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Seven too many

Seven heroes of the Lost Cities.

Seven heroes, seven too many.

They're all gone now, aren't they?


One is broken

One is lost

One will never leave the frost

One will suffer

One will die

One will burn

While one survives


You're broken on the inside, I can see that. It's not something you can hide easily.

This crack right here, that's a broken heart. Broken hearts never heal.

Your hands, they are broken into pieces. Your hands have done horrible things. They have been stained with the blood of your brother. That kind of blood, it can never be washed away.

But your mind. It is shattered completely. Shattered, shattered beyond recognition. It is your mind we cannot save.

Fitz Vacker was the first to fall.

Dear Fitz, I hope you understand now. It's no use keeping your pain and grief to yourself. Oh, how I wish you had told us earlier. We could have helped you. But you let yourself break. You let yourself fall. Fitz, dear, your father and I have always been here for you. We are here for you now. Please wake up.


You're not smiling. You never smile anymore.

You used to be so happy. You used to laugh and smile and celebrate. You don't do that anymore.

There is chaos inside your mind. Every day, you wake to destruction, and every night, you go to sleep with the sound of screams echoing in your ear.

Those memories... they haunt you, still. It is those memories that caused you to become like this. Those memories erased the smile from your face and the spark from your eyes.

Linh Song was the second to fall.

Linh, how I wish I could see you be happy again. You're not yourself anymore. Where is the bright, cheerful girl I love? Where is she? I'm still hoping that the real Linh, the one that I love, is there, buried under all that grief. Or is that Linh gone forever?


If the situation was less serious, everyone would say that you look awful.

It's true. Your skin is blue and covered in a layer of frost. Your face is frozen- maybe not so much by ice as by fear.

Fear is a weapon that your mother wields quite well.

Keefe Sencen was the third to fall.

I'm keeping all this short and simple. You're not going to read this, anyways. You're dead. So here is what I have to say- I'm sorry for how I treated you. I'm sorry for not being the father you always wanted me to be. I'm sorry for not being able to stop your mother when she left you to die in the cold. I'm sorry for everything, Keefe.


Life was always hard for you, wasn't it?

Life for you was a constant uphill battle, with everyone else trying to drag you down. Everyone, even the Matchmakers. Everyone, even your closest friends. Everyone, even your own family.

Your friends, they ignored you. They laughed at you. They abandoned you when you needed them the most. But you didn't abandon them. You stayed by their side, you helped them.

You were forgotten, though. Your friends, whom you cared for, they forgot you. The world that you saved forgot you. Everyone forgot you...

Dex Dizznee was the fourth to fall.

...everyone but me.

I watched you shut yourself away in your room every day. I watched as you became bitter. I watched as you left the Lost Cities for good. I don't know where you are right now, but I want to let you know that you're important to me. Although I might have been troublesome and downright annoying at times, I care about you. Please, Dex, come back.


You were never given a proper welcome.

You weren’t given a proper goodbye, either. You were dead before we knew it. In the end, your powers backfired on you, did they not?

Darkness is powerful. Without it, light cannot shine, and there would be no balance in our souls. In a way, darkness is powerful by not being there at all.

It was the same way with you. You helped so many people with your power, you accomplished so much, yet you were modest and quiet. People never notice the darkness until it’s gone- and one may notice that light cannot shine as bright without it, if it can shine at all.

Tam Song was the fifth the fall.

I apologize for not getting to know you better. I knew you, but I remained a near stranger to you. I was simply your teacher. But rest assured, Tam, wherever you might be now, that you were my brightest student. You helped so many people shine, and everything isn’t the same now that you’re gone.


You know that history likes to repeat itself.

I can still hear the roaring of the flames. The crackling of the fire. We lost you that day, you see.

I can still see the orange, red, and yellow sparks. The screams. People, people, all around us, yet you were the one lost.

You are our hero, Sophie. And not even death can take that part of you away from us.

Sophie Foster was the sixth to fall.

Life wasn't always the kindest to you, yet you were the kindest to us. Life never lit up the correct path for you, yet you lit up my life. You saved it. You saved me from descending into ruin, and for that I owe you.This is your legacy, and it is one of a hero. A friend. A daughter.

We will keep your memory in our hearts.


"Biana... sweetie, we have to leave now..."

Della's soothing voice filled the quiet woods, her footsteps rustling the leaves on the ground.

Biana looked up from the base of the Wanderling she was kneeling at. Her mother's kind face had a bittersweet smile on it as she helped Biana up to her feet.

"They're beautiful, aren't they?" Biana whispered, holding onto Della's hand, eyes slightly glazed over, looking at the canopy of gold, silver, and blond leaves above their heads. A few leaves fluttered down to the ground, a golden, star-shaped on landing on her shoulder. Smiling through the tears welling up in her eyes, Biana brushed it off with her free hand.

"They are," murmured Della. She then looked back to Biana. "Do you want to stay here for a little longer, sweetie? We have to check in on your brother after this, but we can hold off for a little longer to give you more time to be with your friends..."

"I... I'll be right back, Mom," Biana reassured Della, breaking free of her mother's hand and stepping forwards, touching her palm to where the trunks of the three Wanderlings twisted around each other, as if the three of them were hugging each other, at peace in the afterlife.

The Wanderling Woods were dead quiet, not even the wind blew, the leaves didn't rustle. Like the woods were taking a moment of silence for the three fallen heroes of the Lost Cities.

Biana closed her eyes, breathing in and out. She had never said a prayer before, she didn't even have anyone or anything to pray to, but she said one right then and there. She prayed for her brother and for Linh and for Dex, she prayed that Sophie and Keefe and Tam were in a better place, she prayed for the Lost Cities to heal.

And mostly... I just wish for everybody to be happy again, she finished the prayer, inhaling slowly before opening her eyes. Taking one last gaze at the three trees for her three friends, Biana wiped away a stray tear with her sleeve.

"I'm ready to go now, Mom," Biana said, taking her mother's hand and blinking quickly to try to stop the rest of the tears from falling as more leaves fell around them, gold, silver, and blond. A sad smile was faintly on her face as she held her pathfinder up to the sky.

Della had tears in her eyes as well, a proud yet sad smile on her face. "Let's go, then," she whispered, holding on tightly to her daughter's hand.

As the light whisked them away, Biana repeated in her mind:

One is brave

One is kind

One is a gem, hard to find

One will be remembered

One is a gift;

One is a hero

while one will live.

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