Harness the power of the elements and learn to properly store and contain them. Through careful instruction and hands-on training, prodigies will discover how to bottle everything from a gentle breeze to a bolt of lightning.

Dame Maren Abrahamsson

Elementalism, for 1-4 and 7-8

Hydrokinetic Hydrokinetic

Maren is a rather simple mentor, not quite the one there to just be there, but also there to help make a difference. As the child of a bad match however, Maren is sensitive to rude remarks that anyone else makes, and she will not hesitate to act in such scenarios.

Sir Sarak

Tom 5
Elementalism, for levels 5-6

Guster Guster

Sir Sarak grew up in the nobility and was an oblivious fool to the cracks in Elvin society until he was kidnapped by a group of Human terrorist and he saw how Elves instead of leaving humans to their own devices like they had in the past they should help them repair there broken ways and let them into the intelligent creature sect. He saw that humans are not as foolish as elves thought they were and that they should have rights as well. His parents were the first notable Physicians of the Elvin world they were snobby rude and terrible people. He is a kind person but they can get irritated and plot terrible things when they are manipulated to do something or be part of something against their will but overall they are a pretty decent person.

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