About Approval Hail Me

Hari Kumar ⤖ Helplessly Introverted ♫ Melodiously Inclined
"I honestly don't know how people can live without music; I honestly don't."
Hail Me Conjurer

Hari was about to put his books away before lunch, but decided that he wanted to sneak out for the rest of the day. However, something made him want to stay a bit, so he followed instructions.

River Phan

→ The missing twin brother. ♠ A Black Swan member.
Welcome to my world, where everything is messed up.
Hail me (Actually look for me.) ♠ {{{time}}}

Something was unsettling River. He felt a cold shiver down his spine as if a Forster had frozen it. Probably because of guilt. Guilt of leaving Sky and Khai alone without him. How his sister was teased all day because they were twins.

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