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Geoffrey West The Lonely Boy • The Kind Child
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"
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Geoffrey West

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Geoffrey West
Full Name: Geoffrey Arian West
Parents: Valerie and Marcus West
Siblings: Francine West
Friends: none
Nicknames: Goeff
Birthday: March 1
Age: 16
Gender: male
Personality: Geoff is a friendly, kind, caring boy. He loves helping others, and can be very defensive if someone does something to someone he cares about. He can be suspicious of things, and doesn't always trust others, because he doesn't want to lose someone else in his life.


Francine, Valerie and Marcus West


his mom's old boyfriend

none yet


At the age of 6, Geoff's mom left him and his dad. His mom, Valarie, thought his dad, Marcus was cheating on her. No matter what the dad said, she didn't believe him when he told her he wasn't. The mom left, bought her own house, and after filing a divorce, fell in love with another guy. They dated for 6 months, before they agreed to get married, even though they'd be a bad match A week before the wedding, the mom realized her son's feelings about the whole thing. Geoff didn't want to lose his mom, and he hated the guy she was engaged to. even though she loved him, sh loved her son more, and broke up with him. she hid her feelings every time she visited Geoff, but Geoff could tell she was hurt. he eventually got tired of her lying to him, and snapped at her, telling her to just leave, stop lying, and go marry the guy she apparently loved so much. Valarie left, hiding her tears, and thy never saw each other again.

The dad missed Valarie so much, the only way to get her off his mind, was to do stupid things. he stole from a bunch of stores, vandalized many things, and was finally arrested when he almost took something from a councilor. Geoff was still mad at his mom, so he acted like he didn't care that the only other person in his life, was gone. Geoff was sen to the orphanage, and is waiting to be adopted, at the age of 16.

Geoff is a Flasher.


geoff has black hair and turquoise eyes

Eye Color: turquoise
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'9
Model: Cameron Boyce

coding credits to Z

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