All Foxfire prodigies must take physical education in order to train their minds to enhance their physical abilities. Skills such as channeling, telekinesis, and levitation are practiced through sports, games, and exercise.

Lady Adriana Jennings

AdrianaJ Mentor
Physical Education, for levels 1-2 and 5-8

Vanisher Vanisher

Lady Adriana Conwyn-Jennings, or Lady Jennings as she prefers to be called by, is perhaps quite unique in the sense she is currently one of the few, if not only, transgender mentors. She teaches Vanishing for TBD levels, alongside Physical Education for the older levels (5-8). A caring and soft-spoken mentor, she never expects much beyond an honest effort... and respect for all the prodigies. She will not stand for any discrimination, and such remarks will be among the very few things she'll take very seriously.

Lady Cosette Nguyen

Physical Education, Agriculture, Elvin History, and The Universe, for levels 3-4

Enhancer Enhancer

Cosette is very silent, for her past is quite the mess for her. She’s very smart and has quick reflexes. She wants to make sure every student is taught the way their mind works, and hopes everyone gathers some sort of learning experience from her sessions. She’s quite athletic, playing bramble with her friends quite a bit. She would like to have a healthy relationship with her students.

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