Garland Residence

Currently only Kevin and Melissa Garland live here

Roleplay Edit

Kevin Garland: Kevin was in the kitchen making Mallowmelt. His mom was once again, out with a friend. His best guess was she found a guy she liked and was considering getting married again. 

Kevin Garland: Kevin heard the door open. "Mom? Is that you?" He called. He put the fresh mallowmelt on the table and went to see who it was.

Kevin Garland: "I won't. But hey, while you're here, would you like some fresh mallowmelt? I don't have anyone to share it with. " Kevin asked.

Kevin Garland: "Gone. My dad and sister left when I was little. And my mom is rarely home. " He gave her a piece of mallowmelt.

Kevin Garland: "Would you like anything to drink? " He asked, changing the subject.

Kevin Garland: "We have many different things. What would you like? " He asked.

Kevin Garland: Kevin nodded and got her some lushberry juice.

Kevin Garland: "Here you go. I'm Kevin, by the way. " He said, handing her the juice. He sat down and got a slice of mallowmelt.

Kevin Garland: "Nice to meet you, Ceres. " He said. He grabbed the dirty dishes and went to wash them.

Kevin Garland: "Thanks. " Kevin said. He went to clean up his mess from making mallowmelt. "Are you doing anything this afternoon?" He asked as he put stuff away.

Kevin Garland: "Maybe I should have a word with those "physco kods". And you can stay here if you want. Knowing mom, she won't be back for a day or two."

Kevin Garland: " parents split up when I was young. I think she blames me. But she avoids me as much as possible so that she won't remember." Kevin wished they hadn't split up and had figured nothings out so he could stay with Evie.

Kevin Garland: "It's okay,  I guess. I only see her like, once or twice a week. She's usually working or going out with friends when she's not here. " Kevin brought more dishes to the sink and started washing them.

Kevin Garland: "I'm not exactly sure. She avoids me whenever she's home. When I last talked to my sister Evie, she said Dad does the same thing except he doesn't avoid her. "

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