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Genara Wisdom Everfree



"We are all broken; that's how the light gets in."







16 y.o.






Black Hair

Cold Electric Blue(right), Silvery Blue(left) Eyes


Genara has heterochromia, which is where her eye colors are different from each other. Her right eye is cold electric blue while her left eye is silvery blue. People find it either very fascinating or very disturbing.




Like stated in the backstory, she has Associative Synesthesia. Rather than expressing her feelings through a logical form of words, she thinks of colors and pictures and is a great artist. Elves either are fascinated by her disorder or find her weird and disturbing. She is a polite Technopath that want no harm to others, but sometimes she speaks without thinking and ends up offending people without meaning to. Some people think she's a great disser(a person disses good), but no, she's not, she just happens to say stuff that's unexpected. She also speaks her mind very openly and doesn't care about what others think. As an elf that doesn't mind solitary moments or other elves' presence, I believe she can be dubbed as an ambivert.

(She's more like Whiteout in Wings of Fire)


(For your very information, the name Everfree shouldn't be mistaken as the one in MLP...)

Genara was born into two parents called Lionara Everfree, a Shade, and Cameron Everfree, a Flasher. Her name was from her father's side of the family as her mother came from a middle-classed family while her father was an Emissary. Her middle name Wisdom is from her great-great-great-grandmother's, and she was a prominent Councillor who stepped down from her position to get married, after serving the Lost Cities for hundreds of years. Although it's only her dad that's in Nobility, she lives in Eternalia with her parents. She has 2 siblings. Her brother, Cameron Jr is 2 years older than her(so he's a Level 8). Her sister, Ginette is younger than her by 4 years(so she's Level 2). She's 16 years old(so she's Level 6).

Genara's pretty popular in Foxfire. She had great grades, a loving family, favored by her mentors, but most of all it was her appearance and personality that made so many students like her. She has heterochromia, which is a word referring to people who have different colored eyes. Her right eye is cold electric blue, while her other eye is silvery blue. She has a personality disorder called Associative Synesthesia, which is where stimulation of one sense (as of sound) leads to a stimulation of another (as of color). She expresses her joy, anger, happiness, sadness, and all other feelings through colors, and she gets this from her father(her father's side of the family has a long history of this disorder), and her brother has this as well.

She manifested as a Technopath in Level 2, one of the earliest manifester in her generation. Her sister manifested as a Hydrokinetic a few months ago, and her brother manifested as a Froster in Level 3. Her whole family has abilities related to elements except for Pyrokinesis, but she manifested as a Technopath. Even though her family doesn't care what kind of Talent she has, she wishes to have manifested as a Guster.

Genara is also heavily fascinated by science, astronomy, and human technology. She'd one time devised a Light-Leap type of crystal and made some kind of disabling thingy so her registry pendant couldn't give away her location, and light leaped to the Forbidden Cities. Of course, she got into ton and tons of trouble after she came back...and is still grounded by her parents. She was almost expelled from Foxfire but luckily she wasn't. But she remembered visiting tons of places and accidentally hacking into a device she didn't know the name of. She returned with various unique objects and had her father inspect all of them to make sure they weren't something dangerous. Through her Talent, she invented lots of cool stuff and is pretty famous in the Lost Cities for her ideas.

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"We are all broken; that's how the light gets in."
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