"A Technopath is an ability that allows an elf to understand technology and the functioning of different parts of technology naturally. Technopaths can create and understand gadgets easily. It is said that they can sense the mechanisms of an object and manipulate it as a result. It is also said that they have a "strange language" which they use to speak to gadgets. It's not really speaking to the gadgets, it's more of jargon that they use to name the parts they're using at the moment."

KotLC Factual Wiki

Magnate Delilah Allerton

Technopathy SAFS, for all levels

Mentoring: Lena Clark, Demelza Auditore and Mayuri Spalding

Delilah is a very strict, yet a kind person. She's always looking for the best in everyone and strongly believes everyone is trustworthy until proven otherwise. Of course, Delilah also makes sure to hear both sides of the story before coming to a solid conclusion. As well, she can be very hard to impress, despite the facade of going around with a smile on her face. Despite that setback though, she's a very welcoming person to be around and students find themselves feeling very comfortable around her. She's known for being well-liked and can twist any situation to have a positive outlook.


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