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This is a WIP department. If you have any ideas for this department, and would like to share them, please go to an admin's wall.

The forum is a feature for discussing all your favorite things about this series, competing with fellow users using both words and art, and most importantly, having fun with the Fun Fandom community! Theorize, debate, and compete with your friends as well as giving feedback! The Fun Fandom KotLC Wiki's forum brings this to you in the following three ways:

Put down all of your theories here! No more need to keep them inside your head for ever and ever. In addition to writing up your theories, read other users' theories! Discuss and have fun!

Ever felt like you really really need to get into a heated debate about something Keeper related? Here's a safe, moderated place to make your ideas heard! These debates can also be team-based, adding teamwork and friendship building to your debating. Write up some thought-inducing claims today and have fun!

We sometimes need things for this wiki, and the administrators can't do everything by themselves. Would you like to enter your contribution to the community and possibly have it featured all over the wiki? Enter active competitions today, or vote on your favorite masterpiece and have fun!

We encourage you to try out every single one of these to ensure epic excitement, a new take on the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, and more!


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