Learn the true history of the Lost Cities, from ancient times up to the present day, including the establishment of the intelligent creature treaties, the human betrayal, the sinking of Atlantis, and the development of the Matchmaking System.

Lady Amber Morrison

Elvin History, for levels 1-2 and 5-6

Vanisher.png Vanisher

Amber is a kind, friendly, and polite lady. She loves to teach, and is very fair with the prodigies. She can be strict, and doesn't hesitate to give out detention and other consequences. After her childhood, Amber tries her best to make sure no one is bullied or left out. She is a very hard working teacher, and tries her best to help others.

Lady Cosette Nguyen

Physical Education, Agriculture, Elvin History, and The Universe, for levels 3-4

Enhancer.png Enhancer

Cosette is very silent, for her past is quite the mess for her. She’s very smart and has quick reflexes. She wants to make sure every student is taught the way their mind works, and hopes everyone gathers some sort of learning experience from her sessions. She’s quite athletic, playing bramble with her friends quite a bit. She would like to have a healthy relationship with her students.

Lady Renette Kim

Elvin History and The Universe, for the elite levels

Descryer.png Descryer

Renette is a rather young mentor with a mind apt for Descrying, Polylinguism, and Elvin History. Her ability to teach students is very good, given her extensive knowledge of the the Elvin past. She teaches the higher basic levels as well as the elite levels.

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