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"Hydrokinetics are elves with the ability to control the element of water. Hydrokinetics describe themselves as being drawn to water and find it hard to visit Atlantis until they have full control over their ability, because Atlantis is surrounded by water. They can draw mist from the air and use it to camouflage themselves into the surroundings. Another thing they can do is create objects out of the mist in the air such as water balls." KotLC Factual Wiki

Sir Aristotle Dante

Hydrokinesis SAFS, for all levels

Mentoring: Zahira Shakhalma, Aya Edain, Summer Flores, and Freya Kylan

Aristotle is quiet when around people his age. Not shy, but quiet. Though if you talk about something he's interested in, he can go on an hour long rant. He usually keeps to himself, but is known to comfort people who are in need. He can make friends easily but likes to be alone most of the time. When he does hang out with people, he usually talks to one or two people, but gets overwhelmed when many people are trying to talk to him. Ari does have a dark side to him though. He is very protective of his students and family, along with the little friends he has.