hania has beutiful midnight ruby hair that she outs into braids. Her eyes are a dark shade of sea green.


Haina is an ambivert. She sometimes likes talking to people and sometimes doesn't. She always has a pained expression in her eyes because of what happened with her sister.


Hania grew up in a happy life. She had two parents who loved her a lot and a little sister who she often played with. Her name was Yesha, and they were two years apart. One day they were playing outside of their residence when Hania developed as a charger and accidentally almost killed her little sister. A day after that her parents sighed Hania up for Exilim. After her sister returned from the healing center, she moved out of her house because her parents were acting cold to her and didn't act as if they loved her because she hurt her sister. Upon arriving at the arch of dividing Hania would first get frustrated, in thinking of ways to do it. She would eventually decide to hit the arch with lighting, setting it on fire. Hania new what would happen but still startled with the result.


Dhaw Lanvie-Dad Zay Lanvie-Mom Yesha Lanvie-Sister

She often hangs out with Zaos and Malon.

No one yet.

She kinda like-likes Zoas and Malon


She is good at

  • Appetite supresion
  • Full body momentum
  • Breath control

  • Likes Zaos and Melon
  • Lives by herself
  • Has 2 friends


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