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Explore the fullest potential of the Elvin existence, including the true power of mind over matter, the hope of endless possibility, and the necessity and challenges created by allowing all intelligent creatures to maintain their free will.

Lady Juniper Kix

Metaphysics, for all basic levels

Shade.png Shade

Juniper is warm hearted, and treats everyone fairly. She’s very strict and serious, though, and won’t hesitate to dish out detentions. She’s patient and wants everyone to learn at their own pace, but she’s afraid she won’t know something and is embarrassed to admit that she isn’t the smartest elf in the world. Juniper is also an Emissary for the Council.

Lady Mirjah

Agriculture and Metaphysics, for levels 7-8

Beguiler.png Beguiler

Ingrid is a kind-hearted mentor with a sharp tongue. While having the ability to praise, she also has a way with telling the blatant truth (which is a double-edged sword). As a mentor in Foxfire, she wants to enhance student knowledge via a more in-depth approach to learning rather than the standard lecturing. She believes that student-driven research is more vital (especially in the elite levels).

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