The list below contains the policies that are meant to ensure everyone on the wiki can have a safe and enjoyable experience here. By enforcing the rules set in place, admins and all other wiki users are to be held accountable to a set of standards that have been determined. If these policies and guidelines are broken, site admins reserve the right to warn or ban the user that has done so accordingly to the infraction.


  1. Profane language is prohibited. Keeper of the Lost Cities is a series meant for elementary and middle schoolers.
  2. No mature romantic topics. There are younger users who come on this server and we want it to be safe for everyone.
  3. No bullying or hurtful messages are to be sent to any user under any circumstances. These messages will be deleted and you may be banned from the wiki.
  4. Listen to the administrators. Even minor administrators must be respected. We're here to keep the peace, so please stay with us. If you think that an administrator is abusing power, it is recommended to first message a few others to see what they think. If 5 people or more think that an administrator is abusing power, then a bureaucrat should be messaged.
  5. This wiki has a strict policy on alternate accounts. A user may only have up to one alternate account on here in addition to their mainstream account. On each account's profile page (both the alternate and the mainstream), one should specify whether the account is mainstream or an alternate, and a link to the other account. This is to prevent sockpuppetting and other infractions.
  6. Please see the policy pages listed below as well:
    1. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki:Policies and Guidelines/Fan Fiction
    2. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki:Policies and Guidelines/Fan Art
    3. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki:Policies and Guidelines/Roleplay
    4. Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki:Policies and Guidelines/Forum

If the policies of this wiki are not followed, this wiki has a consequence system in place.

  1. For minor infractions, this template is to be used.
  2. If any of the rules are broken, then this is the system for punishment:
    1. Template:FirstWarning
    2. Template:SecondWarning
    3. Template:Block
    4. Template:Ban
  3. An explanation of the above:
    1. You get your first warning for your first rule break.
    2. You get your second warning for your second rule break.
    3. After 2 warnings, then you get blocked for a week.
    4. After multiple blocks and warnings, a user is to be banned.
  4. If the infractions are severe enough, some steps in the main consequences may be skipped. If there are several light infractions, one step in the cycle may be repeated.

Here is a brief quiz that should let you know whether you are ready to join this wiki or not.

If you do not find these rules to be adequate, or you aren't comfortable with their current state, please message an administrator.


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