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Sophie and Keefe (Sokeefe)


by Light and Bright

  • Reasons why I'm partial to this ship
    • Keefe is always there for Sophie, no matter what happens, and even when things aren't necessarily going his way. He is so supportive that even when Sophie is dating Fitz, he comforts her by saying that Fitz will like her even if she is unmatchable. Hopefully, regardless of whether she gets into a relationship with Keefe or not, she will realize this at some point in the books.
    • Sophie generally tells Keefe things first. This is because she's never afraid of how he will react, subconsciously understanding that he will be supportive in any and every scenario.
    • Keefe has never gotten angry or overreacted to anything Sophie has done.
    • Sophie is worried when Keefe gets himself into bad situations
      • When he goes off to join the Neverseen as a double-agent
      • When Keefe thinks either one of his parents is a part of the Neverseen

Resons Why I Ship Sokeefe:

By SophieandWilliow0theCapricorns

I shiped Sophitz right up until the moment when I saw the throey of sophie liking fitz in her head and loving keefe in her heart. When I saw that, so many things made so much sense. I went back though all the books though again, and that turned me almost full sokeefe and when Legacy & Unlocked came out I was like, FULL ON SOKEEFE. They need each other.

by Valdezlover2311

As a telepath, Sophie’s mind is stronger than her heart; she focuses on the things going on in her mind. She knows what her head tells her. We know that her ‘silly crush’ on Fitz started out based on his looks. It is understandable that he ‘rescued’ her and was with her when she had to leave her human family behind, but who was with her throughout the rest of the series? Keefe. Keefe was with her through thick and thin, he was by her side throughout everything and cared about her feelings far more than his own.  She cares about him, way more than she realizes. Probably, because she cares from her heart. She believed him and trusted him when he was with the Neverseen when no one else did.

“All right then, forget the trust exercises!’ Keefe decided. ’Fitz can cover the head stuff, I’ll cover the heart stuff, you’ll do the Rage-monster thing and you’ll start getting a feel of your shiny, improved ability”

How different characters affect her


Keefe couldn’t care less about his reputation, in fact he loves the rebel he is. On the other hand Fitz is all about the reputation. Example-“Did you hear them today? They hate us.’ And: “No but they’re still my family. And they're not the only ones bothered about my brother. You’ve seen what its been like at school-and this is going to make it a million times worse.” He might as well have said I CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME. 

-Let’s talk about their breakup-

I’ll start by quoting a few sentences.

“WELL, I DON’T!’ Fitz interrupted. ‘Because you won’t tell me! And apparently I'm not even supposed to be guessing-and I’m just supposed to be super okay with this too! Like it isn’t also going to ruin everything for me”

Rude much? If Shannon wanted to make Sophitz a thing wouldn’t she try and make Fitz a bit more lovable? Instead she makes Keefe the lovable one.

Here’s a question we should all ask ourselves (especially all you Sophitz shippers) ‘do you think that Fitz would like Sophie if Alden’s mind was still broken?’ my answer is NO. Tell me, what are the odds of Fitz apologizing to Sophie the same day that he hears she is going to attempt to fix Alden’s mind? He says the apology has got nothing to do with it…but honestly? Sophie believed him because she really wanted to. After all those hurtful things he said to her. Imagine if Sophitz became official (again) and they get into an argument. Imagine what other horrible things he would say to her. And in case you didn’t know that’s emotional abuse. Making someone feel bad according to your hurtful words. He was also going to start a fight with Alvar but Keefe stopped him. What would have happened if Keefe did not stop him.

Sister Zoned

What doesn’t make sense is that, Fitz said so himself that he thinks of Sophie as a sister. What changed? It honestly doesn’t add up.

I also think that Fitz is becoming a slightly dislike able character, while Keefe is becoming way more lovable.


Keefe seems to be the most loyal from the foster fan club. When they all went to go and find Tam and Linh, Dex and Fitz seemed thunderstruck when they saw Linh. Keefe couldn’t seem to care less about her. Keefe loves Sophie and doesn’t care about her imperfections. He never takes his anger out on her and never ever insults her. He won’t force Sophie to do anything that she is uncomfortable doing.

Some of you, don’t like Keefe (I don’t know how you live with yourselves BTW) because he ‘betrayed’ Sophie. But don’t you see how it pained him? It hurt him more than it hurt her. He did it and she understood and forgave him. Keefe’s brokenness, impacted immensely on that decision.

If Shannon, really wanted Sophie and Fitz to be together, why she have added all these faulty things that make their relationship bad and unhealthy. if she wanted to she could have given Keefe a bunch of faulty characteristics but instead, she gave it to Fitz. Sophitz started off based on looks. Sophie hardly ever says anything about Fitz other than his looks.

The only reason that Fitz knows all (or most anyways) of Sophie's secrets is because they're COGNATES. Keefe knows her secrets because she trusts him and chooses to tell him her secrets.


Sophie is caring. Fitz has loving parents and  a sister that care about him. Keefe has no-one besides Sophie. His parents are abusive and he has no siblings.

Like I said Sophitz started off based on looks and similarities in supernatural abilities. I mean Fitz cares about his reputation a lot, so why would he want to ruin it. Sokeefe will start out because they were there for each other through thick and thin, and I see nothing wrong or unhealthy with Sokeefe. They aren’t dating yet, but as Sophie said, we must always have hope. So we Sokeefe fans must wait and believe and hope and remember “Team Foster-Keefe will always win”

by HorizonTheSeawingSandwing (Note, this is a WIP. I will make edits and add on to make more points later on)

Hey, I'm Horizon. I'm here to talk about the reasons I ship Sokeefe.

First off, Sophie and Keefe have always been there for eachother. Sure, Keefe ran off to join the Neverseen, and sure Sophie was in a relationship with FItz, and kissed Dex, but even after all that, they care greatly about eachother. Keefe is always ready to support Sophie, and he even says in Unlocked, he will never forgive himself for betraying Sophie. Sophie is the only thing keeping Keefe from giving up on life, and if he did give up, Sophie would be devastated. Keefe helps Sophie (Almost said Foster there, whoops) with his mental breeze, calming her down. He make jokes with her, and always makes light of the situation, to help Sophie. Sophie has seen Keefe when he's the sad, angry boy, or even when he's the devastated, broken one. She knows what he's going through, and tries her very best to help him in any way possible. Both of them bring out the best in each other, helping each other up when they're down.

Now, onto my second point. I know a lot of people have said this already, but lets focus on Cassius's theory. He says that there are different emotions in both the head and the heart. The emotions in the head are those that we choose to feel, what empaths pick up. Sometimes, we can change the emotion in our head. The heart is a different case. In the heart, we feel raw, true emotion, emotion that can't be changed by what we think of them. Following this theory (Which by the way, makes total sense, and there is no reason for it to be opposed), Sophie thinks about Fitz a lot, and her "silly crush" on him. She likes how handsome he is, and how he can be kind sometimes. But with Keefe, she doesn't even acknowledge that she likes him, because she doesn't realise it yet. She has felt flutters when around him, and that's when her heart emotions truly come to show.

Why Keefe

by Regina

  • When Sophie and Edaline escaped from that building (i forgot what it's called), Keefe just escaped from the Neverseen to rescue them (or at least see if they're ok).
  • Keefe NEVER hated Sophie (he would not hurt her at any cost).
  • Sophie liked Fitz in the beginning just because of his looks (now she knows all elves are like that), but she's stunned when she sees Keefe actually talking to her.
  • Keefe seems to know Sophie the best.
  • Both Sophie and Keefe can communicate with Silveny. (now Fitz can too but only because Sophie's mind taught him)
  • this is not finished, i might add more later


by Flyingbirdwatcher

  • Sophie doesn’t always understand all the problems Keefe is facing, Keefe needs someone who can get his problems with his parents and can relate
  • Keefe running off to join the Neverseen wasn't necessarily a good thing--in fact, Sophie told Keefe that his "spying" wasn't doing any good. He ran off to join the Neverseen, making Sophie worry over him every night, when he didn't exactly glean lots of information from the Neverseen.
  • Most crushes start with looks. You look at someone and think, "Hey, they're cute!" and that's what propels you to start talking to them. And with Keefe, didn't Sophie think he was cute at first? So that argument doesn't work here. But say it's true, Sophie's crush on Fitz started based on his looks. But over time, they got to know each other. They became close friends, and Sophie got to see what Fitz was really like beneath the cute boy exterior. So Sophie's crush on Fitz may have started based on looks, but now it most definitely isn't.
  • The Cognates issue. Cognates are supposed to trust each other more than anyone in the world. They tell each other secrets to build up their trust, and eventually they become incredibly close. So saying that Sophie tells Fitz secrets because "they have to" is essentially true, but the point you're missing is because they tell each other secrets, they trust each other more. Maybe more than Sophie trusts Keefe.
  • Fitz's reputation. Actually, yes, Fitz cares about his reputation. He's the "Golden Boy" of a very prestigious family, and he was taught to believe that his reputation was everything. But he's already shown that he's willing to give up the "repuation" for Sophie. He's broken into exile, become a part of a rebel group, and become friends with the Dizznees, which shows that he's willing to forgo that for his friends and Sophie. So, technically, that argument is null and void.

More Counter Arguments

by Pk.Fitzphie

  • Countering ‘Sophie generally tells Keefe things first’, Not necessarily. When Sophie has ‘news’ and meets Keefe, he says I can feel your emotion, somethings up. He or Ro pressures Sophie into telling him.
  • Countering ‘Fitz is all about reputation.’ . Everyone watches they every move. Because of the ‘disgrace’ Alvar put on their family name, they also get pressured by their family. Even if something little happened to them, everyone would talk about it. By adding Fitz being a bad match on top of that pile, it would be much worse. He isn’t necessarily afraid of the hate and scorn of being a bad match, he just wants a break of drama after the Alvar thing. After all, he is working with an anti-council group. His name is already scorn. A lot. Others can get get away with a little bit of scorn with what the Vacker’s name got scorn with.
  • Countering ‘Some of you, don’t like Keefe because he ‘betrayed’ Sophie.’ Well, he did! He left to the Neverseen thinking he would good, stealing Kendric’s cache and giving it the the Neverseen. Even though Sophie begged him not to. If his plan did work, he would have not betrayed her. But it didn’t and lost the cache, which was found in Legacy(?). It also just make her worry about him a lot, and it is not good because she’s already got too much on her plate.
  • Countering the ‘Sophie loves Fitz in her head and Keefe in her heart theory.’ First of all, this is a theory and not necessarily true. Sophie‘s heart fluttered because of Fitz several times in the series without physical contact. Even the thought of him sometimes my her heart flutter. Yes, her heart fluttered because of Keefe as well, but that was because of physical contact. Physical contact could make anyone’s heart flutter if someone attractive has physical contact with you.
  • Countering ‘Dex and Fitz seemed thunderstruck when they saw Linh.’ They were fascinated by her ability and how strong her control is. And obviously they would be, because it isn’t everyday you see water forming into shape in mid air. Keefe wa the only one not gaping at her ability because he was busy glaring at Tam.(And his bangs. And I admit, as much as I like Tam, his bangs aren’t that good. He looked better without his long bangs.)
  • Countering the opinion ‘Fitz was being rude during they’re breakup.’ (“WELL, I DON’T!’ Fitz interrupted. ‘Because you won’t tell me! And apparently I'm not even supposed to

be guessing-and I’m just supposed to be super okay with this too! Like it isn’t also going to ruin everything for me”) Fitz had every right to be angry, upset, and to react this way. He had no clue what’s going on. Right after they starting dating, Sophie ignored him for weeks. She didn’t fill him in on anything that was going on. Then he finds Sophie at Keefe’s (Who has a crush on Sophie and Sophie and Fitz were dating) telling him everything and not him. He was hurt. It was not just about matchmaking or biological parents. It was everything. I get where this argument is coming from though. Readers forgot he doesn’t know why Sophie did what she did so many thought he was being angry for no particular reason and was being insensitive.

  • Countering ‘The only reason that Fitz knows all (or most anyway)of Sophie's secrets is because they're Cognates.’ Well, they can’t become cognates if they do not have a very high level of trust in each other so this argument doesn’t make sense.
  • Countering ‘Keefe has never gotten angry or overreacted to anything Sophie has done.’ Neither has Fitz. He was angry for reasonable reasons and he was never overreacting. Except when he blamed Sophie for when Alden’s mind broke. He was hurt and upset. He wanted someone to blame. But they got passed that and they’re relationship got stronger.
  • Countering ‘Sophie is worried when Keefe gets himself into bad situations.’ Well obviously. Of course she would. She isn’t heartless is she? She would be if that happened to any of her other friends.

Sophie and Fitz (Fitzphie)


  • Fitz has always been there for Sophie
  • Fitz also really likes Sophie, and Sophie likes Fitz

by Pk.Fitzphie

  • Sophie trusts Fitz with all of her secrets.
  • Fitz doesn’t necessarily trust many people but he trusts Sophie with everything.
  • Sophitz is more developed and real.
  • Sophitz have been through a rollarcoaster in their relationship yet they’re still strong.
  • They’re cognates, MEANING they have a very strong bond. Which is rare too.
  • Fitz often surprises Sophie with meaningful gifts because he knows that Sophie is stressed. Even if he paid Keefe for the painting, he wanted something that was good, meaningful, and from him.


SophieandWilliow0thecapricorns's thoughts

  • Hating a charictor is not a good reson to ship.
  • I agree with the heart vs. head theory
  • (Sophie mostly talks about his looks, and not about his kindness, loyalness, etc. She also goes into 'humming bird mode' around Keefe a lot.)

by Light and Bright

  • Reasons why I'm not the biggest fan of this ship
    • Sophie generally tells other people things before she tells Fitz. This is because she's always afraid of how Fitz will react, which is a big red flag.
    • Fitz breaks up with Sophie because to him, everything is about matchmaking. When he found out that Sophie was unmatchable, he decided to end everything, since the only thing he really wanted was for Sophie to come up at the very top.
    • He gets angry at her if she doesn't include him in everything
    • #ButWe'reCognates!!!

Biana and Dex (Bianex)


by XxxLunaSilverxxX

  • They relate to each other DESPITE being of very diffrent statuses.
  • They show affection, such as holding hands, defending each other, and blushing (mainly only Dex for the last one)


by IceBlueMoonlark

  • They aren't exactly ideal for each other (Vacker,Dizznee)
    • This is a counter-argument to a counter-argument; the KOTLC books make it very clear that despite the elves' silly superstitions about family honor and bad matches, you could marry anyone and it was fine as long as you were happy.

Tiana (Tam and Biana)


by IceBlueMoonlark

  • They both are suffering in their own way because of the Neverseen

by Biana&Tam

  • Biana and Tam obviously are perfect for each other :D
  • Biana is the “light” and Tam is the “darkness”
  • Tam hinted he likes brunette through Linh
  • Biana is hinted she likes Tam though Fitz, saying "my sister is a fan of the sliver bangs", and Biana flushes and talks about crushes right after.


Sotam (Sophie and Tam)


by Biana&Tam

Reason why Sotam should happen:

  • Tam is the wise and Sophie needs him :)
  • Sophie is oblivious and Tam definitely can help
  • Sotam is what I shipped in Neverseen before Tam met Biana

Counter argument by Marella the Pyrokinetic

Sophie and Tam are complete opposites, and not in the "opposites attract" good way, in a BAD way. They almost never spend time together, and I feel like Sophie doesn't really understand Tam. Yes, they both have a sis they love, but Tam didn't even want to befriend Sophie, he basically said in Neverseen that he liked Biana a lot more than Sophie, and it just seems like there's never any communication between them. It always goes through Linh, or Biana, or Wylie. Also, Tam is basically an emo Keefe, and also, Sophie mentions how hot the other guys are repeatedly (except Wylie) and she never says anything like that about Tam. I could keep going, but I have to write an L.A. essay on Treasure Island, so bye!

Linhella (Linh and Marella)


by MarellaThePyrokinetic

Reasons why it should happen:

They're good opposites, they balance each other out. 

They always train together.

They're both generally excluded, (and they're both awesome in my opinion) and so usually they spend that time together.

They both have a sad past (Marella has forbidden ability and her mother has emotional issues, and Linh was banished and has cruel parents) so they can sympathize with each other and help each other through it.

They both have elemental abilities which are pretty different from all of the other abilities, and they're kind of opposite abilities but still related.