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About Approval Hail Me

Hari Kumar ⤖ Helplessly Introverted ♫ Melodiously Inclined
"I honestly don't know how people can live without music; I honestly don't."
Hail Me Conjurer.png

Hari calmly walked into class, noticing that he was the first one there. He lounged in a random seat in the empty classroom.

About Approval Hail Me

Schuyler Leigh → Free Bird Cheery Gremlin
"Everyone's a friend until they say they're not my friend."
Hail Me · PST

Schuyler thought he came late, but it turns out he was early; only one person beat him to class. Plus, his teacher wasn't there yet.

Lena Clark

₪ Brave Technopath * Kind Writer
“Life has a strange way of making everything work out in the end.”
Hail Me * {{{time}}}

she walked in, ready for another day.

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