Lady Leana Delaremi

Multispeciesial Studies and Shade SAFS, for all levels

Shade Shade

Kind to most people, but others describe her as slightly supercilious. Being a Shade, she always takes a shadowvapor reading of someone before talking to them, and treats people differently based on how much shadowvapor she senses in them. She can sometimes be described as mysterious and slightly rude to people who have large quantities of it, but others who don't have as much say she's super nice.


Lyanna Ann Forest

✥ Flashy Flasher ♡ Student
"Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith, miracles happen."
Hail Me ♡ PST

Lyanna DREADED this class. I mean, who even wants to focus on other species when they have plenty of OTHER things to care about? Nonetheless, she plopped down on a chair and folded her arms.

Aya Edain

✈︎ The Short Princess ✧ The Quiet Nerd
Quiet people have the loudest minds.
Talk To Me ✧ Anytime

She walked in and saw Lyanna Forest, a girl she recognized from other classes, slouching in a chair. She raised a hand in greeting before finding a seat.

Leana Delaremi »» Shade »» Mentor

♦ Stars cannot shine without darkness ♦
Hail Me

Leana hurried into the room. "Hi!" she said with a bright smile to the two students sitting in the class. One of them had an unusual abscence of shadowvapor -- or, at least, it was completely blinded by the presence of light, so Leana assumed she was a Flasher. The other one had a normal amount of shadowvapor. "My name is Lady Delaremi, and I will be your multispeciesial studies mentor for this year. Why don't we begin this class by going around and stating our name and one interesting thing about ourselves?" she asked the two students.
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