Learn the proper care of all things botanical through hands-on training in the Foxfire gardens. This opportunity for one-on-one mentorship with gnomes helps prodigies to understand the time, love, and energy it takes to produce the delicious foods they eat every day.

Lady Arriosha

Agriculture, for levels 1-2 and 5-6

Polyglot.png Polyglot

In the last two hundred years of her life, she worked as a physician, using gnomish herbal treatments, and studied plants medicinal properties with multiple intelligent species. She hopes to inform and somewhat widen the curriculum. She's a bit closed off, though she holds her head very high, and it cannot be said she's not polite. In some cases she can have a bit of a temper. Very loyal. She will put her mind out there for others to see, and will in the future, considering she gets the agriculture role be very open to student ideas.

Lady Cosette Nguyen

Physical Education, Agriculture, Elvin History, and The Universe, for levels 3-4

Enhancer.png Enhancer

Cosette is very silent, for her past is quite the mess for her. She’s very smart and has quick reflexes. She wants to make sure every student is taught the way their mind works, and hopes everyone gathers some sort of learning experience from her sessions. She’s quite athletic, playing bramble with her friends quite a bit. She would like to have a healthy relationship with her students.

Lady Mirjah

Agriculture and Metaphysics, for levels 7-8

Beguiler.png Beguiler

Ingrid is a kind-hearted mentor with a sharp tongue. While having the ability to praise, she also has a way with telling the blatant truth (which is a double-edged sword). As a mentor in Foxfire, she wants to enhance student knowledge via a more in-depth approach to learning rather than the standard lecturing. She believes that student-driven research is more vital (especially in the elite levels).

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