Discover the many wonders that lie beyond the boundaries of our planet. Name the stars and map their locations, uncover other galaxies and planets, and learn the potential of these brave new worlds.

Sir Aristotle Dante

The Universe, for levels 1-2 and 5-6

Hydrokinetic Hydrokinetic

Ari is quiet when around people his age. Not shy, but quiet. Though if you talk about something he's interested in, he can go on an hour long rant. He usually keeps to himself, but is known to comfort people who are in need. He can make friends easily but likes to be alone most of the time. When he does hang out with people, he usually talks to one or two people, but gets overwhelmed when many people are trying to talk to him. Ari does have a dark side to him though. He is very protective of his students and family, along with the little friends he has.

Lady Cosette Nguyen

Physical Education, Agriculture, Elvin History, and The Universe, for levels 3-4

Enhancer Enhancer

Cosette is very silent, for her past is quite the mess for her. She’s very smart and has quick reflexes. She wants to make sure every student is taught the way their mind works, and hopes everyone gathers some sort of learning experience from her sessions. She’s quite athletic, playing bramble with her friends quite a bit. She would like to have a healthy relationship with her students.

Lady Renette Kim

Elvin History and The Universe, for the elite levels

Descryer Descryer

Renette is a rather young mentor with a mind apt for Descrying, Polylinguism, and Elvin History. Her ability to teach students is very good, given her extensive knowledge of the the Elvin past. She teaches the higher basic levels as well as the elite levels.

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