Welcome to the Fun Fandom KOTLC Forum! This is the list of specific rules for this branch. Please also remember to abide by the wiki-wide policies when using this feature.

  • Theory Policies
    • Do not edit another user's post. If another user has written something under a category, do not edit their writing. If you believe another user's post does not follow our guidelines, report it to an administrator.
    • Please don't discuss theories on the page itself. The Theories page is meant for listing all users' theories rather than discussing theories. If you'd like to discuss a theory, please use the comments section.
    • Keep all theories appropriate and respectful. All theories should be kept appropriate to a middle-grade level series, and they should not bash other opinions, ships, or characters.
    • Keep all theories on-topic. For example, do not post a theory about another series or something unrelated to the theory page's theme.
    • Make sure that all theories have sufficient evidence. Do not post random theories, such as "Sophie will turn into a pineapple".
  • Debate Policies
    • Be respectful at all times. If you do not agree with a user, please respectfully disagree with them and avoid character, ship, or opinion-bashing. Do not insult, intimidate, or bully other users during a debate -- these debates are meant to be fun and should not turn into shouting matches.
    • Keep all arguments related to the debate topic. For example, a ship debate should not be accidentally turned into a character debate. In these cases, please try to steer the debate back onto its original topic.
  • Competition Policies
    • Do not bribe, blackmail, or otherwise solicit for votes. All users caught doing this will be removed from the competition.
    • Do not complain. If you have lost a competition, please do not publicly express your concerns. If you think that something went wrong with the voting or have specific reasons why you should have won, please private message an administrator.

These are expected to be followed at all times, and failure to abide by these guidelines will result in a warning or a blockage.


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