Foxfire Academy

Harness the power of the elements and learn to properly store and contain them. Through careful instruction and hands-on training, prodigies will discover how to bottle everything from a gentle breeze to a bolt of lightning.

Gremlins and Halcyons

  • Focus on quintessence v. shadowflux

"The light and the dark have always been described as commandingly opposite figures, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. However, both have to do with our sense of vision; they define how we see our world. The places where quintessence abounds are where we see, and the places where darkness flourishes are where we cannot."

Mastodons and Dragons

  • Focus on earth v. wind

Saber-tooth Tigers and Yetis

  • Focus on water v. fire

Elite Levels

  • The relations between all elements and how they make up the world around.
  • Elementalism's relation to the universe and the cosmos.

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