Learn the power of transmutation and purification through hands-on training in special laboratories. Essential skills include: elixir-making, poultice crafting, and the careful conversion of all manner of metals into gold.

Master Vacker

SAFS and Alchemy, for levels 1-4

Conjurer Conjurer

Brynn was extremely timid and shy, but after you would get to know them, they would open up. Nowadays, after coming out as nonbinary, Brynn is a lot more open; they feel safer. They're extremely loyal--they don't give up, but they are a bit stubborn, so sometimes they are hard to work with.

Lady Opal

Person-images-Cherokee Pearce🌮 5ad7ef18c3137e00165445ae
Alchemy, for levels 5-8

Charger Charger

Lady Opal is a kind teacher, and always listens to students. Have a worry? She's definitely the teacher to come to. Just need to talk? She'll listen to all your problems. She's a kind and fair teacher, and will only give you detention if you miss her class, as she truly believes in the best of every one of her students.

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