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About Approval Hail Me

Lady Renette Kim ➳ Elite Level Mentor ✧ Descryer
"One needs to be tough to survive. If you aren't, then you will end up wallowing in your own self. Forever. I learnt it the hard way."
Hail Me Descryer

Renette's second class was today; she was ready.

About Approval Hail Me

Starkey Whitmore ~ Regretful Enhancer * Enhancer
”Everyone says, ‘Follow your heart’. But if my heart is shattered into millions of pieces, which fragment do I follow..?”
Hail Me · PST

Starkey entered the classroom, and greeted the mentor. "Greetings, Lady Kim."

About Approval Hail Me

Admon Dullake ❃ Quiet Phaser ❖ Self-Redeemed Student
"Regret is karma, but in a different word"
Hail Me · {{{PST}}}

Admon followed in after, thankful that he wasn't late.

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