The Universe

Foxfire Academy

Discover the many wonders that lie beyond the boundaries of our planet. Name the stars and map their locations, uncover other galaxies and planets, and learn the potential of these brave new worlds.

Gremlins and Halcyons

  • The beginning of the universe (one may draw upon the Big Bang theory for this)
  • The life cycle of a star (mentors may draw upon human information for this)

Mastodons and Dragons

  • Organization of the universe
    • Planets, Stars, Galaxies, etc.
  • Introduction to bottling star light

Saber-tooth Tigers and Yetis

  • Constellations
  • Star Information
    • Location
    • Leaping purposes
    • Star Lights

Elite Levels

  • The unmapped stars (location not to be shared)
    • Elementine
    • Candesia
    • Marquesire
    • Phosforien
    • Lucillant
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