Foxfire Magnate

Delilah Allerton
Delilah is a very strict, yet a kind person. She's always looking for the best in everyone and strongly believes everyone is trustworthy until proven otherwise. Of course, Delilah also makes sure to hear both sides of the story before coming to a solid conclusion. As well, she can be very hard to impress, despite the façade of going around with a smile on her face. Despite that setback though, she's a very welcoming person to be around and students find themselves feeling very comfortable around her. She's known for being well-liked and can twist any situation to have a positive outlook.

Elementalism (1-4, 7-8)

Lady Maren Abrahamsson
Maren is a rather simple mentor, not quite the one there to just be there, but also there to help make a difference. As the child of a bad match however, Maren is sensitive to rude remarks that anyone else makes, and she will not hesitate to act in such scenarios.

Agriculture (1-2, 5-6)

Lady Alizabeta Arriosha
In the last two hundred years of her life, she worked as a physician, using gnomish herbal treatments, and studied plants medicinal properties with multiple intelligent species. She hopes to inform and somewhat widen the curriculum. She's a bit closed off, though she holds her head very high, and it cannot be said she's not polite. In some cases she can have a bit of a temper. Very loyal. She will put her mind out there for others to see, and will in the future, considering she gets the agriculture role be very open to student ideas.


Madame Cosima Bettencourt
Cosima has an approachable nature, almost easy-going in a sense. She tries to keep a light mood, not really preferring arguments, though she will not hesitate to act as a mediator in such cases. Being a Descryer, she knows that most people would rather not hear negative things, and so she wouldn't hesitate to make a white lie if only to save a heartbreak or two. She does, however, try to make herself professional and convincing because it's one thing to say a lie; it's another to lie about someone's potential.

The Universe (1-2, 5-6), Hydrokinesis SAFS

Sir Aristotle Dante
Ari is quiet when around people his age. Not shy, but quiet. Though if you talk about something he's interested in, he can go on an hour long rant. He usually keeps to himself, but is known to comfort people who are in need. He can make friends easily but likes to be alone most of the time. When he does hang out with people, he usually talks to one or two people, but gets overwhelmed when many people are trying to talk to him. Ari does have a dark side to him though. He is very protective of his students and family, along with the little friends he has.

Multiple Subjects

Lady Leana Delaremi
Kind to most people, but others describe her as slightly supercilious. Being a Shade, she always takes a shadowvapor reading of someone before talking to them, and treats people differently based on how much shadowvapor she senses in them. She can sometimes be described as mysterious and slightly rude to people who have large quantities of it, but others who don't have as much say she's super nice.

Mesmer SAFS

Lady Adara Frost
Adara is a kind, friendly, fair, and gentle adult. She loves kids, and loves teaching. She always has a way with others, and can usually win an argument. After her hard childhood, she gets to help others so that they won't make the same mistake.

Vanishing and Physical Education (1-2, 5-8)

Lady Adriana Conwyn-Jennings
Lady Adriana Conwyn-Jennings, or Lady Jennings as she prefers to be called by, is perhaps quite unique in the sense she is currently one of the few, if not only, transgender mentors. She teaches Vanishing for TBD levels, alongside Physical Education for the older levels (5-8). A caring and soft-spoken mentor, she never expects much beyond an honest effort... and respect for all the prodigies. She will not stand for any discrimination, and such remarks will be among the very few things she'll take very seriously.

History & The Universe (7-8)

Renette Kim
Renette is a rather young mentor with a mind apt for Descrying, Polylinguism, and Elvin History. Her ability to teach students is very good, given her extensive knowledge of the the Elvin past. She teaches all levels, including the elite levels.

Ability Detecting and Metaphysics (1-6)

Lady Juniper Kix
Juniper is calm, collected and very kind, but she's stern and firm as well. She supports all elves, including twins, triplets, and Bad Matches. Her parents didn't support them, but she thinks that no elf is the same, and they're always different people. She loves to read on the beach.

Pyrokinetic SAFS

Augustus Lee
Augustus can be cold and harsh at times, but warms up to those he respects fairly quickly. He can sometimes be quiet, but has a hard time withholding his opinion when he heard someone disagree with him. Augustus is strong, and uses it to his advantage. He excelled at using his ability and all the subjects that require physical effprts. He also works on his natural skills an awful lot, and has become quite good at it.

Agriculture (7-8), Metaphysics (7-8), Beguiling (6-8)

Lady Ingrid Mirjah
Ingrid is a kind-hearted mentor with a sharp tongue. While having the ability to praise, she also has a way with telling the blatant truth (which is a double-edged sword). As a mentor in Foxfire, she wants to enhance student knowledge via a more in-depth approach to learning rather than the standard lecturing. She believes that student-driven research is more vital (especially in the elite levels).

Elvin History (1-2, 5-6)

Lady Amber Morrison


Alchemy (5-8)

Alexis Opal
Lady Opal is a kind teacher, and always listens to students. Have a worry? She's definitely the teacher to come to. Just need to talk? She'll listen to all your problems. She's a kind and fair teacher, and will only give you detention if you miss her class, as she truly believes in the best of every one of her students.

Conjuring and Alchemy (1-4)

Master Brynn Vacker
Brynn is open with their students, and will always be one to talk to. They often focus on making their students feel welcome, even if that feat is challenging. This usually includes friendship, urging students towards connecting with those similar to them. And sometimes, this comes off as forceful, which is customarily avoided.


Telepath Ezra Booker

Shade Luan Govender

Flasher Mira Nemani


Empath Estelle Sharp

Descryer Allyra Yamatji
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