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This page is for your theories on Book 8.5: Unlocked. All are welcome to edit this page! Please keep in mind that anything you write on this page may be used in writing a projected, 20-point plot line, that will be used to summarize what wikians think
that Unlocked will contain. This plot line will be made around one month before the book's release.
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Plot Theories Edit

  • Unlocked is the 'Unlocking' of the cache, so possibly it could take a while for them to unlock it, or unlock what the secrets mean - TeamKeefe12
  • Dex will finally be able to open the other Cache's.
  • Fintan was lying about his and Kenric's being fake cache's, to knock them off track. - TeamKeefe12
  • Keefe will confess their feelings. Their as in his and Sophie's. Because he is an empath, he knows better what Sophie feels. - TeamKeefe12
  • Keefe will likely manifest something that has major power. Possibly something we've never seen before. - TeamKeefe12
  • Keefe's middle name will be revealed - TeamKeefe12
  • As will the Great Gulon Incident - TeamKeefe12
  • Dex will discover how to unlock the cache. - HappyShadowThoughts176

Main Event Theories Edit

  • Blur reveals his identity (I think he is Jensi’s older brother) - Kawaiiiggy
  • Keefe manifests - TeamKeefe12
  • The secrets in the caches are revealed to be something way more important. - TeamKeefe12
  • Stellarlune likely plays an important part. - Keephie4eva
  • The "fake" caches are real and they hold valuable information. -Anonymous
  • We discover more about Sophie's dad. -Anonymous

Glimmer's Identity TheoriesEdit

  • I think she's Cyrah Endal. The theory (the most common version I've seen with some of my own touch.) states that Gisela saved her but forced her into working for the Neverseen in exchange for her life. A few pieces of evidence seem to diffuse this, but they all have possible explanations. Cyrah has red hair, and Glimmer has been described as having black hair. However, hair dye and appearance changing elixirs are quite common in the Elvin world. She also refuses to take off her hood in the end of Legacy, so it could be that the elixir or dye has worn off. Secondly, she was described as a girl, which is used to refer to a child female, but girl is also used as a general term for female. Lastly, Tam says that Glimmer sounds like Lihn, but we never got any proof of what any of the characters sound like, and if Elven teenagers age like humans, Lihn has her full adult voice already most likely, so maybe Cyrah just sounds like her. It’s kind of far fetched but it also works in so many ways. At least she’s a confirmed Flasher, event called talented by Gisela I believe, and Gisela also calls Glimmer talented, and insane plot twists are common in this fandom, so the theory has that going for it. That’s the full Cyrah Endal is Glimmer theory. - Rainbowpie14
    • I can add to this: I also think Glimmer is Cyrah. But Caprise Redek found Cyrah's body after the leap and saw her die, so how would she be able to sneak off to joing the Neverseen? Here's how: Gisela pointed another leaping crystal at Cyrah as she was leaping away, and half of Cyrah went to the place where Gisela's crystal went. Then Gisela used her crystal to find Cyrah, and nursed her back to health. THAT'S why Gisela says Glimmer is so devoted: because she saved Glimmer's life. Cyrah might not even know that Gisela was the one who almost killed her.
  • Glimmer is the human guy's daughter. I find it strange that SWM would randomly mention he had a daughter, and not bring it up later. Maybe Keefe was sent to recruit her or her dad or something, and her dad said no, and they killed him and took her, and gave her an ability. - LIL'WINDOWCLEANER
  • I agree, but I think they tried to recruit her dad because he was an elf in hiding so she got an ability. -Randomperson
  • I think Glimmer is Tam & Linh’s triplet. Her voice sounds like Linh’s, as stated in Tam’s POV. To join the neverseen, she was probably wronged by the council, and the council hates multiple births. Also, Quan and Mai song insisted that Tam and Linh weren’t twins: maybe there is some truth to that, because they are actually triplets. - HappyShadowThoughts176
    • I can add to this theory. Glimmer has black hair, right? Well, so do Tam and Linh! Also, this would explain why Glimmer both tried so hard to be Tam's friend, and then changed sides! remember, Gisela said, "Glimmer is more dedicated than anyone else," (or something like that) and then Glimmer changes sides just because Gisela lied to Tam? Glimmer has to know all the horrible things that the Neverseen has done, so this shouldnt be too big of a surprise. Maybe she was feeling some sisterly loyalty. Or maybe she's not their twin, maybe she's just their sister, and she was the perfect daughter to Quan and Mai, but then her twin siblings were born, and she left (or was taken) to join the neverseen, and thats why Quan and Mai hate Tam and Linh so much. Because they wish they were Glimmer. - Keephie4eva
    • What if glimmer is Jolie? She would do just about anything for Brant, and she could still be trying to infiltrate the neverseen. Or maybe she's brain washed by gethen because he got recruited for his washing skills... I am not sure. - Anomynous
  • I'm just gonna throw this out there- what if a project before Project Moonlark went wrong- and Sophie's older sibling wants revenge for what they did to them...? -Anonymous
  • I think that Glimmer might be Lady Cadence or Livvy. First, I think that Lady Cadence joined the Neverseen a little bit after she escorted Blur, Sophie and Keefe to King Dimitar's Palace. Since in Tam's POV, he described Glimmer's voice sounding like Linh's, Lady Cadence is a Polygot and she can mimic. And she might have hidden abilities too. I'm not sure. this is just a theory. - Waterfall-dewdrop

Keefe's Ability TheoriesEdit

  • I think that Keefe's new ability will be a mix of Mesmer, Telepath, Conjurer, and Inflictor. - TeamFoster-KeefeFTW!
    • Mesmer: I thought of this theory because Lady Gisela would want Keefe to be able to control other people and become very powerful.
    • 2. Telepath: When Lady Gisela "transformed" him, his mind looked "fresh and new" as stated in Legacy. She could just be trying to trigger this ability so that Keefe and Sophie would have a chance of becoming Cognates and it would make it easier for the Neverseen to manipulate Sophie.
    • 3. Conjurer: In Neverseen, on one of Keefe's sticky notes in his Alluveterre room, it said that his mom tested if he was a Conjurer twice.
    • 4. Inflictor: To match Sophie, Lady Gisela most probably wanted an Inflictor on her team so that they could defeat the Black Swan.
    • 5. The combo's explanation: Whatever Keefe transmits would become a command and the person who was impacted would do it without knowing and if they resist, they would get Inflicted automatically. Also, Keefe would be able to Conjure light and darkness to be able to produce illusions like Glimmer (she Conjures light). So essentially, Keefe would have 3 abilities: Empath, Mesmer+Telepath+Inflictor, and Conjurer.
  • I think he is all of [TeamFoster-Keefe's ability theories] but also a.....psionipath because they lost there other one because of Wylie or Tam, don't remember. - KEEPERFAN10
  • Also, I think keefes new ability is probably going to be something different that we have never heard before of. Or maybe something connected with stellarlune. All the other abilities someone already has. Also, if marella and linh can combine there abilities (water and fire) what would happen if you combined all the elementals? Maybe Keefe is going to have an elemental ability too? Idk. Reply if you think any of these are possible! - Credit pending
  • I think his ability might be a flasher. I think that a flasher is somehow connected to stellarlune. ANd I think he will learn how to use it to help people. But it could also be something we have, a)never heard of. b) something elemental. or c) a combo. -Booknerd150
  • I heard this theory from someone else but would like to tell you to see what you think. Keefe will get the ability to steal abilities. I am not sure if that would be stealing them and then having that ability along with them or taking an ability away from someone so they don't have one and then claim it as his own. This is an ability that seems pretty far fetched because we don't know if that is possible or what stellarlune does to someone and I can not find anything supporting this theory in the books or anywhere else. Personally I think it would be cool if he could duplicate abilities, like he can't steal them from people but he can touch them and be able to use their ability until he touches someone else (Like Daniel from Lab Rats: Bionic Island, if you've seen it). I feel this would give a big advantage to the neverseen (If Gisela can control him or something) because Keefe would be able to match anyone he comes up against. Please tell me what you think because I think this might be a good idea. If Keefe does not get a new ability (One we haven't heard of) then I think he will become an Inflictor, I am in the middle of rereading the books and I'm sure I can find evidence. -JustAnotherKeeperFan

Sophie's Father Theories Edit

  • In Flashback, Sophie talks about Elwin feeling like family... and he's a prominent character throughout the series. Another theory I really like is that Sophie is half human. Maybe the human guy (Ethan Benedict Wright), and Lady Gisela was blackmailing him with the letter. If his daughter is still alive, then she might be Glimmer, ergo Sophie's half-sister. I don't know how she would have an ability unless she was included in a similar initiative as Lodestar. #3- What if she's part Vacker? Then she would have to choose Keefe over Fitz... heeheehee.
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