Multispeciesial Studies

Foxfire Academy

Discover the fascinating cultures, civilizations, and histories behind the intelligent creatures we share our planet with, including ogres, gnomes, trolls, dwarves, and goblins. In this roleplay version, humans shall not be excluded from the discussion, as their betrayal was a result of the wrong-doings of an elf.

Gremlins and Halcyons

  • The early world of intelligent life
    • Setting up the first civilizations
      • Serenvale
      • Gildingham
      • Early human civilizations
    • The first rulers

Mastodons and Dragons

  • The capture of Ravagog
    • The move of the gnomes

Saber-tooth Tigers and Yetis

  • The 1st Elvin-Ogre treaty

Elite Levels

  • The Age of Sophie Foster
    • Black Swan
    • Neverseen
    • 2nd Elvin-Ogre treaty
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